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GeigerCounterMinis t1_j16hrlk wrote

Man, remember when we had ads in newspapers and magazines asking us to donate weapons and money to the taliban to defeat the Russians and we totally did.

Good times.


Rizla_TCG t1_j17inov wrote

That's the Mujahideen.


GeigerCounterMinis t1_j17itn0 wrote

Who do you think the Mujahideen became?

>The Taliban emerged in the aftermath of the Afghan War (1978–92). Afghanistan’s new government failed to establish civil order outside of Kabul, and much of the country was subject to frequent extortion and assault from local militias and warlords. Facing mass displacement during the war, many Afghans found solidarity in the religious rhetoric of the mujahideen resistance and opportunity in schools of Islamic sciences (called madrasahs) in southern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. In 1994 a group of former fighters, associated with a madrasah in a village of Kandahār province, successfully subdued a local warlord and began pacifying nearby areas. The faction, which enjoyed popular support with its promise of security and its religious fervour, quickly grew into the movement now known as the Taliban. By late 1996 the Taliban had seized the capital, Kabul, and gained effective control over some two-thirds of the country.


RandomFactUser t1_j1a4w45 wrote

Didn’t part of them also form the Northern Alliance? You know, the domestic opponents of the Taliban?