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GhettoChemist t1_j08p0s1 wrote

This is what republican governors do with state money. This is the reason schools suck and wr cant have subsidized healthcare.


SacrificialPwn t1_j08sjj3 wrote

I won't be surprised that they obtained the containers from a donor for 10x the market price. That's what Florida does with all their hair-brained schemes


Nickhead420 t1_j0961gh wrote

IIRC, they were paying the Florida contractor like 6X the estimated cost to built it.


Maximum-Mixture6158 t1_j09eaz3 wrote

What works in my neighborhood is putting a big "free, one per each, please" they'll be gone by nightfall.


Its_Nitsua t1_j09j910 wrote

We spend more per citizen on healthcare than any other country, the price gouging medical industry & medical insurance industry is to blame.


[deleted] t1_j0b6lqc wrote



red_Quasar t1_j0bymck wrote

The only echo chamber here is the one permanently existing between your ears and posterior to your eye balls.


LostMyKarmaElSegundo t1_j09fi7q wrote

There is actually a cool bar with restaurants in Tucson called The Boxyard that is made of a bunch of shipping containers. Much better use of those resources if you ask me!


AnBearna t1_j0b7p2o wrote

I was in a place in LA a few years ago that had made an indoor/outdoor video arcade out of them. Also had a bar in it, naturally! 🍺🕹️


wonkagloop t1_j0balv5 wrote

Wasn’t there a bipartisan bill expanding public school funding passed earlier this past summer? Kinda a generalized statement there.


ragingRobot t1_j0jhsg8 wrote

Imagine if their political stunt was to use that money and give all the teachers in the state raises. That would make me vote for them. But instead we get this.


Adventurous_Risk_925 t1_j090frk wrote

20% of American GDP is spent on healthcare — BY FAR the largest amount in the world. Only Norway, Iceland, Luxembourg and Austria spend more money on primary and secondary education.

This clearly isn’t the reason your healthcare and education systems suck. Stop lying.

Edit: Keep downvoting these facts, boys! Only on Reddit!


party_benson t1_j094i7x wrote

State money is not GDP. Taxes being spent are not GDP. Your fact shows that we privately spend this money AND are charged more for the privilege of not having single payer.


Oceansize757 t1_j09drxf wrote

You’re getting downvoted cuz you facts have absolutely nothing to do with what is being talked about. Could you be any more clueless smh


Ceslen t1_j0920hi wrote

As a US citizen 0% of my healthcare is subsidized by the US government. Convince me I’m wrong.


AttackOficcr t1_j0ao7bj wrote

If you qualify for any portion of Medicare or medicaid then some component of it is subsidized by the U.S. Government.

And many treatment studies are subsidized, you just don't pocket the benefit. The healthcare industry is the one banking on those studies and scamming the populace.


Ceslen t1_j0bjj9d wrote

I’m a single person Union company. I pay both the company portion and employee portion of my insurance. Not old enough for Medicare, not injured enough for Medicaid, but the company does pay into them. Hopefully I’ll live long enough to take advantage of that and there will still be something left to take advantage of.


AttackOficcr t1_j0cgdvu wrote

That's fair. My point was just that the U.S. government does spend a sizeable amount on healthcare, drug development, and licensing/testing.

Problem is that U.S. healthcare patients get and see none of those subsidies in their bloated medical blls. Like $25 for a single tab of aspirin.


1Harryface t1_j0bi5e7 wrote

These folks don’t like the “tell it how it is” kinda guy.


AudibleNod OP t1_j08gxj0 wrote

>"Arizona has unlawfully and without authority failed to remove the shipping containers from lands owned by the United States or over which the United States holds easements, thereby damaging the United States," the complaint reads.

They don't care about laws anymore do they? At some point they gave up wordsmithing, equivocating and even pretending to care about laws.


sweetplantveal t1_j08less wrote

A lack of consequences with a clear political upside means the calculus says break the law every time.


ReeducedToData t1_j092y5u wrote

Aka “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Especially if you don’t give a shit about being forgiven.”


party_benson t1_j094qnt wrote

That and they won't directly pay for it. The taxpayers will.


MultiGeometry t1_j09pufg wrote

Some contractors agreed to leave construction debris on federal land? I live next to federal land and they have signs prohibiting building rock sculptures in the stream bed. And these guys built a wall?

I hope they face steep penalties. Taking a contract of this magnitude you should definitely be able to due diligence land ownership and realize that you need a lot more permits/authority than some lame duck governor trying to own the libs.


usrevenge t1_j0adtol wrote

The us should just bomb them.

It's their property. They own it

Call forth bomb king and tear out the new raider


onlycatshere t1_j0bkjmm wrote

My mom's partner dumped a bunch of his company's eco blocks in a city park to stop unhoused folks from pitching tents in a spot that has a small sightline to his property. Same entitled energy.

