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Methylatedcobalamin OP t1_j1z6wui wrote

Still the same number of American pandemic deaths every week:



HardlyDecent t1_j1zlv2c wrote

Like, everyone: "But Americans have COVID fatigue..."

Smart people: "Um, better than Long-COVID chronic fatigue, brain fog, and heart failure, right? Masks and vaccines aren't hard."


mephi5to t1_j20alyo wrote

Not even Covid. For 2 covid years we haven’t had flue or cold. I am all for it.

Ppl should stop treating masks as “I am afraid” and do like Japanese - “I am wearing mask because IAM sick or feel under weather but have to travel so I am sorry and I protect you”


awe778 t1_j22g9qy wrote

That require 85%+ of Americans to treat America as something that they should take care of.

Given how some of them treat reality, that's not going to work.


Code2008 t1_j2079k1 wrote

Honestly, I welcome the sweet release of death.


[deleted] t1_j21jijf wrote



HardlyDecent t1_j223mnt wrote

I can't argue with you there friend. And I can make no argument in favor or opposed to Biden or Pelosi's mental or moral adequacy.