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Embarrassed_Ad5112 t1_j1f5kdx wrote

Well in this case two people being shot made news around the world.

If it happened in the US it wouldn’t even be significant enough to make the local news.

That’s the difference.


SlowerThanTurtleInPB t1_j1f8n67 wrote

100%. Am American and literally thought how this wouldn’t be news in my city. God I hate it here.


ArrrGaming t1_j1hszt3 wrote

Two people being shot in the US makes the news on Reddit any time it happens.

So please don’t be a hypocrite and pretend like it doesn’t.

There was just a shooting at the Mall of America. 1 dead, 1 grazed. You know how I know? Because it’s all over Reddit, with much gnashing of teeth and bemoaning of America and how bad we are, etc.

But when it happens in Paris, out come the excuses.