I've been meaning to go graffiti them, any ideas?


hotassnuts t1_j08k595 wrote

Steal 3 containers and have yourself a decent home.


brkdncr t1_j08z99k wrote

For the same price you can build a better home.


hotassnuts t1_j0907ia wrote

Please show me how.


brkdncr t1_j0977w7 wrote

Lots of info out there. Shipping containers as homes are basically a pre-fab exterior frame and nothing more. They also are harder to work with since home building isn’t designed around starting with a metal container with uneven walls.

Framing a home isn’t hard or expensive.


sotpmoke t1_j0babyh wrote

Framing isnt hard or expensive. Information wont build a home. You need skilled labor. If Ron Swanson wants a dovetail on some 18th century crown moulding google isnt gonna cut it.


wonkagloop t1_j0bb3xf wrote

You just compared an artisan detail feature with common labor. Framing isn’t particularly “skilled”…whereas finished and custom carpentry work kinda is. So no, framing a house ISN’T hard nor expensive. Timber is also vastly more sustainable than shipping containers.


DarkLink1065 t1_j0adlbx wrote

It's quite a bit cheaper to build the equivalent sized rooms with traditional stud walls. In fact, to actually convert a shipping container into a home, you pretty much need to frame out the floors, roof, and walls anyways, and the only function the container provides is an outer shell, especially if you want to add any doors or windows. There's a long list of complications with using a shipping container as a house that make it... not as efficient as one might expect.


jwm3 t1_j0aacmd wrote

Prefab houses. Containers are not great structures and replace one of the cheapest parts of the house with something incompatible with most housing standards.

Unless you can get the container for free or it is already taking up space on your land, might as well buy a proper prefab.

Though, if you were diy inclined and in the neighborhood and don't mind the possible legal consequences of snagging one of those containers, go for it.


wonkagloop t1_j0bay05 wrote

Architect here, and more than happy to rip this concept apart because there’s a whole lot more to it than you’d assume in terms of permitting and construction.


hotassnuts t1_j0bumed wrote

Please preach to the developers and Architects littering Southern California with multimillion dollar container homes. I've seen multiple 2-3 million pop up all over the place in the last 3 years and it's not stopping.


goshin89 t1_j08pmij wrote

I am legit looking for a container to make a home. If the feds win i hope these go up for auction.

Ps thx for the link


arghabargle t1_j08woab wrote

If these are used, you don't want them. Companies that build homes out of shipping containers use new containers because the used ones have way too many problems with them.


SacrificialPwn t1_j08sabv wrote

Weird aside, but there are even a couple of companies that you can lease to own new containers. Depending where you live, shipping is the biggest cost. I was surprised how relatively inexpensive containers were (rented one for storage on land)


hairysnowmonkey t1_j0919es wrote

They are cheapest close to coasts and ports. Los Angeles. Expensive In the middle of the continent.


lvlint67 t1_j0akm43 wrote

Just buy the lumber and frame up something the same size... It will be much cheaper in the long run


groveborn t1_j0ag3ol wrote

No need. They were abandoned and the feds do not want to pay to remove them. Just go grab one or two.


muskratboy t1_j0c6cm1 wrote

This is my question. If you just head out there and start dragging them off, who is going to stop you?


cain071546 t1_j0928f4 wrote

This is so dumb, most people don't even cross way out in the desert where these walls are, they cross where there are towns on both sides of the border, where there are little to no fences/walls.

This shit is just a giant waste of time and money, 100% the funds used to create this wall helped line a local politicians pockets.


party_benson t1_j094vj9 wrote

Most just overstay their legal entry


azsnaz t1_j09bj5z wrote

So if they got in legally, what good does the wall do?


VAisforLizards t1_j0af7j0 wrote

Fucking nothing. It's all a grift. Rile up the base into rabid dogs telling them the Mexicans are taking their jobs and raping their children and then the republican leaders funnel state money to their friends that own the companies doing the work, those companies donate money to the politicians campaign and make sure that they stay in office so the grift can continue.


mellbs t1_j0abznf wrote

The biggest irony is- building walls in the southern deserts requires first building new roads and supply hubs in said deserts- which makes crossing them much easier...


count023 t1_j0a2y24 wrote

Not to mention you can buy 18 feet ladders very easily from nearly any hardware store for relatively cheap. These shipping containers are only 8.5 feet tall each, at a 2 stack high thats 17 tops.


Appropriate_Lack_727 t1_j0e097m wrote

Yeah, apparently even the Trump administration didn’t try to put a wall in that part of Arizona because there’s almost zero immigrant traffic there due to the remoteness of it.


