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disneylegend t1_j0y34fz wrote

My wife should get this surgery.


taez555 t1_j0yx4ur wrote

I'll upvote you for this.

This is an inspiring story that highlights how wonderful modern science is. This is a real affliction people face and is no laughing matter. Life changing is understatement. I'm happy for this women and am sure it's just the start of making others people's lives better.

That being said..... if you can't find some humor in the idea of it, you're a freakin' stick in the mud. It reads like an Onion headline, that just opens itself up to countless punchlines.

When did we as a society decide we can't both celebrate something and find humor in it as well?


Tyrantes t1_j0zajc6 wrote

I completely agree with you. Word by word.


Siri0usly t1_j12grv4 wrote

Because not everything needs to have a terrible attempt at a joke attached to it...