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pgabrielfreak t1_j1iw68c wrote

Holy cow, these women deserve medals and every good thing there is. And Indy police need to get their heads out of their asses. That detective knew what an amazing job they did, though. All on their damned own. Amazing humans.

ETA CNN giving police the credit, fucking figures.


SOSOBOSO t1_j1kxa4x wrote

It's like Lassie trying to get the stupid humans to follow her.


PandasNPenguins t1_j1llsai wrote

Yeah I'm not impressed about the picture of the cop holding the baby. I know that without looking at the CNN article that someone is going to tweak the story into the cops favour.


molotovzav t1_j1j1td8 wrote

Reading this makes the cops sound truly useless. Without these ladies the babies would not have been found.


DaanGFX t1_j1jxd9t wrote

This holy fuck. That baby would be dead if it wasnt for these two.


candornotsmoke t1_j1o58br wrote

They kind of were. The cop was ready to let the woman go with which is so crazy to me.


Just-Examination-136 t1_j1jbot0 wrote

The cops don't want to release details about the case because these two women just embarrassed them.

EDIT: I can't wait for the movie to come out.


devilishycleverchap t1_j1jnltd wrote


OutgrownTentacles t1_j1k9omh wrote

Holy fuck


Salty_Drummer2687 t1_j1l1ykh wrote

Seriously they said "God delivered the baby right into their hands" but the entire story doesn't even mention these women?

What an actual unbelievable story and amazing people to actually figure this out.

They saved that baby's life, no doubt. CNN should edit this story with more details about how the baby was found.


chairUrchin t1_j1meqrz wrote

Yeah that part makes me mad. These women are actual heroes and deserve the credit.


chairUrchin t1_j1menkm wrote

Lol they literally thanked God for showing the cops the baby.


[deleted] t1_j1kbihx wrote



devilishycleverchap t1_j1kdn9o wrote

Since you're copy and pasting your stupidity I'll put this here too

Um what? These ladies found the baby in the Honda outside the papa John's after dealing with the suspect and helping get her arrested.

The cops took credit for both finding and recovering the baby when they just showed up after it had been found and took the baby from the car. They don't mention these ladies at all

Maybe learn how to read before you deepthroat another boot


sendnewt_s t1_j1j4xob wrote

I wonder how long that poor baby was left in the car in freezing temps? I assume the car was not left running that whole time 'Mae' was riding around with the women. This is an incredible story and these women deserve all the accolades.


omgmypony t1_j1jxh0n wrote

Last I heard Kason is still in the hospital but is expected to be home for Christmas. They think he was alone in the car since Tuesday. 😭


sendnewt_s t1_j1kahqn wrote

Jfc, that is one strong little baby.


omgmypony t1_j1knoub wrote

One of the articles mentioned how he didn’t even cry when the police officer picked him up and all I could think about was how long that poor baby cried in that car before giving up


honeydewmln t1_j1kobg1 wrote

This hurts my heart as a father. I have an 8 month old and know how much this ordeal will affect that poor baby. I’m just glad those women were able to save him.


rooftopfilth t1_j1m9gk9 wrote

That is a really, really bad sign. That doesn’t just come from one incident with the car. That lady was neglecting them hard.

Edit: the kidnapper, not the biomom! That was unclear. Kiddo went missing Monday and had an entire week of cries going unheard.


Poverload237 t1_j1mrnwm wrote

Yes, yes it does. That baby was left for 48 hours in a car in snow, sub-freezing temperatures and no food. Absolutely yes it can take just 1 traumatic event like this.

Additionally, saying the mother was intentionally neglecting her kids, with 0 proof, is a horrendous accusation and a huge leap from any known information. She made an incredibly stupid mistake but that doesn't make her neglectful. Don't throw accusations at people with no proof to back it up.


rooftopfilth t1_j1oubyx wrote

I’m saying the kidnapper was neglecting them! My understanding was that kiddo had been kidnapped at least days or weeks before he was found in the car. Did I misread?

I’m guessing that the lady who stole the car and the kid wasn’t exactly taking amazing care of the infant who happened to be in the backseat.


Poverload237 t1_j1ovpan wrote

I'm so sorry, I COMPLETELY misunderstood your comment. I thought you were saying that the baby hadn't gotten that bad in the time he was kidnapped and that the baby's mom had neglected him, so I am SO SORRY for misreading your comment!!!

