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molotov_cockteaze t1_j2be155 wrote

If only conservatives were as concerned about literally anything as they are about children’s genitals.


Coulrophiliac444 t1_j2bghfv wrote

They'd actually be a party that didn't stand on children's suicide corpses.

Edit before my eventual oblivion downvote:

  1. Yes, its in poor taste. I was born and raised in Florida. This appalls me to no end that the GQP thinks biological anatomy is all there is to gender. I believe gender discussion should literally be an open forum, yet they scream with Maga-phones and pearl clutches and wonder why they're increasingly hated.

  2. Forcing children into an identity not their own, like cookie cutter children, statistically increases depression and suicides of those people if not homicide and assaults. As the very antagonistic, and homophobic, saying goes, "They'll fuck the (insert identity issue) out of you." I saw that happen to too many peers growing up. Some had friends who had couches. Some had nowhere and ended up having to either hide it or be homeless.

  3. This continued assault of forced religious beliefs being hamfisted shoved down the throats of many is quite opposite of the freedom of religion. We had one kid, who was my best friend in high school, who was an outspoken Satanist. We had actual DISCUSSIONS at my school because it was safe for us to do so. Florida has stripped that safe zone away. I wouldn't move back if they PAID ME to live there.

  4. I won't even go to Disney over these draconian laws. I wish more people would do the same and point to the Government as the reason why. I wouldn't risk my kids health, or safety, under that purview. I keep hoping it will change, that my classmates and peers will change it... but I think more of them are leaving, or falling to drugs. or disenfranchisement via state voting games, and I worry it will spread.

ETA: Thank you all for reaching out. I may be in a dark place, and feeling darker some days more than others...but I haven't given in. It just hit me at a bad time with one kids birthday and the holidays all rolling up. With the physical pain and mental suffering, it makes for a potent combination. The words help, but remember to keep not only fighting your own battles, but learn the art of debate and reasoning and fighting for yourself and your own futures as well. All that evil requires to win is for the good (wo)men to do nothing. Battles are not just won in the fields, but in the hearts and minds of the populace as well and we need to fight against the inherent greed that seems to be endemic to being human. Be better, and be ready to fight in any capacity to pave a stronger tomorrow.

And never be ashamed for helping someone, even if you overextend yourself to do so. Compassion, and empathy, are the first of mighty weapons because people remember when you helped them when everyone else turned their backs.

Thank you again. When I couldnt talk to the ones I knew, the strangers of Reddit became by audience. You listened when I needed it, and I'll try to return that and pay it forward when I see it. May your gods, goddesses, or fortunes favor you this coming year.


molotov_cockteaze t1_j2bicql wrote

Genuinely hope you don’t get downvoted. What you’re saying is empirically correct and anyone who wants to “save the children” outside of using them as a prop for bigotry should be in ready agreement.


Coulrophiliac444 t1_j2bk00u wrote

Its why I added my 4 points of clarity. I'm 36, my view poibt is about 20 years old but frankly its still valid. I had a safe school where we COULD discuss things like bisexuality, homosexuality, gender identity and religion and NOT have a closed one mind worldview.

At one point I discussed the duality of life and dewth, of being a weapon and defender, of happiness mirroring depression, that all are as capable of great love and great hate in equal depths and all it took was the mirror we call our Soul to reflect that. I wasn't laughed at. I shocked my class speechless because it mirrored my depression. My view skewed by it and body shame I felt for years. Rage at being bullied and having to fight for myself because the school was rendered impotent to protect me. Finally, they saw suffering. And they cared. I didnt have to hide when in high school, because we just wanted to be ourselves, maybe find some illegal booze, and drink in the woods and occasionally bang while fibbing at being with someone else. We had fun and learned to grow up on our terms.

Hell, my valedictorian got a full ride to Harvard. I played soccer with him. Genuinely one of the most driven kids I knew. Another guy two years my senior in my language class (Japanese) got a full athletic to Michigan as a linebacker. Another dude I got into shit with my freshman year with was my friend by sophmore year and cried because he worked his ass off and finally found out he graduated, being just shy of failing. We celebrated our victories...we mourned our losses...and that feeling was we all gave a fuck about everyones viewpoint. Those views are being threatened. Those voices slowly silenced.

I think of Johnathan Young and Caleb Hyle's song 'Land of Broken Dreams' thinking of it from then and now. Slowly, we are being made sick, dumb, full of fright. I'm tired of being scared for the future. I'm angry enough to want to wrest it back. By political means if able, by force if necessary. My kids deserve better than this.


molotov_cockteaze t1_j2bl6qi wrote

During my high school years in the early 2000’s I was in the gay/straight alliance, and even in supposedly progressive SF Bay Area that was considered radical. Despite the fact that when we were all in Jr. High Matthew Shepherd had been a big deal. I remember thinking back then that once I was getting older these things would be commonplace and no one would care, because clearly society would progress, right?

