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tahlyn t1_j1z5nto wrote

Is it March of 2020 again? I'm not sure I can stomach living through those years again...


sudoku7 t1_j1z6po0 wrote

Always has been.


Methylatedcobalamin OP t1_j1z6wui wrote

Still the same number of American pandemic deaths every week:



HardlyDecent t1_j1zlv2c wrote

Like, everyone: "But Americans have COVID fatigue..."

Smart people: "Um, better than Long-COVID chronic fatigue, brain fog, and heart failure, right? Masks and vaccines aren't hard."


mephi5to t1_j20alyo wrote

Not even Covid. For 2 covid years we haven’t had flue or cold. I am all for it.

Ppl should stop treating masks as “I am afraid” and do like Japanese - “I am wearing mask because IAM sick or feel under weather but have to travel so I am sorry and I protect you”


awe778 t1_j22g9qy wrote

That require 85%+ of Americans to treat America as something that they should take care of.

Given how some of them treat reality, that's not going to work.


Code2008 t1_j2079k1 wrote

Honestly, I welcome the sweet release of death.


[deleted] t1_j21jijf wrote



HardlyDecent t1_j223mnt wrote

I can't argue with you there friend. And I can make no argument in favor or opposed to Biden or Pelosi's mental or moral adequacy.


archosauros t1_j20h7r2 wrote

What if I were to tell you the calendar you are using is a lie? What if I were to tell you it's still 2016?


tahlyn t1_j20kydj wrote

Tell me more!


archosauros t1_j21l6sp wrote

So the government made time travel to go back in time to fix things problem is that they've been using too much and now time is out of whack so now we are always on a repeat of 2016 no matter. It's why all this crazy shit keeps happening its just a cycle of crazy no matter what


Shadowmeld92 t1_j20ywtf wrote

The ones where science was turned into a political game? It's been going on far longer than march 2020 and I don't remember a recent break from it.


Beau_Buffett t1_j22333w wrote

I know someone in Shanghai, and they were going out like life was normal while we were all masked up and whatnot.

The Chinese isolated ill people to the point that their population hasn't been through the process of some dingalings pretending covid isn't real and others trying to stay safe. Instead, these massive lockdowns happened until recently.

I think it basically means that China is still in the early stages.

I also think it's potentially germ warfare to open your borders at the same time you end the lockdowns and know that half the country is going to be infected.

Ima go get a booster next week.

It's going to take about 5 minutes to share this with the whole world.

Considering restrictions? No, they should be in place right now.


Brilliant-Bumblebee t1_j24yq3z wrote

I said the exact same thing as soon as China started lifting restrictions. They're going right back to 2020. I'm concerned some crazy new variant comes from all this. I guess time will tell.


bertiebasit t1_j1zsp6f wrote

I don’t understand China here, they are at the beginning of a massive Covid wave and they now start to allow international travel for its citizens?

Something very sinister about this decision.


thefanciestcat t1_j1ztv14 wrote

Make it look like everyone has the same problem to save face.


bertiebasit t1_j1zxzpc wrote

Well it’s simple, add the hurdles back to anyone who has been in China for the last 14 days


CaraDune01 t1_j203hs9 wrote

Exactly. Everything they’ve (“they” meaning the Chinese government) done since this started is “nothing to see here, everything’s under control” while things are on fire and very much not under control.


Divallo t1_j233hf1 wrote

It's more than just saving face.

China actively wants people around the world to die so that proportionately they don't lose power on the world stage by dragging everyone down.

It's basically premeditated mass murder.

And this isn't the first time. This is just iike 2020. China covered up covid even existing including arresting whistleblowers and then they told a bunch of lies and they played a leading role in spreading covid 19 conspiracy theories for good measure.


Zeduca t1_j1zyc7t wrote

Just like when it first started in WuHan. You could fly out of the country, but not to another Chinese city.


EbolaaPancakes t1_j20sud3 wrote

This literally happened in China in the beginning of the pandemic. People were getting sick, infection was spreading, they allowed international flights to continue but stopped domestic. In those early days, To question any of chinas decisions was considered xenophobic.


jo35 t1_j21v8i2 wrote

You’re not wrong. Certain politicians who are now in power, among the majority of Reddit, called it racist.


bertiebasit t1_j20tyvd wrote

It’s not xenophobic. A plane just landed in Italy from Chiba. 50% tested positive and then there are the rest of them that will be exposed on the flight.

