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thejoeface t1_j0wwv8w wrote

Half her face was paralyzed.

> "When people lose their ability to express their emotions on their face, it really has profound effects," Byrne told ABC News. "It affects not only how you feel about yourself, but it has dramatic effects of how people respond to you. It's a really difficult way to go through life because you don't' get the responses from people that most of us do in everyday situations."

Not having “normal” facial expressions would negatively effect her socially and professionally throughout her life.


Ok_Store_1983 t1_j0x86l5 wrote

Can't believe this had to be explained. We like our faces to be indicative of what we are feeling so other people know. Guarantee this girl won't have to deal with constantly being asked what's bothering her or why she isn't having fun while doing normal kid stuff by well-meaning people.


Relevant_Quantity_49 t1_j0x8tf7 wrote

Not to mention there's some evidence for the facial feedback hypothesis, meaning that her experience of emotions might be altered by her inability or ability to express them.


KimJongFunk t1_j0xg5ae wrote

Anecdotally, this really does happen. When I got Botox in my crows feet, I genuinely felt less happy when I smiled because my smile didn’t reach my eyes. When the Botox wore off, I felt normal again.

On the plus side, the Botox I get for migraines makes me feel less surly because I can’t furrow my eyebrows lol


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Yeah who needs to express emotions in their life. You obviously don't and you turned out..... you