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firefly416 t1_j2b27yq wrote

All these police and anti-gunners telling us to lock up our guns yet when the police can't prevent theft of their own firearms, they somehow aren't to blame.


Divallo t1_j2buy4n wrote

I'm always stunned how people who want firearms banned reconcile that with knowing how heinously shitty american police are.

They are not only notoriously violent but have zero legal obligation to save anyone.

For bonus points if you get hurt because you're pacified it'll cost a small fortune to pay your medical bills

People love to point to other countries when it comes to guns but never want to mention the big picture of how society in those countries is.


jahblessyourmom t1_j2e9jhm wrote

Yes let's not reform the police system let's just arm citizens so they can kill cops if they need to. What? Or we could just not purposely hire psychopaths and give them a gun after a week of training.


Divallo t1_j2eb8ld wrote

Fix police and healthcare first so that Americans have a real assurance of their safety. Then we can talk.

Until then I see a need for citizens to be armed yes.