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thatisnotmyknob t1_j24ekuh wrote

This is a different Waffle House right than the one where the white woman deflects the chair at her?? I need video.


PM_ur_Rump t1_j24ewml wrote

There's always a fight at a Waffle House.


VyrPlan t1_j24hby2 wrote

i remember when i moved out east in my 20s how exited i was to learn there was a 24hr combination road house/ihop/crack house


No___ImRight t1_j24lkmk wrote

I threaten my kids with dinner at Waffle House if they act up in the car.


Prayin4nAsteroid t1_j24rwtx wrote

Why? WH food is delicious.


tacotruck7 t1_j25u7ou wrote

It is fatty and salty. Sure you can eat it, but delicious?


skizelo t1_j25weo1 wrote

Fatty and salty... throw a bunch of sugar in there and what more could you want from a meal?


TriblialBrainDamblge t1_j26wv8c wrote

Acid, if I've learned anything from cooking reality shows.


madmaxlemons t1_j27hmss wrote

Oh…yeah…..that acid…of course

*puts away paper tabs into a zip top plastic bag


DJ_Moore_2 t1_j25y802 wrote

All breakfast food is delicious.


T_that_is_all t1_j2605l4 wrote

Except when I was younger, And didn't drink, we just went to drink endless coffee until close to daylight, I always got either an All-star breakfast or Texas cheese steak. Got hash browns different every time. Haven't been to an awful waffle in over a yr now, and now I'm sad.


Ordinary-Theory-8289 t1_j265xki wrote

Are fatty and salty not traits if typically delicious foods? If fatty food didn’t taste good I don’t think we would have an obesity epidemic in the US


AKravr t1_j26o61k wrote

Seriously, we could argue about healthy but salt and fat are part of making food actually taste good lol.


Jkay064 t1_j27jkf4 wrote

“Fat makes you fat” is a disinformation campaign run by the sugar council for decades now. It is sugar; it has always been sugar. “Low fat” food doesn’t do shit for your weight control. Cut carbs (sugars).

The sugar people literally went to the same ad agencies that tobacco companies used, and paid them to put a hit on Fat to take the blame for sugar.


Ordinary-Theory-8289 t1_j29j4fa wrote

When I said “fatty foods” I was referring to the fried hash browns, bacon, pancakes etc that are sold at Waffle House. Certainly these types of food are contributing factors to the obesity epidemic.


Khaldara t1_j24ueq3 wrote

Just be careful not to escalate to Golden Corral or CPS might get involved


joe579003 t1_j27azni wrote

You don't want Jeff Foxworthy in range of your kids. No.


MirtaGev t1_j24ujx3 wrote

IHOP and crack house certainly but road house? Not until they start serving alcohol.


VyrPlan t1_j24viwd wrote

fair enough, they don't serve booze (yet)

but i also really only ever went hammered with my hammered friends and i had the distinct impression everybody was drunk or on something


turd_vinegar t1_j26m1jy wrote

They don't "serve" booze, but I bet you kind find some


PatacusX t1_j25fp0k wrote

I heard it's actually a secret menu item


snarfsnarfer t1_j26rxvv wrote

I’ve always said that anyone who has been to Waffle House has a Waffle House story. It’s a great ice breaker conversation to have. Lots of wild events happen at Waffle House.


HanaBothWays t1_j24ez0q wrote

It doesn’t matter if it’s a different Waffle House they are all like this


pegothejerk t1_j24k6op wrote

Only because Waffle House is the best metric we have for the state of the nation and climate in general. Violence has spilled into Waffle House thanks to our culture, not the other way around.


Paethgoat t1_j24j7z9 wrote

Different Waffle House. The chair incident happened at the Austin, TX, Ben White location. The article is from Georgia. They embedded the chair fight video in the story, but I'm not sure why.


rtb001 t1_j29a3fz wrote

The reason is because it was AWESOME


Shradow t1_j264n16 wrote

Oh I didn't realize that clip was recent. I saw it used in a meme the other day over on /r/runescape about prayer flicking but didn't look into it.


d1yb OP t1_j24fpaw wrote


thatisnotmyknob t1_j24gak2 wrote

Ah ok. I didn't see anyone who looked like a "Rodrick" and no mention of the fight behind the counter so thought it was a different incident.


