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mces97 t1_j209r31 wrote

Honestly, we can't do shit to stop the spread if we have global travel. Just one motherfucker slipping thru the cracks or a false negative means it's gonna spread. Covid started with patient zero. No way to contain it. Testing buys just a few weeks of time to prepare. Cats out of the bag and until we find better vaccines, or better treatment that truly is as easy as just pop some pills and you'll be fine, like antibiotics do (not saying use antibiotics obviously, just example), that's how covid "ends." It will be with us forever for try foreseeable future but at some point I do expect it to be something that we aren't afraid of anymore because treatment will stop it in it's tracks.


Prestigious_Main_364 t1_j23qv0t wrote

That and our bodies will progressively adapt to it. It’ll eventually descend into the same category as the flu in a few decades as people immune responses get better and better and fighting covid. It’s not the first time in human history that viruses essentially killed themselves over hundreds of years.