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bertiebasit t1_j1zsp6f wrote

I don’t understand China here, they are at the beginning of a massive Covid wave and they now start to allow international travel for its citizens?

Something very sinister about this decision.


thefanciestcat t1_j1ztv14 wrote

Make it look like everyone has the same problem to save face.


bertiebasit t1_j1zxzpc wrote

Well it’s simple, add the hurdles back to anyone who has been in China for the last 14 days


CaraDune01 t1_j203hs9 wrote

Exactly. Everything they’ve (“they” meaning the Chinese government) done since this started is “nothing to see here, everything’s under control” while things are on fire and very much not under control.


Divallo t1_j233hf1 wrote

It's more than just saving face.

China actively wants people around the world to die so that proportionately they don't lose power on the world stage by dragging everyone down.

It's basically premeditated mass murder.

And this isn't the first time. This is just iike 2020. China covered up covid even existing including arresting whistleblowers and then they told a bunch of lies and they played a leading role in spreading covid 19 conspiracy theories for good measure.


Zeduca t1_j1zyc7t wrote

Just like when it first started in WuHan. You could fly out of the country, but not to another Chinese city.


EbolaaPancakes t1_j20sud3 wrote

This literally happened in China in the beginning of the pandemic. People were getting sick, infection was spreading, they allowed international flights to continue but stopped domestic. In those early days, To question any of chinas decisions was considered xenophobic.


jo35 t1_j21v8i2 wrote

You’re not wrong. Certain politicians who are now in power, among the majority of Reddit, called it racist.


bertiebasit t1_j20tyvd wrote

It’s not xenophobic. A plane just landed in Italy from Chiba. 50% tested positive and then there are the rest of them that will be exposed on the flight.

It’s common sense to bring in controls.


myOpinion23 t1_j203dph wrote

Seems weird that china wants to start international travel again. Wouldnt be surprised if they had a crazy variant.


bertiebasit t1_j204g79 wrote

Are you suggesting they are sending over Covid 2.0 ?


[deleted] t1_j20hd5w wrote



TerribleGramber_Nazi t1_j20hqma wrote

There’s quite a difference with locking people in factories and to accommodate their zero covid policy to have zero policy for covid.

Honestly feels like Xi is being dramatic like a teenager and taking their hands off the wheel completely to prove a point after their driving was criticized. “You don’t like how I’m steering? Fine! If YoU ReAlLy dOnT wAnT mE tO StEeRThE CaR!”


bertiebasit t1_j20hrji wrote

Internally….why have they suddenly decided now is the time to send their people abroad?


mrbaryonyx t1_j20nrzo wrote

yeah there's no big conspiracy: we're just now seeing what happens when a country with an enormous population, and economic connections to every corner of the globe, gets sick. at a certain point, the only thing that can stop that shit from happening again is to go full authoritarian with the lockdowns, and not only does nobody outside of China want that for its citizens, its still not really working


throwaway_0x90 t1_j20m8ro wrote

> Redditors: Spend months saying China should lifted restrictions and to live with COVID and to give people freedom

Nobody said that. People said ***give them effective vaccines*** and then let them have freedom.