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TrazynsMemeVault t1_j0x97h2 wrote

Some people have profoundly reduced capacities for empathy and seem to think being edgy makes them funny. It doesn’t.


MUPIL090310 t1_j0xd628 wrote

Looks like a lot of the comments were taken off. The world is dumpster fire full of trash people.


Worldly_Pirate_9817 OP t1_j0xyz9z wrote

Seriously, too much negativity. I shared this as an uplifting story and very happy for her and her family. It’s a tear jerking story that could probably become a Hallmark Christmas movie based on this girl’s life 🥹


TROPtastic t1_j0yhcca wrote

Some people are grinches. For my part, thank you OP for sharing this very sweet story. It's a bit of light in a world full of dark news.