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ChairmaamMeow t1_j1d1qxx wrote

Hmm, not much detail in that article, it's still breaking news. Two dead and multiple injured.


SunCloud-777 t1_j1devpn wrote

in another article reported that the gunman is a retired train conductor who had prior police arrest record, for attacking migrants but later subsequently released.(source: the guardian)


AggressiveSkywriting t1_j1dtx0i wrote

Police "unsure" if the violence is racially motivated.

How many times does a lunatic have to harm and kill a specific community before we can just assume the obvious?


Farandaway1001 t1_j1dgarp wrote

Now they are saying three are dead. The shooter had prior charges for attempted murder in 2016 and 2021. He was known to police. Yeah he was known. He should have been in jail.