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Lump-of-baryons t1_j0qezy3 wrote

Gotta love Elons little quip about also missing twice - the tired old trope about progressives not knowing how to use firearms. I think most of them would be very surprised about the reality. We just don’t make it part of our mfing personality.

What irks me more than anything is not his trolling it’s just that’s it’s so effing lazy, low effort, lowest common denominator trolling. Like far right uncle on Facebook sharing politics memes level trolling.


chernobyl169 t1_j0ql3y3 wrote

Dude, my far right uncle has way more sense than Elmo. You give him too much credit. At least Drunkle Lee has the good sense to not talk shit to the people that buy his alcohol until after the tab is settled.


muskratboy t1_j0radqr wrote

Plus the guy doesn’t say “shoot at” Elon twice, it says “put both in him” so “and miss twice” doesn’t make any sense. If they put two in him, they didn’t miss. You gotta coordinate your stupid nonsense with the other assholes, Elon.


Exelbirth t1_j0s8ssb wrote

If anything, I would expect us progressives to be a bit more proficient at firearm usage due to a tendency to do things like listening to directions and reading and following instructions, and learning from past experience. I personally don't go out shooting targets on a weekly basis, but my accuracy stays fairly good, presumably from paying attention and actually caring about learning how to do it right.