Streona t1_j24ifzt wrote

I think it is a different incident. The OP article says their incident happened in Georgia, but most articles I can find say the God tier chair deflection happened in Texas.


disgruntled_pie t1_j24qafk wrote

Is that lady aware that the internet loves her now? We need an AMA.


thatisnotmyknob t1_j24yvtd wrote

Us white women don't distinguish ourselves in fights very often. It's like..her and Ronda Rousey now.


sweetpeapickle t1_j25d811 wrote

See here, no waffle houses. But Chucky Cheese & Showbiz used to be the popular ones for fights like these.


PunisherASM129 t1_j28au3w wrote

it's on YouTube by multiple accounts fwiw.

searching Waffle House and limiting to past 24 hours will bring them up.


twostartucson t1_j25mg18 wrote

I saw a possum sized rat just chillin’ outside a Waffle House. Just chilling. No fear. Waffle House is the “Star Wars Cantina” of 24 hr restaurants. You’re gonna see weird shit and someone might lose a limb.


Gun5linger67 t1_j26wke4 wrote

This reply is so fucking underrated that I have to say something!


electric_plant t1_j24i7nm wrote

A fight? In Waffle House?!?! That's NOT the Waffle House I know!!!

Seriously though, I've seen lots of fights in my day, only one in a restaurant(not bar), and it was in a Waffle House.


Royal_Ad9109 t1_j24qc3u wrote

There needs to be a ranking system:

A Category 1 Waffle House is verbal arguments

Up to…

A Category 5 Waffle House is mass murder by chair throwing


snarfsnarfer t1_j26s87k wrote

Each category should correspond with their hash brown toppings. Covered, smothered, capped, chunked, etc.


zackmophobes t1_j27xkrl wrote

I went to waffle house a couple weeks ago and they had a cop just inside the door. The employees were cleaning up and they seemed stressed AF. The cop just looked at me and said, hey they closed right now.

Idk what happened but it takes a lot to close a waffle house.


Cheapthrills13 t1_j24qmki wrote

Ever heard of the Waffle House Storm Index? Officially assigned name given to them by FEMA during times of national disasters - primarily hurricanes in the south. The Waffle House storm center does their own tracking to try and ensure employee safety but also attempt to be open as a place of refuge and provide meals to first responders when other businesses have shut down. FEMA monitors the WH ability to stay open in the storm ravaged areas to determine how bad the area was hit. If WH open - not too bad (code green) If WH closed - real bad (code red). Code yellow is some damage - limited menu… I’ve also read that WH names some dishes after said storms. I feel like they’ve taken on a humanitarian task in FL and now I try and eat at them to give back. (I target the mid-morning crowd - they’re slightly better behaved and less dust up chances).


Sauteedmushroom2 t1_j24ti9s wrote

I’d call my parents in FL after I moved to check on the Waffle House. There was one about a mile away from their house. If it was still open and on full menu, they’re totally fine. Open and on storm menu, worry a little. Closed? I’m an orphan.


BestCatEva t1_j25g438 wrote

Homeland Security should hire WH employees. No one ‘de-escalates’ like those brave folks. Do not mess with the WH. Take the bs over to the gas station.


Sauteedmushroom2 t1_j24t6q8 wrote

Every time I went to WF, ever, ever. There was some kind of war going on in the kitchen or in the parking lot. But my waitress was kind as could possibly be, even slipping me a few free waffles and hashbrowns when I was really down on my luck.

God bless you Waffle House.


Al_Jazzera t1_j2517ai wrote

You walked into a Waffle House and walked out with a mark on your criminal record. Bet your relatives are beaming with pride.