Child me didn’t account for the violent regressive response we’re now dealing with.


PuellaBona t1_j2efvlf wrote

It's like, the more open minded conservative's children became, the more they have tried to squash social progress. They don't like being told they're oppressive bigots in their own home.


wave-garden t1_j2ecyrz wrote

This is a very helpful perspective imo. Thank you for taking the time to write it out for us.


ekkidee t1_j2bi66c wrote

They seem concerned about genitals in general. What else is obsession with same-sex marriage other than where you put your penis?


PuellaBona t1_j2eg3sb wrote

I was going to add vagina, but they don't think those are worth talking about.


eric_ts t1_j2bxyux wrote

They aren't concerned about shit other than their own power. If the marks keep them in power by hating on trans people then they will pass laws discriminating against trans people. If the marks are hating Mexicans then they will pass discriminatory immigration laws. If the marks are hating on Arabs etc. . . . The only people in the GOP who really actually give a fuck about this bullshit are the useful idiots like MTG and their cabal of drooling Chri$tian fuckery. The (perhaps unintended but, I think not) consequence of using this rhetoric is it attracts the Nazis. (I don't use neo- because it trivializes the danger that these folks pose.) Once the Nazis get in control, the folks they are passing discriminatory laws about now could become 'lamp-shades or wallets' to quote a screed I read on Stormfront. Don't think that it can't happen here.


Valant0324 t1_j2bijmh wrote

Republicans need to stop fetishising transgender folk.

Before you try and act cute.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_j2blap3 wrote

Some of the grossest propositions and advances towards me as a trans woman, whether online or in person, have been from pretty clearly typical GOP supporters, if not GOP staffers and such themselves when I lived around DC and circled the fetish scene there.


Bgratz1977 t1_j2cxvk0 wrote

The future are Unisex toilets

Make the Cabins uin a way no one can crouch under it (i anyway never understood why anyone would build stalls the way Murica does)

Hang in 50% of them Pissoirs

Topic solved


Insectshelf3 t1_j2brz4h wrote

this creates a circuit split, so at some point in the near future SCOTUS will take up a case challenging the constitutionality of these facially discriminatory policies.


DID_IT_FOR_YOU t1_j2c5sls wrote

The current SC is currently a 6-3 Christian Theocracy so don’t expect anything. You already had one of the judges laying out their plan to get rid of gay marriage.


NoHalf2998 t1_j2cwdyc wrote

Not just Christian; Catholic.

Because only Catholics can be counted on to put their religion ahead of good jurisprudence apparently


7 of 9 Jurists are Catholic.

ALL Republican nominated Jurists are Catholic.

Downvote all you want but Republicans ONLY put Catholics on the court; why do you think that is?


Fun-Translator1494 t1_j2c75h7 wrote

Republicans have a disgusting obsession with other people’s genitals, bizarre and revolting perverts.


AtomicSymphonic_2nd t1_j2fx1hp wrote

I think it's more along the lines of various conservative communities not wanting to see a trans-woman dressed as a woman while still visibly showing masculine body features and traits.

It's (perhaps understandably) unnerving to many of them and they would rather these people stay away from their communities. They have zero desire to expand their worldview and consider different ideas on how to live life.

That's why they're obsessed based upon what I've heard around me anecdotally.

Weirdness or sticking-out in any way is seen as "Un-American" and an active threat to a stable community around where I live, even if the persons in question aren't doing anything illegal or violent.

Things like drag shows are disturbing to them and they feel anything that disturbs their community or society should be removed ASAP, violent or not.

It's tragic, honestly.


irkli t1_j2c096s wrote

As an oldster let me say...KIDS THESE DAYS ... (lol) are so much better off, so much kinder to each other, so open, so don't give a fuck about gender, ... never I'm the world would I have imagined this possible. (out gay man here, loudmouth anarchist weirdo).

The bigot monsters are outnumbered, they thrive only by oppressing others, their major power, division, enforced ignorance and lies and deceit, undone by people ACTUALLY TALKING about shit like being unhappy and depressed and having at least some people be kind to you.

If you had done that in my time you'd have been whisked away out of sight.

"The closet" is a concept broader and wider than just sexuality. Silence keeps people fearful divided and silent.


crusoe t1_j2c6opn wrote

A year ago I was at a playground and some tweens were playing on the equipment and one boy said "I think I like boys" and everyone was like "yeah that's cool".

No one cared.


irkli t1_j2cf55q wrote

That's my experience talking to younger folk. It's a fkn revolution, no shit.


