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comeonwhatdidIdo t1_j15sxtg wrote

They are the one's that financed these cunts in the first place.


evdp t1_j16a523 wrote

Not us, blame the USA and the CIA.


Rizla_TCG t1_j17il4v wrote

What's your tinfoil budget like?


Sarcofaygo t1_j17s8xy wrote


Clever_Word_Play t1_j1af20s wrote

Afghan mujahideen are not the Taliban. A former Mujahideen did start the them, but the remaining were against the Taliban


Sarcofaygo t1_j1aghpr wrote

How it started

>Afghan mujahideen are not the Taliban.

How it's going

>A former Mujahideen did start the them


Clever_Word_Play t1_j1ah2mx wrote

Also former, larger portion were the northern alliance that sided with the US


Sarcofaygo t1_j1ah9md wrote

Tfw you try to defeat Russia by teaming up with terrorists to ... ???? I don't think they thought that one all the way thru


SIUonCrack t1_j17w0mg wrote

It is common knowledge that the US government funded the taliban in the 80s to fight the Soviets. The US is just as responsible for the situation in Afghanistan.

Edit: should note that I don't agree with the OC that Saudis are blameless.