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canuckcowgirl t1_j0q0k9d wrote

Elon is going to become another Howard Hughes.


pittme14 t1_j0qee3k wrote

Hughes actually did some cool shit on his own before going nuts. Elon was just rich, you don’t see Elon racing his cars or flying his rockets. Hughes was a record setting pilot.


mrpowers55 t1_j0r18lg wrote

I've drawing the Howard Hughs compression also, I don't think Elon has the same same condition but they're both crazy as hell. It feels like every day this week there has been some new controversial / insane policy change at twitter that contradicts his stance on free speech. I mean claiming to be a frees peach absolutist and then publicly banning journalist is seriously insane.

I feel like it's very possible Elon's in the middle of an episode and we're all just getting to witness it publicly while he's hyper focused on making twitter on making twitter more profitable,

My other theory is he's completely sane and just using all this media coverage as free marketing to drive up the twitters web traffic. Time will tell but now I'm leaning towards Elon being a Howard Hughes crazy genius.


Imadope_1960 t1_j0says0 wrote

Elon isn't close to Hughes. Hughes had great thoughts and ideas, a genius perhaps. Musk is an idiot pretending to be something else.


GlassWasteland t1_j0qccde wrote

I guess every generation has to have one. Elon is Gen-X's Howard Hughes.


officerfett t1_j0qh12x wrote

While Howard Hughes came from wealth, he actually invented things and truly innovated. Elon is just a mega rich incel troll.


Ok-Hunt6574 t1_j0qv0ao wrote

Don't forget a trust fund baby man who's money came from South African apartheid mining.


PinkyAnd t1_j0qtbup wrote

Become? My brother, he’s already there.


Sidthelid66 t1_j0qxhco wrote

It's the wave of the future, wave of the future, wave of the future, wave of the future, wave of the future.


Isthisworking2000 t1_j0swxz6 wrote

Howard Hughes was a pioneer, but most importantly, he wasn’t a box person in disguise.