100% yes the kidnapper neglected him. I absolutely agree with you there! From what I read on the case, it was around 2-3 days from the time the baby was kidnapped and the time he was found, and because the car was snow-covered from the recent storm coming through, it's a good bet that he had been in that car that entire time.

That poor baby enduring 48+ hours of sub-zero cold temps, no food, and being scared out of his mind breaks my heart 💔


rooftopfilth t1_j1roajm wrote

A gentle and kind exchange on the internet!? Where are we? It’s ok, I wasn’t clear in my initial comment, and I’m here for people defending moms! You have good intentions!


impostershop t1_j1kpbed wrote

All I can think of is what a painful cold mess he sat in for days. I hope he’s not scarred for life but this must have a developmental impact on him. The poor little guy. That woman should be charged with attempted murder.


gc3 t1_j1m8axv wrote

Babies can survive cold better than heat, thank God it was winter


devilishycleverchap t1_j1jnjtt wrote

The cops took complete credit for this over on CNN.

A completely fabricated story from the Police on the national news


omgmypony t1_j1jxlte wrote

People are in the comments on Facebook calling the cops out on their bullshit on every article I’ve seen about Baby Kason.


mmmsoap t1_j1kmmcn wrote

> There, outside a Papa John’s in the very plaza where Anderson and Sgt. Richard El had stopped to eat, was the stolen car. Kason was inside. The five-month-old had been missing for nearly three full days, and had likely been alone for most of the time.

All technically true, Just missing a few key sentences in the middle that convey that they looked in the car because 2 women told them to.


devilishycleverchap t1_j1kn9or wrote

Except for the fact that they went there bc of a radio alert which is documented on this article. The ladies went to the papa John's bc they were hungry

Jesus fuck, why do you believe anything from the polices perspective here. They had to have the suspect hand delivered to them in the first place and shown the mugshots


mmmsoap t1_j1kr0k7 wrote

> Delmar said she saw a couple officers inside a Blaze Pizza nearby and rushed to tell them about the baby.

> "We've been alerted that the missing child may be located over here at the vehicle at 10th and Indiana," an officer is heard saying at about 6:40 p.m. in police radio communications.

That strongly implies that the officers who “found” the kid were the ones reporting their status over the radio, not being told to go to the car via radio.

Yeah, the CNN article was misleading, but it wasn’t false.


devilishycleverchap t1_j1kt0us wrote

So which is it, blaze or papa John's? Which pizza place did god lead these brave officers to that night to find this child?

"That's all thanks to these brave two officers"

Motherfuckers were gonna eat their shitty lebron pizza and leave if these women hadn't stepped up. Guess the plate reader on their cruiser missed this Honda they had an APB out for


goodgodling t1_j1mgwt9 wrote

It isn't even a very big parking lot. Were they even looking?


orngesodaaa t1_j1q5vgk wrote

I looked on google maps and both pizza joints are in the same plaza. I assume the women stopped to eat at papa johns, saw the missing baby at papa johns parking lot, then were able to see police cars just across the parking lot at blaze pizza and ran over to alert them.

Still, the police needed to be handed everything and were useless.


goodgodling t1_j1mfmbf wrote

That's unfair. The police also give some credit to God.


[deleted] t1_j1kbkfa wrote



devilishycleverchap t1_j1kdg48 wrote

Um what? These ladies found the baby in the Honda outside the papa John's after dealing with the suspect and helping get her arrested.

The cops took credit for both finding and recovering the baby when they just showed up after it had been found and took the baby from the car. They don't mention these ladies at all

Maybe learn how to read before you deepthroat another boot


gendr_bendr t1_j1kek0j wrote

If you read the original article fully, the same women who apprehended the abductor also found the baby.


Shagcat t1_j1j7xtq wrote

This is the best story I've read in a long time. Bless those women.


MayoneggVeal t1_j1n21po wrote

Tbh I teared up at the point in the article that describes them finding the car. I hope all the good things happen for them.


Ksh_667 t1_j1jict8 wrote

These women have my utmost admiration & awe. What a wonderful pair of humans.


Nervous-Ear-8594 t1_j1qje1r wrote

They got the suspect arrested and still had the thought to go “wait where’s the baby? Let’s drive around and look!”

And they actually found the kid?! That is crazy! That picture of the cop holding the baby, you can see one of the heroic women standing in the background. Just two young women were able to do this. Anyone can be a hero or have a thought, it takes a lot to follow that intuition!