VyrPlan t1_j24j4of wrote

if we were playing madlibs and the line was: "there was a [fist fight] on [xmas] at the ______"

my brain would automatically fill in [waffle house]


shewy92 t1_j2e5r47 wrote

All I know is you never hear shit about IHOP...except when they started selling gasp burgers


BumbleMuggin t1_j24oiw4 wrote

There are no “dust ups” at Awful House. It’s a brawl or get the fuck out. No in between.


fadufadu t1_j25mqsi wrote

Waffle House employees deserve hazard pay


Nigredo78 t1_j28k4om wrote

OK LOOK.. if your gonna say "Waffle house" at least put the fucking store number on it .. we got money on these events..


way_too_shady t1_j25ri1m wrote

Calm down everybody, this is just how Waffle House interviews people for a job.


FlowRiderBob t1_j2520e2 wrote

I can’t imagine Waffle House on Christmas Day is a very happy place for anyone, customers or employees. It is a tinderbox waiting for a spark.


Serverpolice001 t1_j26mkcu wrote

Idk why but the article title is on point


fakemon64 t1_j24iqfy wrote

A 'dust up'?

I've never heard that before


yo2sense t1_j24o1p4 wrote

It's old-timey. Think about drunken cowboys fighting in the streets of a desert town. Plenty of dust kicked up.


bigtimejohnny t1_j2696ed wrote

We went to three Waffle Houses on Christmas Day this year before we found one where we didn't have to wait for a table. It's a tradition.


BlackBrown1827 t1_j26inue wrote

Canadian here: is this actually a tasty restaurant?


POGtastic t1_j27ey2p wrote

It's cheap, familiar, ubiquitous, always open, and will serve you when you are too shitfaced to do anything other than grunt at the waitress. The pitfall, of course, is that Nighttime Waffle House is a free PVP zone.

When sober and looking for breakfast at a more reasonable hour, there are better options.

Edit: Requisite Anthony Bourdain video that waxes poetic about the Waffle House. Note, of course, that they are absolutely hammered at 3AM.


President_Calhoun t1_j2973sg wrote

>and will serve you when you are too shitfaced to do anything other than grunt at the waitress.

I like to think that the waitresses are fluent in drunkgrunt.

"What'll you have?"


"Coming right up."


Future-Studio-9380 t1_j26j26m wrote

It isn't culinary high art but it hits the spot that used to be hit by old school independent greasy spoon type places


eatmoremeatnow t1_j27auca wrote


It is sort of like Tim Horton's meets Denny's meets a homeless camp in Vancouver.


crowjack t1_j26w3o4 wrote

Man…they really wanted those waffles.


shewy92 t1_j2e5ie6 wrote

The "Christmas Day" part suggests that this isn't normal at Waffle House


DearMrsLeading t1_j2fuiie wrote

It was a special one, a waitress caught a metal chair one handed and tossed it like paper.


fastal_12147 t1_j24ifrv wrote

Guaranteed they were wasted. Most people don't go to Waffle House sober


Barack_Odrama_007 t1_j24j1ht wrote

Waffle House is wild AF! I think it’s time for the to close the dining room after midnight. If not then all workers need paid MMA classes


danellender t1_j25bfo1 wrote

Today I learned a new way to misspell 'dispute'.


SuperstitiousPigeon5 t1_j24froo wrote

Waffle House is the Taco Bell of American style breakfast foods.


dookmucus t1_j24h6bl wrote

Don’t talk shit on Taco Bell like that!


OutragedLiberal t1_j28vjsm wrote

WH is the Popeye's of American style breakfast foods.


SuperstitiousPigeon5 t1_j28vz3d wrote

To me it would be Denny's. Because I don't like Popeye's and find it spicier than I'd like. Though my guess would be IHOP to you. International House of Pancakes is the superior breakfast food chain restaurant in my opinion.

edit: Misread WH and WTH.

Popeyes is widely regarded as the best fast chicken. So you are sadly mistaken.


OutragedLiberal t1_j2b6lta wrote

Popeye's has a reputation for rough employees who don't take your shit and bring built in less desirable areas