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tantramx t1_j20p5uo wrote

I seem to remember something like this in 2019 being called racist. I wonder what has changed.


Kryp_tic t1_j217b9k wrote

But democrats are considering it now so it's not racist.


HildemarTendler t1_j214ejk wrote

I'm quite perplexed by this comment. Are you naively asking why this is different today? Or are you cheekily drawing attention to how everything is actually very different now? I can easily read it both ways.


jackthedipper18 t1_j22p7uc wrote

Please explain how biden considering a travel ban on Chinese citizens is different than trump doing the same in 2019


HildemarTendler t1_j24mx6o wrote

Wow, you are you people who don't understand how this is different? If you need it explained, you have a lot of recent history to catch up on. That's not a reddit comment.


jackthedipper18 t1_j24prgq wrote

What? Trump wanted to do this and it was racist. Biden wants to do it and it's acceptable. What's the difference?


HildemarTendler t1_j24r5at wrote

Do you really think the only difference is that it was Trump then and its Biden now? I do not believe you are here in good faith.


jackthedipper18 t1_j24zcbn wrote

You think trump wanted to do it because racism but biden does the same thing and it's for the betterment of society? You are smoking crack

(Fyi I hate trump but the hypocrisy is astounding)


HildemarTendler t1_j256mb8 wrote

You're making baseless accusations and are wildly uniformed about the state of the world. Do you understand the current proposal is due to China's huge swing in covid cases? That's nothing like what Trump was doing.

But again, you're likely more aware of this since you have strong opinions and you're just arguing in bad faith.


jackthedipper18 t1_j25qw5l wrote

Are you trying to say China didn't have massive covid numbers when trump wanted the ban?


HildemarTendler t1_j25s76o wrote

Covid happened in early 2020. Trump's travel ban was in 2019 when he was instigating a trade war, not related to covid.


jackthedipper18 t1_j268r7i wrote

Hahah you have your facts wrong. Travel ban was 1/31/20 and covid became a known public issue at the end of 2019


HildemarTendler t1_j29g047 wrote

It's absolutely amazing how you've twisted things to pretend you're right.


jackthedipper18 t1_j2ael64 wrote

What have I said that's incorrect? You have yet to counter a single claim I have made except to say you think I'm here in bad faith. That's a lame excuse that people use when they have no rebuttal