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HermitKane t1_j0pzlf2 wrote

My family won’t be going to my towns menorah lighting tonight because it received threats, thanks to rampant antisemitism on Twitter. Fuck you Elon.


Co1dNight t1_j0q51ds wrote

You can't go anywhere nowadays without being possibly shot up or assaulted. Thanks to every one of the MAGA fuckheads.


fortwaltonbleach t1_j0qhoyb wrote

they simultaneously want you to believe that the left hates using guns and is also the cause of gun violence.


Toothlessdovahkin t1_j0q7tro wrote

Sorry. I hope that you have a Happy Hanukkah anyways, despite the haters. Stay safe!


alien_from_Europa t1_j0rd6gw wrote

My temple now has armed guards after threats were made. My mother even took the mezuzah off the front door side to our house.


milkboxshow t1_j0s6tma wrote

That's awful. The irony is that a mezuzah was traditionally supposed to protect the home. Stay strong.


hollywood_gus t1_j0q9hdk wrote

Ya, before Elon bought Twitter, nobody made threats against Jews.


YomiKuzuki t1_j0qawxz wrote

Entirely missing the point. Before "free speech absolutionist" elon took over twitter, threats like those would be reported and deleted. Elon is too busy chasing after mean tweets towards him and suspending journalists to actually deal with issues like these threats.


hollywood_gus t1_j0qba8j wrote

Ah, because if the tweets were removed then those people could just keep hiding their hatred. Makes sense.


YomiKuzuki t1_j0qby7h wrote

What? The point of removing them is to not give those views a platform. If they have that platform they can draw like minded people together, and more easily rile themselves up and get enough to support to make those threats credible.


fortwaltonbleach t1_j0qhzyr wrote

i think it's less about hiding, and more about giving any of these notions any credence.


HermitKane t1_j0q9on1 wrote

The threat was made on Twitter and it wasn’t removed. So yeah, fuck Elon.


hollywood_gus t1_j0qa5dd wrote

Heck I’m sure Elon had em do it!


HermitKane t1_j0qaspl wrote

Well he fired content moderation so… yeah he enabled it.


hollywood_gus t1_j0qb2gl wrote

Ya, before that threats never made it on to Twitter. For sure.


FM-101 t1_j0qryrg wrote

Correct, it was deleted because it had moderation.


AdonisAleus t1_j0qf6xt wrote

Plenty of people did, you can spot them at Trump rally's