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Ringlovo t1_j15qkbi wrote

If you'd like to make your tax returns public, you're free to do so. Open yourself up to public scrutiny if you'd like. For the rest of us, no thanks.


MustLoveAllCats t1_j16btqw wrote

America is set up that way to facilitate oppression of the working class, nothing more. It's not about privacy, it's about making sure you don't know how hard you're getting the shaft compared to the guy you're working with, the guy you're working for, etc., including the fact that many of them are exploiting the system, leeching off your taxes and not paying their fair share.

The brainwashing is real though, that you believe it's about privacy.


Dive30 t1_j17ck0d wrote

It’s all fun and games until they point the cannon at you.


MustLoveAllCats t1_j1amlri wrote

You don't have to worry about that in America, they prefer you alive so you can exist as a wageslave for the corporate elite.


Dive30 t1_j1apf0g wrote

Yeah, as long as you aren’t too squeaky. They have no problem making an example out of the squeaky ones.


jschubart t1_j16k66l wrote

I doubt many would be scrutinizing my standard deduction...

That scrutiny did not seem to be an issue at all in other countries. Why the fuck would it be an issue here?