SLCW718 t1_j08nugn wrote

What a waste. That thing is stopping exactly nobody from crossing the border. At best, it's a temporary inconvenience.


thathousehoe t1_j09kfxl wrote

From AZ: there are literal human sized holes between some of the containers. This is only blocking wild life and we all hate it. (In case it’s not clear, I’d like no ducking wall)


nocauze t1_j094d3q wrote

Nice stop along the way


SLCW718 t1_j09elrd wrote

They'll sit up there eating their lunch before hopping the concertina and beginning their new life in America.


reddig33 t1_j091wvo wrote

This should be interesting. Who pays to remove it? Hopefully the feds either make the state clean up their mess, or just leaves it there to rot.

Alternatively I suppose the feds could deduct the cleanup amount from funds it would normally send to the state.


thathousehoe t1_j09k4pu wrote

Who cleans up the mess? Idk but from AZ were fucking pissed about it. We voted him out and this is his parting gift. I think the feds should sue Ducey personally, this is gross and none of us wanted it.


PassTheChronic t1_j0ac0sj wrote

What are people’s reaction to it where you are? (Is it perceived as run of the mill news or that he’s committing a crime or being celebrated, etc.?)


thathousehoe t1_j0bjo28 wrote

Tbh I heard about it from the Arizona Reddit. We all thought it was dumb over there, but I can guarantee my dad loves it and the family is split about it. Arizona be like that. I think our younger generations are pushing for change from what AZ used to be.


Wutislifemyguy t1_j0ddn0a wrote

If your dad is for it, point out how shitty of a wall those containers actually make. They’re incredibly easy to climb, easy to cut through, you could cut a hole through one side in 5 minutes. This is a shit wall, it doesn’t matter if you’re for a wall at the boarder or not. This is dumb af


thathousehoe t1_j0dpnt8 wrote

Believe me, I’ve tried to reason with him for years


zhode t1_j0c1a4h wrote

Republican voters love it, but they're the minority (by a slim margin). To everyone else it's just Ducey leaving a smelly gift on the carpet before leaving.


SidewaysFancyPrance t1_j0ahzyj wrote

How many people had to make this happen, knowing it was illegal? He didn't move those containers himself.


thathousehoe t1_j0bjud7 wrote

I’m other comments i mentioned this as well, any one who helped or profited off the placement should be held responsible.


Visionbuilder t1_j08q73t wrote

What a dumb cunt… doesn’t he know they sell ladders in Mexico? Hell, those containers aren’t that heavy, a couple of big trucks and some chains and you have a nice big hole… stupid cunt


malphonso t1_j08r5px wrote

Even better, amugglers can cut their way in and have a staging/drop-off area. With a little work, they can even disguise the entrances so that casual observation won't give them away.


arghabargle t1_j08x3rg wrote

And then they have an overland tunnel system that can't be monitored by cameras or even drive-by patrols.

They can even use a short underground tunnel system to come up through the bottom of whatever container they want without ever being seen.


SidewaysFancyPrance t1_j0ai3br wrote

It's probably not to hard to install rungs/steps in the side of these containers with the right portable drill.


HappySkullsplitter t1_j08o6sh wrote

That eyesore looks like a permanently derailed train


DeFex t1_j092gti wrote

Hey everyone, free shipping containers to build sheds, bomb shelters, underground lairs, whatever you like!


lonehappycamper t1_j09he54 wrote

I guarantee even Border patrol doesn't like this type of construction. No sight lines. Plenty of hiding space for ambushes from cartel traffic. Only thing the containers stop are wildlife.

Kudos to the local people who have been blocking construction for about a week, even in the snow from the last couple days.


dick_himmel t1_j0aal2y wrote

Ambushes though? Why would a cartel want to ambush the border patrol? Their whole thing is to make money and wasting time/ammo/manpower on shootouts with americans is not profitable.

But I do agree the containers are good for hiding.


Nonethelessismore t1_j09pyqj wrote

It looks like a literal trainwreck. It won't take long for some clever individuals to start living in them, lol.


BlackmouthProjekt t1_j092pqj wrote

It's not a wall it's the beginning of low cost housing on the border. 🤷‍♂️


earhere t1_j09mb0z wrote

what do conservatives want regarding the southern border, I'm genuinely asking? Do they want a wall from California all the way to Texas? Do they want border patrol to have gun towers and just shoot any migrants approaching? conservative media pundits are constantly crying about there being "an invasion" but don't say what they think should happen and what would make them happy. Can anyone tell me?


saysjuan t1_j09ykz8 wrote

No they want robots with guns and thermal vision. They want drones with precision guidance missiles. They want barbed wire, trenches and volunteer hunting expeditions for anyone who wishes to man outposts on a wall with no consequences for their actions. This is also the Pro-Life party if you can believe it.