BlackBlizzard t1_j2c1ong wrote

Wonder when they'll start complaining about FtMs in female bathrooms, since their whole idea was to ban (attack) transwomen (men in their transphobic eyes) in female bathrooms.


isaaclw OP t1_j2c5j0a wrote

There's no thought, only animal response to "scary" ideas.


forgot_to_growup t1_j2cihtq wrote

What happens is that non-binary kids go all day without using the bathroom. I have adolescent patients who avoid using the bathroom at rural schools because they are bullied.


manniesalado t1_j2dj021 wrote

The only policy that makes any sense at all is let the individual decide what john they want to use.


jmcunx t1_j2e5dsp wrote

Well if you are a young person (20s), you should get out of FL anyway. With Climate Change and the rate we are going, a good deal of FL will be under water by the time you are in your 70s.

Days are numbered for Florida as a large US State. Just wait it out.


Cost-Born t1_j2blb4u wrote

Of course... the 11th circuit has a majority of Republican/Christian Taliban appointees.


justforthearticles20 t1_j2ees8q wrote

The 11th is only slightly less corrupt than the 5th, and still hopes to take the crown.


999others t1_j2cadjn wrote

So if Caitlyn comes to Florida she has to use the men's room?


gruntsifyouwill t1_j2cgut9 wrote

The ruling addresses one school district's bathroom policy for students, so no that's not what this means.


AtomicSymphonic_2nd t1_j2fxis3 wrote

I got a strong feeling if this case ends up in front of SCOTUS, the ruling won't be narrowly applied as most legal experts are assuming given the Court's current composition.


elister t1_j2dt2nv wrote

Because they think she might sexually assault children.


[deleted] t1_j2bwn2o wrote



Peachy33 t1_j2by6ur wrote

What is the actual issue though? For all you know you pee and poop next to transgender folks all the time. I don’t know a single soul who announces their gender when they enter a public restroom. As long as you aren’t peeking under my stall or you refuse to spare a square then I don’t give a shit what you do in your toilet stall. It’s so odd to me that people care so much about strangers’ genitals.


[deleted] t1_j2bzd14 wrote



Peachy33 t1_j2c5flr wrote

My answer was also sincere. I’m a teacher and have been a teacher for over 20 years. It’s adults that are closed minded and intolerant. Overall the kids are alright. What do you think they need to be shielded from exactly?


[deleted] t1_j2cdqkw wrote



BrainofBorg t1_j2dihms wrote

Why isnt it warranted? The people responding with hostility are literally under attack by one of the two political parties in the US. WHY is our defensiveness not warranted?


[deleted] t1_j2dj1c0 wrote



Peachy33 t1_j2drevn wrote

So you are going to take your toys and go home because people are pushing back against you and you can’t defend yourself. Poor you. Just admit that you don’t know much about the topic and vow to do better with better information.


TopDeckHero420 t1_j2dsrls wrote

Defend myself from what? Open hostility that is completely unwarranted? What stance do you think I am defending? This is literally "OMG YOU DARE ASK A QUESTION YOU FUCKING PSYCHO" and frankly, yes, I am done even bothering trying to find honest opinions on how to solve an issue. At least here. Enjoy your downvote brigade nonsense. And good luck having open and honest conversations in the future. Try leaving your anger at the door next time.

P.S. Asking the questions is trying to get the information. As a teacher you should understand that.


Peachy33 t1_j2dt9q1 wrote

Ahahaha, dude. As a long time teacher I can smell bullshit a mile away. And as a teacher I’m going to call it out when I see it.


TopDeckHero420 t1_j2dtus3 wrote

What bullshit? You read my original question. It was quite literally "this is complicated, there is nuance, what can be done to help the parents, students, teachers, and kids caught in the middle" and that's bullshit? Really?


Peachy33 t1_j2dufpi wrote

No your hostile and angry responses are unwarranted. You don’t seem to understand the reason behind the initial pushback. Instead of trying to understand WHY that might be you doubled down on your responses and got very flouncy and defensive (“I won’t make the mistake of asking questions again!”). Are you truly interested in a solution or are you merely throwing out “just asking questions” rhetoric? Because as a skilled teacher I interpreted your question as the latter.


TopDeckHero420 t1_j2duxgx wrote

You haven't answered anything I have asked. Not a single thing.

Everything I have asked is about the issue at hand and you insist on making it about me personally when there is absolutely zero reason to do so.

A "skilled teacher" wouldn't come into a conversation with an assumption about someone and their motives, especially when nothing said has given any indication of what you are assuming.


Peachy33 t1_j2dvlaf wrote

I didn’t come to an assumption based on nothing. And I don’t really owe you any answers do I?


TopDeckHero420 t1_j2dvzpj wrote

Like I said, I now understand that asking questions here is futile.


Peachy33 t1_j2dwhzg wrote

Asking questions and actually seeking responses is one thing. Becoming hostile when several people have explained to you why your questions seem suspicious and not in good faith is another.


