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BossOfTheGame t1_j0rxtw5 wrote

They're offended at their own idea of what a liberal is.

But to be fair, I may be projecting my own idea of what I think a conservative is. I don't think you'll see much of a difference when you compare the viewpoints as whole entities; at the risk of a platitude - there are outrageous and frankly unintelligent people on both sides, but what gives me confidence that I'm closer to the truth is that I will shine this critical light on my own viewpoint and that I'm actually trying to be fair in the first place.


chernobyl169 t1_j0sbs6e wrote

The difference is that there are hundreds of very loud, very prominent and very irritating self-proclaimed conservatives literally demonstrating the negative stereotype on the daily, yet there is rarely even a single individual that remotely resembles the caricature cast upon liberals.


BossOfTheGame t1_j0sx10i wrote

That feels true, but I wouldn't trust my gut on that without solid measurable evidence. I can design an experiment that would falsify my instinct. That's what it means to check your bias. Personally, I feel like not enough liberals (more generally, not enough people) do that.


chernobyl169 t1_j0sy96c wrote

If you feel the need to design an experiment, then you should do that. I already did and I am reporting my findings to you; I encourage you to falsify them.


BossOfTheGame t1_j0szptu wrote

Did you though? What was your method? Making observations? Did you make measurements? Did you make an effort to find your blind spots and search those as well?

You can say that you believe the anecdotal evidence you've observed is sufficient to come to a conclusion. But please, do not claim that you've designed an experiment. You (probably) haven't.

For what it's worth, I think you'd probably find that conservatives have more irrational protest behaviors than liberals, but then again, the trick is quantifying and measuring it.