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In both of the examples given, both from over 25+ years ago, the cops were never "slaughtered". In one, 2 FBI agents (not even police) died along with the 2 shooters. In the other, only the shooters died.

> Due to the large number of injuries and rounds fired, equipment used by the robbers, and overall length of the shootout, it is regarded as one of the most intense and significant gun battles in U.S. police history.

I don't agree with using one of the most extreme examples of violence in the US as to why absolutely every cop in the US should have these weapons.


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17times2 t1_j2cmzra wrote

I literally already responded to that in this same comment thread.

The North Hollywood shooting had 0 fatalities that were not the shooters. One of the most violent shootouts in US history resulted in no police or bystander deaths. By contrast, the Uvalde school district had 21 people killed, 19 of them children, and there was absolutely no political response to it.

> edit: downvoters want another north hollywood shootout.

You're right, I would absolutely take 100 more North Hollywood shootings over 1 Uvalde.