SidewaysFancyPrance t1_j0aie5t wrote

My working theory is that the conservatives know that climate change is absolutely real, and that the world will see massive increases in migration as populations flee affected areas. They want America to have a solid wall around the Southern border because they'd rather do that than address climate change directly (which would make them less wealthy/influential).

They saw World War Z and want what Israel built.


jfenton4 t1_j0aj8ce wrote

Do these people not know how climbing works? How human hands work? Have they heard of feet? God, conservatism is so fucking dumb.


canada432 t1_j0bk5b1 wrote

They’ve never put that level of effort into anything, so the thought doesn’t occur to them.


Ducky_Face t1_j0a9rvu wrote

Political theater regardless what side you are on.


attrezzarturo t1_j0axwq7 wrote

I handle containers and my side is the right side. I had a Mercedes but now I’m buying a Ferrari. Thank you political theater, my utterly irrelevant industry is finally getting the free taxpayer money it deserved.

PS: it’s double to remove the shit. I want a PLANE.


Twisted_Cabbage t1_j0c1xhk wrote

A give away to all those entrepreneurs needing scrap metal.

See, Republicans do have socialism after all...just with extra steps.


quirkycurlygirly t1_j0c7h2f wrote

It looks like it was strung together by Cousin Eddie. The governor must have paid the contractor in squirrel tails and gravy.


Old_Medic_Doc t1_j091a60 wrote

It’s the US version of the Great Wall. It also is a sad reminder of too much junk that came in most of these containers that are junking up storage places all across America.


wingfan1469 t1_j0b9hmo wrote

Were there proper permits for the construction? Are there stamped and certified drawings of the project? Does it meet all applicable codes? If not, tear down the Wall.


baguak4life t1_j0c7b07 wrote

As an AZ resident I want to as well. What a fucking waste of time and money


jearron t1_j0989at wrote

if the point was to secure the border, is it working?


thathousehoe t1_j09ktcu wrote

Idk why you’re being downvoted: no it doesn’t work and the man who placed it doesn’t care. It was a stupid careless political stunt by a man we hate and voted out of office. I hope he personally (and those that profited off it’s placement) have to pay for it’s removal.


jearron t1_j09m4yo wrote

thank you for answering! you provided a missing perspective. demonstrates those involved chose illogical behavior that did not create the result of securing the border. add business, political and personal gain to that and it’s easy to see that votes can make a difference for the root cause solution here.

agree with hose who created are responsible for cleaning it up


Led_Halen t1_j0bwas4 wrote

I wanna see a bunch of Spray paint artists go there and throw up some mad bombs.


takefiftyseven t1_j0f2re8 wrote

My guess is Ducey is going to try and make a run at Sinema's senate seat and this stunt will be part of his "Fighting for you to the last minute" jive.


Mindless-Effect-1745 t1_j0a6h3o wrote

Well at least it's more effective than Trump's wall. At a fraction of the cost.


AHighTechRedneck t1_j09o0ex wrote

I hope.the ruling in this lawsuit brings about an end to the insane amount of federal land in each of the western states.

Don't get me wrong, I am more pro open borders than most if they stop giving a pile of handouts to anyone that crosses the border.

Come here to earn a better life and don't expect uncle Sam to give it to you.


peanutstand t1_j08ufon wrote

Maybe if the federal government did its job protecting national borders the states would not have to.


pokeybill t1_j08wmta wrote

Under Biden, funding for ICE has increased, and we have deported more immigrants than Trump during his first two years when the GOP controlled all three branches of government.

The "border crisis" which manifests magically around every election is a manufactured crisis.

The vast majority of undocumented immigrants in the USA entered legally and overstayed their Visas. They contribute dramatically to the economy and our construction, service, and agricultural industries absolutely depend on them.

In TX, where anti-immigrant bigotry is fervent, they pay the same state taxes as a citizen. Sales tax and property tax apply to everyone regardless of citizenship and that's what we use.

There are still a massive number of jobs open in the industries I mentioned, we need immigrants to fill those jobs.

It seems like conservatives are even against legal immigration now.


party_benson t1_j095yw7 wrote

Maybe it's states penalized employers for hiring illegal immigrants they would stop coming. Maybe if employers stopped giving them our jobs we'd all be better off and paid more fairly.


TheSortingHate t1_j09p20u wrote

Well the state still isn’t with this. There’s giant holes in it and/or you can just climb over.


Jw0341 t1_j08w28t wrote

Either the fed needs to secure the border or let the states do it. It’s easy to preach peace behind your stone walls.


reddig33 t1_j092a49 wrote

That might be true, but dumping a bunch of garbage at the border isn’t doing anything but making a mess.


party_benson t1_j095nfz wrote

That's not how laws work. It's unconstitutional plain and simple. The laws of immigration and the border are the sole domain of the federal government. Period. The states would get sued and wind up in federal court where they would soundly lose even with the most conservative judges.