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Joealb123 t1_j1dpbjq wrote

The description the dispatcher gave, which would have come from a neighbor?, After receiving the call, a dispatcher described the scene to responding officers as “a male standing outside. He is naked. He has a robe covering part of his body. He is exposing himself, and he has a hose between his legs.” Does not jive with the picture. I think we have a case of a neighbor either no sense of humor or an axe to grind.


fxmldr t1_j1dxh9z wrote

He was a huge, beastly, bulging man!

In fairness, maybe they thought it was Randy Quaid. Isn't he on the run from the FBI?


SpaceTabs t1_j1h7qki wrote

"With his lawyer at his side, Quaid asserted in a press conference that the reason he was released was that the California judge had issued an arrest warrant before the alleged crime had been committed."


CasinoMarginale t1_j1hs5mo wrote

“He was wearing a blue leisure suit. The plates were from Kansas.”


the_simurgh t1_j1ekrz3 wrote

it's kentucky. you have a bunch of mentally compromised nimby's with sixth grade education if your lucky.

i should know i've lived here since i was five


jb2051 t1_j1ewoen wrote

Why I choose not to go too far into the wild and stick to Louisville.


graveybrains t1_j1dypbu wrote

Or it’s just the telephone game getting played a bit more literally than usual


IkLms t1_j1e5s19 wrote

Sounds like some neighbor needs a charger for filling a false report


MadCapers t1_j1f8rnt wrote

Or there's option C: the complainant is an idiot.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1foc2a wrote

I’ve found that when people get older they either get sweeter and lovelier or crabbier and more bitter. Perhaps it was an older neighbor who didn’t know what they were seeing and confabulated some details. Maybe they couldn’t help it.


SlimChiply t1_j1e0ofo wrote

"He is naked. He has a robe covering part of his body."

I think the qualifier for naked is no clothing whatsoever.


IrishRage42 t1_j1eiv03 wrote

I'm naked right now except for the pants and shirt covering part of my body.


zero5reveille t1_j1f2ky4 wrote

I bet you’re naked under those clothes you slut! /s


BenovanStanchiano t1_j1fxx1y wrote

Don’t judge! That poor person was born with no clothes on.


bearsheperd t1_j1hyixj wrote

Not me. I was born in a three piece suit. Cuff links really gave my mom hell


keskeskes1066 t1_j1k0z8r wrote

Sheee-it. My mamma had no problem with my walking stick and bumbershoot.

Niacin baby, and folic acid.


Dwanyelle t1_j1f2qn5 wrote

Just remember......EVERYONE is naked underneath their clothes :o


kenjen97 t1_j1fopch wrote

Pfft, sure whatever. Next you'll tell me some bullshit about everyone having a skeleton inside them!


WalkerBRiley t1_j1ehbeo wrote

>He is exposing himself, and he has a hose between his legs.

Pic clearly shows this to not be the case whatsoever.

People need to learn to mind their own business....


party_benson t1_j1g45z0 wrote

Hell, I'd buy a giant dildo and glue it on him just because of this bullshit.


yhwhx t1_j1e2tq3 wrote

It's best to alert the authorities of every suspected Randy Quaid sighting, just to be safe.


SharpieBass t1_j1epp9w wrote

The Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie Quaid is likely less dangerous that the current version. Dude is really out there!


Jbow89 t1_j1evlic wrote

Didn't he flee to Canada because he thought the US government was stalking him?


yawetag12 t1_j1f053w wrote

No, it was "Hollywood star whackers":

>At a bizarre immigration hearing in Vancouver last week, the couple declared they were seeking refugee status north of the border for fear of being murdered in the United States by "Hollywood star whackers."


Miguel-odon t1_j1idtfn wrote

Strange story. He tried to claim asylum in Canada but was denied. Shortly before being deported in 2015, he and his wife drove across the border to Vermont, where they were arrested. The judge reviewing the paperwork for extradition noticed that the arrest warrant was dated before the date of the alleged crime, and declared it invalid in the state of Vermont.


HippyDM t1_j1epnj9 wrote

You've changed my response to the story, well played.


shiftyskellyton t1_j1dsso1 wrote

Here's an article about the Cousin Eddie display in my town and the local police.


Any_Challenge5650 t1_j1dxstr wrote

A house has been putting up a cousin Eddie (and some other characters from the movie) on the side of the road near here for years. Its on a narrow and woodsy street, so when you drive by at night you nearly have a heart attack thinking you narrowly avoided hitting someone.


party_benson t1_j1g4g6q wrote

If they're on the side of the road and you're narrowly missing a pedestrian you may suck at driving.


mces97 t1_j1e7l6o wrote

"Everybody has a ‘Cousin Eddie,’ in their family, everybody,” Keeney said. “I just want people to have a good Christmas and get a laugh,” Keeney said."

If you don't know who the Cousin Eddie is in your family, you're probably Cousin Eddie.


TheRealOneTwo t1_j1dsan8 wrote

I like the burned cat on the bottom of the chair next to the decimated sled


1ce_C1rcu1t t1_j1e9ef7 wrote

> burned cat on the bottom of the chair

"If ya don't mind Clark.... I'd like to fumigate this here chair. Its a good quality item. If you don't mind me much it set ya back?"


schu4KSU t1_j1dwzjv wrote

Guy on the corner a few doors down has the same display. Love it. Best thing in the neighborhood since we moved in.


LunaAndromeda t1_j1e8bt0 wrote

Maybe the neighbors were just trying to add to the display by recreating the scenes of the police swarming the Griswold house? lol

Ok, whatever they were doing, it was equally ridiculous. What kind of scrooge wouldn't recognize Cousin Eddie???


1337ingDisorder t1_j1e5fuc wrote

Every bit as wholesome as a manger scene.


GeddyVedder t1_j1eifae wrote

It’s missing Snots, the Mississippi Leg Hound.


ryobiguy t1_j1e2gvn wrote

Fuck this website that interrupts the back button to ask what else I want to read.


lucky_ducker t1_j1emop5 wrote

It's illegal to consume alcohol in public in Kentucky, so I'm surprised the officers didn't arrest "Cousin Eddie" and take him to jail.


Sneaky_Bones t1_j1eygeg wrote

There are some dry counties but you can drink a beer in your own yard in most places in KY, even the dry counties.


Wabi-Sabi_Umami t1_j1fatwd wrote

Oh wow, this just totally made my day!!! I wish my neighbors were this creative!


Leajane1980 t1_j1j01pp wrote

Imagine how this woman would have responded if this homeowner would have created a reenactment of the lingerie shopping scene?


Bee-Aromatic t1_j1gcavk wrote

What was he supposed to do? Shitter was full!


midevilman2020 t1_j1dubma wrote

Probably set up the call just to get on the news and social media. There’s no way anyone thought this was real.


lokoston t1_j1dxuca wrote

The old lady from across the street thought different.


xeq937 t1_j1dz90d wrote

She knew it was fake, she just wanted to complain.


Shradow t1_j1ef3in wrote

Probably bad eyesight. Someone get Joe Pesci and a tape measure.


PaleontologistClear4 t1_j1dolfl wrote

Wow, kind of a misleading article title. The police response, was that it made people smile and laugh 😂 the article title would have you think otherwise.


Altruistic_Dare_8716 t1_j1dp97i wrote

The “police response” means that police were called and had to respond to the call.