TopDeckHero420 t1_j2dwzgm wrote

The only responses I got to the initial question was hostility. So yeah, it's futile. I didn't become hostile, I was the target of it.

You don't know anything about me. You don't know that I've had arguments with my "churchy" family members about the rights that same sex couples should have and how the church is intolerant. You don't know that I fully support people being who they are. But I also know that the solution is likely going to be difficult and complicated and I fucked up by asking how that can even be accomplished.

But you carry on assuming. I am done.


Peachy33 t1_j2dydqe wrote

Jesus Christ, you are the target of hostility? Persecution much?

Also, why did you delete your questions if they were in good faith and you were interested in answers?


TopDeckHero420 t1_j2dz2bm wrote

Oh give me a break. I don't feel persecuted at all. Confused, yes. And they were deleted because as I have reiterated many times, it's futile and all it does is invite people to dogpile on just to get internet points without even trying to address the actual questions at hand. The exact thing you are doing.


Peachy33 t1_j2dzg8a wrote

None of my initial responses were hostile or confrontational. You chose to feel victimized here. I can repost all my responses to you to refresh your memory. You only got angry and defensive when you got some pushback. Do better.


TopDeckHero420 t1_j2dzils wrote

Please stop assuming. You have no idea what I feel.

You are just trying to win some snark contest that you are the only one participating in.


Peachy33 t1_j2dzmxl wrote

I’m responding to your words and what you put out there, dude.

I’m not looking to win any sort of contest. There was zero snark in any of my initial responses. I responded honestly and you decided to go off the deep end with “I’m not fucking Fox News” as a response to me. What exactly in my post warranted THAT kind of response? And instead of recognizing your misstep you doubled down and defended yourself and then ran off.

Just calling it like I see it.


TopDeckHero420 t1_j2e077i wrote

What did I put out there? That I asked a question and people thought it was an attack when it was "how do we address these complicated issues so that everyone feels comfortable with the solution"? That was quite literally it, and not a single person ever even tried to understand that.

And with that I am done. You can have the last word, I don't care. Maybe in time you will realize that assuming a question is an attack was wrong. Maybe not. Doesn't matter to me. I just hope when a kid in your class raises their hand and asks something difficult that you don't assume it's coming from hate when it's not.


Peachy33 t1_j2e113r wrote

“Many perspectives are skewed due to the rampant misinformation spewed by homophobes on Fox News and other garbage shitheads. If they didn’t scream like howler monkeys about how scary trans people are lurking around the dark shadows of public bathrooms hoping to prey on your children would anyone even worry about this issue? It’s been manufactured to further demonize and “other” a group of people who just want to live their lives.”

My comment about why perspectives are skewed. Your response was “I’m not fucking Fox News”. Why was your response so angry? Did I imply that YOU were disseminating misinformation?

And stop saying “I’m done”. Lol clearly you aren’t.

Edited to add: you deleted your comments because you can’t stand by them. Otherwise you would leave them up.


Tokeli t1_j2f84b9 wrote

When one side just wants to go pee in the bathroom that doesn't fill them with dread, and the other side doesn't even want you to exist as a human being, letalone exist in public- what possible compromise to make everyone comfortable could there be?


BrainofBorg t1_j2cd358 wrote

Banning trans people from the bathroom IS THE SUDDEN CHANGE. We have been using correct gendered bathrooms for decades, and now it's being suddenly changed and forcing us into birth sex based bathrooms.

Stop pretending that the push here is for the status quo - this bathroom bam is a CHANGE to the status quo.


[deleted] t1_j2cdml8 wrote



Peachy33 t1_j2cg3xz wrote

Many perspectives are skewed due to the rampant misinformation spewed by homophobes on Fox News and other garbage shitheads. If they didn’t scream like howler monkeys about how scary trans people are lurking around the dark shadows of public bathrooms hoping to prey on your children would anyone even worry about this issue? It’s been manufactured to further demonize and “other” a group of people who just want to live their lives.


[deleted] t1_j2djbqy wrote



Peachy33 t1_j2do7ob wrote

I didn’t say nor imply that YOU were Fox News. Rather that it’s difficult to get true perspectives on the issue because so much of it is from disinformation and manufactured outrage. So you can go and eat your angry words bye.


BrainofBorg t1_j2dhsi6 wrote

Passing laws and regulations directly attacking a tiny minorities human rights, and instituting policies / instilling overt bigots in positions of power whose only purpose is to hurt that tiny minority tends to elicit that type of reaction.


[deleted] t1_j2dj8us wrote



BrainofBorg t1_j2dk1mr wrote

The post I was initially responding to wasn't "genuinely curious". It was spreading lies about the bathroom bans being "reasonable responses" to sudden major changes, when the bathroom ban is the change.

It was not a benign post, it was a post dirctly attacking trans rights.