Ksh_667 t1_j1qndf2 wrote

Exactly! The police could've seemed more urgent in their responses. I mean to deny that was the woman the whole country was looking for & tell them to take her to a hostel??!! And then to have to be convinced by one of the women showing you her pic on her mobile - "oh yeh that maybe is her..."

And then they drove off with no mention of looking for the baby! To find the bus map & deduce from that the car may be parked at one of the stops on that route. And to check each stop focusing in cars with a good amount of snow on their roof, indicating they'd been there a long time!

These women are sherlock Holmes, miss marple & hercule Poirot rolled into one. I'm hoping to see them on oprah soon :)


forgot_to_growup t1_j1j68nt wrote

What a sweet baby! So relieved he was found alive. These women need to start a detective agency.


dariadarling t1_j1jxsdp wrote

Here’s their story told by them:

Really horrible how apathetic the cops were here

Edit: All Credit to milli_meek (Mecka Monae) on Tik Tok. Someone just edited their story into a more easily viewable format.


the_shortie t1_j1n7ux0 wrote

Wow! These women talking about “12/22/22 remember that date, they said there will be miracles” YOU TWO ARE THE MIRACLE! They saved more than just one life, they saved a entire family.


mewehesheflee t1_j1jjcts wrote

A happy ending. Yest I'm left upset with both police forces. Why didn't CPD contact Indy?


Ayaz28100 t1_j1k7de1 wrote

Holy shit those women are heroes. That is incredible.


pineconewashington t1_j1jtzff wrote

Shyann and Mecka deserve everything! That was amazing, I’m so happy Kason is okay!


bannana t1_j1k7loh wrote

Holy crap, they solved the entire case. Cops did fuck all


Yikes2820 t1_j1l5wns wrote

Holy smokes! I cannot believe the lengths these women went to! Like—i think it’s safe to say the police never would have gotten to the bottom of this, based on how the car was found.


njesusnameweprayamen t1_j1mdi7b wrote

That baby would’ve died if it weren’t for them. The cops would’ve never found hm


gendr_bendr t1_j1ke7u4 wrote

Talk about heroes. They apprehended the abductor and found the baby, while the cops get all the credit.


shamansufi t1_j1lxoss wrote

This is amazing! Not only did the two women help apprehend the kidnapper, they back to look for clues and then found the kidnapped baby by themselves! The women need to be recognized more (awards, commendations, etc.). This would make a really cool movie.


Just_OneReason t1_j1lguwn wrote

That baby would have died without those women. They are heroes


BeenCaughtSneezing t1_j1kuhzw wrote

Surprised the cops haven’t announced that the two hero ladies have no outstanding warrants


Kaiju_zero t1_j1k7cow wrote

Heroes do not wear capes.


Heroes just do what must be done,.


BalaAthens t1_j1lt57m wrote

Those women are awesome. Their amazing work should be on the national news.


18114 t1_j1n6hur wrote

I believe they are entitled to the $10,000 award offered in Ohio. These woman were right on the case unlike the ”official” Indiana law enforcers.


Sandy-Anne t1_j1mneyd wrote

I am beyond impressed by these heroes. I’m really glad someone finally took them seriously, even though they were skeptical.


lexi-thegreat t1_j1o3hgd wrote

I'm just going to say: you will see more of this. The cops almost NEVER invest resources in finding children who are black. If these women had not stepped up, this child would not have been found.


candornotsmoke t1_j1o5c8x wrote

Everyone really needs to get the real story out so the RIGHT people get credit. The cop who actually pulled them over was about to let that woman go. It's bonkers.


Iamjimmym t1_j1o9t3u wrote

Wow. Thank god for those women. The original story I read said the police “had a chance lunch at a papa johns pizza” and found the car by chance after lunch. Fuck them.


yolocr8m8 t1_j1mrsje wrote

Amazing job.

One of the (many) sad parts is the fear the women had of being “snitches”. I’m not blaming them—- just sad they weren’t comfortable acting initially.


MarJulAle t1_j1qthm8 wrote

We need more citizen sleuths like this!


the_real_swk t1_j1rzjkc wrote

Ok serious question, but did I just read another story about the cops "stumbling" on them as they were getting lunch? either i'm confusing situations or something isnt adding up. Anyone wanna correct me here?