It’s common sense to bring in controls.


myOpinion23 t1_j203dph wrote

Seems weird that china wants to start international travel again. Wouldnt be surprised if they had a crazy variant.


bertiebasit t1_j204g79 wrote

Are you suggesting they are sending over Covid 2.0 ?


[deleted] t1_j20hd5w wrote



TerribleGramber_Nazi t1_j20hqma wrote

There’s quite a difference with locking people in factories and to accommodate their zero covid policy to have zero policy for covid.

Honestly feels like Xi is being dramatic like a teenager and taking their hands off the wheel completely to prove a point after their driving was criticized. “You don’t like how I’m steering? Fine! If YoU ReAlLy dOnT wAnT mE tO StEeRThE CaR!”


bertiebasit t1_j20hrji wrote

Internally….why have they suddenly decided now is the time to send their people abroad?


mrbaryonyx t1_j20nrzo wrote

yeah there's no big conspiracy: we're just now seeing what happens when a country with an enormous population, and economic connections to every corner of the globe, gets sick. at a certain point, the only thing that can stop that shit from happening again is to go full authoritarian with the lockdowns, and not only does nobody outside of China want that for its citizens, its still not really working


throwaway_0x90 t1_j20m8ro wrote

> Redditors: Spend months saying China should lifted restrictions and to live with COVID and to give people freedom

Nobody said that. People said ***give them effective vaccines*** and then let them have freedom.


[deleted] t1_j1zn2ml wrote



getBusyChild t1_j1zzoqe wrote

Business. The economy > everything else.


DatingMyLeftHand t1_j21r0oo wrote

I don’t think you understand what is included in “the economy” if you differentiate it from “everything”


mces97 t1_j209r31 wrote

Honestly, we can't do shit to stop the spread if we have global travel. Just one motherfucker slipping thru the cracks or a false negative means it's gonna spread. Covid started with patient zero. No way to contain it. Testing buys just a few weeks of time to prepare. Cats out of the bag and until we find better vaccines, or better treatment that truly is as easy as just pop some pills and you'll be fine, like antibiotics do (not saying use antibiotics obviously, just example), that's how covid "ends." It will be with us forever for try foreseeable future but at some point I do expect it to be something that we aren't afraid of anymore because treatment will stop it in it's tracks.


Prestigious_Main_364 t1_j23qv0t wrote

That and our bodies will progressively adapt to it. It’ll eventually descend into the same category as the flu in a few decades as people immune responses get better and better and fighting covid. It’s not the first time in human history that viruses essentially killed themselves over hundreds of years.


Automatic-Mind4319 t1_j215pzg wrote

The rapid tests are unreliable and PCRs are often forged and are also unreliable. PCRs can test you positive months after recovery and most people now just get doctors notes saying they are recovered.


ProjectGnova t1_j1zwoyo wrote

Oh neat.

Just in time for Lunar New Years


JayR_97 t1_j20g6f1 wrote

This sounds very familiar


jch60 t1_j22m8fv wrote

It's only political correct when your party does it. Otherwise, it's racist.


Zeduca t1_j1zxze6 wrote

One can still fly into China for the CNY celebrations.


kasper04 t1_j1ztjlp wrote

Wait I thought this was racist? Why would Joe Biden do this to these poor Chinese people?


Code2008 t1_j207kie wrote

Yep. Would be the exact same thing Trump did in 2020.

Absolutely pointless when they could just go to say Vancouver instead, get those folks infected, and now Canadians who aren't being restricted will still carry it across.


AvailableName9999 t1_j21k3j3 wrote

It's not like we don't have a shit ton of covid here already. Arguably, this is worse than the initial travel ban because the cat has been out of the bag for years and no one wanted to do fuck all about it. Containment is impossible


Zeduca t1_j1zy5x7 wrote

CCP is calling it racist.


not_the_fox t1_j233gx8 wrote

They locked out countries too.


Zeduca t1_j23wntl wrote

It’s a rule for thee not a rule for me. Standard operating procedure.


random20190826 t1_j21086f wrote

If it is by location (i.e. not by citizenship), it is not racist. If all Chinese citizens are banned from entry regardless of where they live, that would be racist.


