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Aspirin_Dispenser t1_j0rupyl wrote

I see what you’re saying, but anytime you have to use the words “technically” and “incest” in the same sentence, I think we can all agree that what’s being described shouldn’t be happening. Biologically, it’s not incest, but morally, it’s definitely incest.

As a side note, how fucking weird is it that “not technically incest” is the most popular porn category on the planet? The Venn diagram of people who think step-sex is wrong and people who jerk off to it must have a lot of overlap.


jennathedickins t1_j0rzp7f wrote

That's literally exactly what I said in both my comments, though. So I absolutely agree with you. I also think that's how she probably justifies her fucked up situation in her mind. She was clearly groomed as someone else mentioned and I wouldn't be at all surprised if in her mind she's convinced herself it's somehow ok and that she's not a victim in a super fucked up situation bc it's "not technically incest."

I can also add that I was sexually abused as a young child by my bio father and in my experience speaking with people who were abused as young kids or groomed to be abused at an older age, survivors usually have to come to terms with many different aspects of their situation and the ways they've been impacted or beliefs they held onto to cope. And one of those aspects is who abused us. Abuse is abuse, yet there's an added complexity when it's a family member or trusted adult. And I have often seen those abused by a stepparent or adopted parent rely on the lack of biological connection as a survival/coping mechanism. Yet for people abused by biological family there's an added stigma, whether in our own minds or in society - or both. It's an extremely complex thing to work through and process.

The porn thing is seriously disturbing. Like how fucked up are most people? Obviously I come from a different experience than many people but I just don't get it.