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pointlessone t1_j25ep8t wrote

People can be allergic to sesame? Man, that's rough, it's in so many foods!

Every time I hear of a new food allergy I'm thankful I don't have any. Bravo for labeling things to help keep folks safer out there.


zerobeat t1_j25j5g7 wrote

Yeah it hides in a lot of places. The bad part is - at least from the two people I know who are allergic to it - that the reactions people have can be very bad and life threatening to even very small amounts.


pointlessone t1_j25kg9y wrote

I'm just thinking about how many different names it's got depending on how it's prepared and how many things use sesame oil as a flavoring. From the sounds of other folks in the thread, it can be as extreme of reaction as peanuts, and I'd never even heard of it being an issue until now. Food allergies are wild.


glassedupclowen t1_j271b8l wrote

try having garlic and onion allergies. :(


ProjectDA15 t1_j275c6i wrote

i have met 2 people who were allergic to garlic and onions. 1 was also allergic to gluten, soy, and a few other things. i was cooking food at a larping even and offered extras to people around me. the only thing in my rice they could was the rice itself, but it was already mixed by then.


glassedupclowen t1_j27s1uw wrote

lol, i would have been the person who couldn't eat the rice either. you never realize how common a lot of foods are until you have an allergy to them.


No_Creme7203 t1_j291lb1 wrote

May I ask what symptoms you have when you eat garlic or onions?


glassedupclowen t1_j2a34j5 wrote

bladder pain (just onion), digestive upset, stomach pain, and a red face with edema, and sometimes congestion. i don't eat them very often!


DM_Me_Corgi_Butts t1_j25wv0o wrote

Yes, it’s awful. I’m not anaphylactic, yet anyway but still something to be avoided.


worldbound0514 t1_j27oh3z wrote

Just about every Chinese restaurant is out if you are allergic to sesame.


Jeramus t1_j274fvd wrote

We found out my kid was allergic to sesame after they are some hummus around one year old. It was a little scary, fortunately we have never need to inject epinephrine.


Little_Rii t1_j2aigbi wrote

I’ll get anaphylaxis from sesame, which bars me from about half of the eastern hemisphere’s food. It really is a sneaky one!