AvailableName9999 t1_j21kanb wrote

Yeah, I wanted to say that China is not a race but a nation but I didn't want to fight with anyone. Either way this travel ban is asinine because you're not stopping covid. That ship has sailed, took a global cruise and returned


[deleted] t1_j20qmb7 wrote



[deleted] t1_j20tml4 wrote



PM_ME_TRICEPS t1_j21c3lb wrote

This is reddit. Some people here are so far up the democratic party's ass that they can see out the other end.


afrothunder2104 t1_j214q3x wrote

Show me where this was said by a large swathe of people? I think the complaint were his racist usage of China Virus and Wuhan Virus, not barring people from a country flying in. This reads like somebody trying to play the victim card from something 3 years ago. Nice try.


Known_Soft_7599 t1_j1z6mo8 wrote


I'll go ahead and make the executive decision and say, put the restrictions on, ffs.


ELB2001 t1_j20rpv2 wrote

They probably put them back on after the first few thousand Chinese people landed


optimaloutcome t1_j1zwzw5 wrote

Wasn't this sort of thing considered racist three years ago?


PM_ME_TRICEPS t1_j21c9j9 wrote

You dont understand. If the Republicans do it, it's racist. If the democrats do it, it's a public safety issue. Repeat ad nauseum.


Zeduca t1_j1zxpv3 wrote

CCP still calls it racist and they are not the one imposing restrictions.


estagiannand t1_j1zdub4 wrote

It's not racist now because it's (D)ifferent


Soren_Camus1905 t1_j1zm8t7 wrote

I mean you joke but it’s kinda true. When a republicans wants something done it’s typically from a place of malice, discrimination, and ignorance. I don’t mind saying it because they’ve consistently demonstrated this over the years.


Banea-Vaedr t1_j1z3sly wrote

Should have been done in 2019


Methylatedcobalamin OP t1_j1z6y83 wrote

The U.S. didn't have a president then.


tantramx t1_j20p5uo wrote

I seem to remember something like this in 2019 being called racist. I wonder what has changed.


Kryp_tic t1_j217b9k wrote

But democrats are considering it now so it's not racist.


HildemarTendler t1_j214ejk wrote

I'm quite perplexed by this comment. Are you naively asking why this is different today? Or are you cheekily drawing attention to how everything is actually very different now? I can easily read it both ways.


jackthedipper18 t1_j22p7uc wrote

Please explain how biden considering a travel ban on Chinese citizens is different than trump doing the same in 2019


HildemarTendler t1_j24mx6o wrote

Wow, you are you people who don't understand how this is different? If you need it explained, you have a lot of recent history to catch up on. That's not a reddit comment.


jackthedipper18 t1_j24prgq wrote

What? Trump wanted to do this and it was racist. Biden wants to do it and it's acceptable. What's the difference?


HildemarTendler t1_j24r5at wrote

Do you really think the only difference is that it was Trump then and its Biden now? I do not believe you are here in good faith.


jackthedipper18 t1_j24zcbn wrote

You think trump wanted to do it because racism but biden does the same thing and it's for the betterment of society? You are smoking crack

(Fyi I hate trump but the hypocrisy is astounding)


HildemarTendler t1_j256mb8 wrote

You're making baseless accusations and are wildly uniformed about the state of the world. Do you understand the current proposal is due to China's huge swing in covid cases? That's nothing like what Trump was doing.

But again, you're likely more aware of this since you have strong opinions and you're just arguing in bad faith.


jackthedipper18 t1_j25qw5l wrote

Are you trying to say China didn't have massive covid numbers when trump wanted the ban?


HildemarTendler t1_j25s76o wrote

Covid happened in early 2020. Trump's travel ban was in 2019 when he was instigating a trade war, not related to covid.


jackthedipper18 t1_j268r7i wrote

Hahah you have your facts wrong. Travel ban was 1/31/20 and covid became a known public issue at the end of 2019


HildemarTendler t1_j29g047 wrote

It's absolutely amazing how you've twisted things to pretend you're right.


jackthedipper18 t1_j2ael64 wrote

What have I said that's incorrect? You have yet to counter a single claim I have made except to say you think I'm here in bad faith. That's a lame excuse that people use when they have no rebuttal


PM_ME_TRICEPS t1_j21br2t wrote

Lol I'll just wait here for the calls that Biden is a xenophobe and racist if they do this. ☺️


Armand74 t1_j200t2r wrote

Considers?? WTF this is how we got Covid on our shores anyways.. We already have a surge going on here do we need to add more to that?? Fucking hell.


mces97 t1_j20a0e8 wrote

It's already here man. Covid started with 1 person. And that's all it took to cause a global pandemic. By the time you're sick, 100s of people could had been infected. By the time they're sick, 1000s.


AlternatexReality212 t1_j1z617w wrote

Makes sense. Aren't they scrapping travel restrictions during record numbers?


CaraDune01 t1_j203qno wrote

“Considers”? 🙄 Can we maybe just actually do something proactive before it’s too late to be useful? For once?


Impressive-Potato t1_j20idgb wrote

Funny how Americans care about COVID all or a sudden.


jackthedipper18 t1_j22nb4i wrote

When trump wanted to do this, it was racist. What makes it acceptable now?


Fun-Translator1494 t1_j20gqzn wrote

Travel restrictions don’t work and the US already has endemic Covid proliferation.

What does work is wearing a mask in public indoor spaces and getting vaccinated.


tummy1o t1_j215y90 wrote

Should’ve already been put in place. This is ludicrous.


callmegecko t1_j2093eb wrote

Weird! Google says they only have ever had 1.91 million cases and 5,000 deaths! This can't be true

Edit: /s FFS


jch60 t1_j22q5so wrote

With their track record, I'm sure the Chinese government is fully transparent so we have nothing to worry about.


bobbertwest t1_j20h7mf wrote

Hello what are you waiting for


More-Bodybuilder-880 t1_j20ugln wrote

Probably because they said it was a racist policy in the past, prompting the whole Pelosi in ChinaTown thing...


MynameisJunie t1_j1zpvnr wrote

Please do! They started it all once, we don’t need it again. Only what is it really this time???


AvailableName9999 t1_j21ki84 wrote

Lol it never left. My child and I had covid last month. My friend has it right now. TONS of covid out here breh


mces97 t1_j2093y8 wrote

Ah yes, let's consider them. But let's wait a while until some new mutant strains of covid come here. Cause, we just love doing everything ass backwards. On the flip side, any mutants that got out, are out already. By the time we ever seem to take action it's already too late.

Best advise? Limit indoor activities, wear at least a kn95. Get your booster. Protect yourself. Cause no one else gonna.


SerinaL t1_j21o957 wrote

Why the H are we letting anyone in with Covid!?


isekai-cheeese t1_j21zibs wrote

we got enough covid over here no thanks


WolfThick t1_j20b4hx wrote

Consider what does that actually mean I'll think about it I'll get back to you I don't know yet well let me see. Not sure if this is 11th grade journalism or what they actually said.


manwithafrotto t1_j22ln9n wrote

China is stopping domestic flights due to covid but allowing a plane full of 50% positive cases to travel out of the country? Why is this?


RemmyGamez t1_j2e9y32 wrote

Didn't the world force them to drop their covid zero policies? Guess they kinda knew what was right for them.


DocHolidayiN t1_j207zo5 wrote

Knowing what we now know about the chinese govt and their handling/mishandling/outright lying about covid 19 to allow travel without restriction FROM china is suicidal.I can't (and you shouldn't)believe we are going to allow this to happen again.

I'm calling my congress critter and you should too. Trade and travel isn't a suicide pact.



Wedjat_88 t1_j2143zh wrote

Ready to suffer for two more years because of communist twats?


t-poke t1_j1z906j wrote

What's the point? COVID is in literally every country in the world.


felldestroyed t1_j1zf6yx wrote

The volume of new infections could trigger a much more deadly mutation that our vaccine is ineffective against. At least, that's what I assume.


Zeduca t1_j1zyijs wrote

Do you want more?


More-Bodybuilder-880 t1_j20s33l wrote

Its a racist policy against Asians.


Zeduca t1_j20ypxw wrote

Of course. Only PRC is allowed to restrict entry into country. It is a CCP system advantage.


Bigapple235 t1_j1z9ksa wrote

Damn politicians, always trying to politicize everything. They should care about the tens of thousands of gun deaths every year, the terrible crime rate, and the protection of the rights and interests of women and children.


NAGDABBITALL t1_j21gc75 wrote

Best to let a low-virulence variant spread immunity. Issue a notice to the elderly and otherwise compromised.


US_FixNotScrewitUp t1_j25mu3c wrote

I thought Biden said that this would be xenophobic.


dasherchan t1_j20yl5h wrote

This won't work . We were in the same situation before.


[deleted] t1_j1zchcy wrote