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ujythrsgfdd t1_j0pz44d wrote

Yeah as a trans person that's called "Tuesday". Stop whining musk and stop getting your mom to tell teacher.


HermitKane t1_j0pzlf2 wrote

My family won’t be going to my towns menorah lighting tonight because it received threats, thanks to rampant antisemitism on Twitter. Fuck you Elon.


chernobyl169 t1_j0pzqn8 wrote


The tweet didn't threaten anyone, it was tasteless rhetoric, and it accused "the left" of being violent.

I swear you could pit the entire collection of Republicans against a basic logic quiz and the combined efforts of all of them would be incapable of yielding a passing grade.


mailmeoffers t1_j0q0c0b wrote

He’s adamant about his jet not being tracked because he’s concerned the flight log evidence will be used against him in a future pedophilia indictment.

A lot of people are saying….


canuckcowgirl t1_j0q0k9d wrote

Elon is going to become another Howard Hughes.


SlimChiply t1_j0q157m wrote

Can we get some more Elon Musk content?


Bitter-Orange-2583 t1_j0q1rs7 wrote

Ms. Musk obviously doesn’t know who Larry Elder actually is or who his followers are. Seriously, FFS.


Cold-Reflectionz t1_j0q1sob wrote

I cant figure out if the tweet was more funny, or the people trying to frame musk as a poor victim are.

Muskrats are the new qanon.


Spoonyyy t1_j0q1ys5 wrote

I thought just from the headline that his mom was making a meme of the office scene.


[deleted] t1_j0q2c3b wrote

I feel like they don’t realize that Larry Elder is a right winger.


TheValgus t1_j0q36hq wrote

Oh anything elon related he did pay to advertize?



Steelplate7 t1_j0q5g5u wrote

Imagine what an AR with multiple 30 round magazines can do to a school….then get back to me.


bucko_fazoo t1_j0q6cv4 wrote

none of them understood that it was a pro-Musk tweet?


NickDanger3di t1_j0q6f1h wrote

What's next? Elon's Dad sharing how he made yet more babies by Incest? Wtf is wrong with these people? I remember when you only saw shit like this on the Jerry Springer show.


AdoltTwittler t1_j0q6fbi wrote

They captured the license plate of the alleged stalker. Why didn't he just go to the police, they would know who it was in two seconds.


Co1dNight t1_j0q6l8w wrote

Helicopter parenting to the maximum.


WombatMcGeez t1_j0q6qrl wrote

Nobody needs to waste any bullets on Elon, he’s making himself irrelevant at a rate never before seen…


sockydraws t1_j0q7zii wrote

Elon has fully crawled up his own ass now.


Toothlessdovahkin t1_j0q8gp0 wrote

Only Elon gets to troll people, people don’t get to troll him! I am of the opinion that if you start throwing rocks at people’s house, you should probably expect some people to throw rocks back at you, and if you can’t handle that, don’t throw rocks at people!


DegenerateCharizard t1_j0q9p7h wrote

It’s funny bc he made a terribly worded jab at the left, unprompted, which included the depiction of her son walking alongside two not very fondly remembered historical figures & being hurt. That would understandably upset any parent. Even if it was being said, “in defense,” of her son.

But, all over her tweet are conservatives who LOVE & just absolutely cannot help themselves from explaining to her why she’s got it all wrong. That it’s actually a good thing being said. Calling her easily offended, and a number of other things that I, apparently, can’t say on this sub or else the comment gets removed lol. Verbatim, “this is how hateful the left is, Maye,” as they’re the only ones leaving rabid comments on that thread.


screechplank t1_j0qabdg wrote

Does anyone else think the guy who supposedly jumped on X"s car looks like Grime's brother Mac Boucher?


YomiKuzuki t1_j0qawxz wrote

Entirely missing the point. Before "free speech absolutionist" elon took over twitter, threats like those would be reported and deleted. Elon is too busy chasing after mean tweets towards him and suspending journalists to actually deal with issues like these threats.


Jman50k t1_j0qbpry wrote

God I wish Orson Welles was still alive. His movie about this shit would have been amazing.


YomiKuzuki t1_j0qby7h wrote

What? The point of removing them is to not give those views a platform. If they have that platform they can draw like minded people together, and more easily rile themselves up and get enough to support to make those threats credible.


Di20 t1_j0qd5e6 wrote

It would be so tragic if something terrible happened to Elon musk as a result of all of his antics and shenanigans.

It’s a shame how much his nonsense tweets have ruined the lives of young investors and tarnished reputations unnecessarily. If something does happen to him, we will all be sad. I’m sure.


OrganicPrinciple130 t1_j0qe02w wrote

Deadpool said y’all goanna have to share

“Deadpool: Okay guys, I only have twelve bullets, so you're all going to have to share!“


pittme14 t1_j0qee3k wrote

Hughes actually did some cool shit on his own before going nuts. Elon was just rich, you don’t see Elon racing his cars or flying his rockets. Hughes was a record setting pilot.


cdbutts t1_j0qevie wrote

There are no decent Republicans


Lump-of-baryons t1_j0qezy3 wrote

Gotta love Elons little quip about also missing twice - the tired old trope about progressives not knowing how to use firearms. I think most of them would be very surprised about the reality. We just don’t make it part of our mfing personality.

What irks me more than anything is not his trolling it’s just that’s it’s so effing lazy, low effort, lowest common denominator trolling. Like far right uncle on Facebook sharing politics memes level trolling.


iwantbutter t1_j0qi5d1 wrote

So wait, if these comments are being said to left figures, they're just practicing free speech, and need to accept that they're in the public eye. But if these comments are made to right figures, these are dangerous threats that need to be handled and investigated seriously?


chernobyl169 t1_j0qka97 wrote

It is a commonly quoted trope that bear proof trash cans are notoriously difficult to design - not because it is hard to prevent a bear from opening a trash can, but it is difficult to create one that a Republican still can operate.


chernobyl169 t1_j0ql3y3 wrote

Dude, my far right uncle has way more sense than Elmo. You give him too much credit. At least Drunkle Lee has the good sense to not talk shit to the people that buy his alcohol until after the tab is settled.


IHS1970 t1_j0qnleb wrote

I'm thrilled just thrilled that I closed my twitter account (which I only used maybe once a week to slam right wingers). This stuff is crazy, a right winger Elder is saying left wingers would do something terrible to E Musk rather than Hitler, actually when I think of it, it seems ludicrous.


Hot-Bint t1_j0qum2v wrote

Runs to his mama, huh? Big man can’t cope, yeah? Loser


mrpowers55 t1_j0r18lg wrote

I've drawing the Howard Hughs compression also, I don't think Elon has the same same condition but they're both crazy as hell. It feels like every day this week there has been some new controversial / insane policy change at twitter that contradicts his stance on free speech. I mean claiming to be a frees peach absolutist and then publicly banning journalist is seriously insane.

I feel like it's very possible Elon's in the middle of an episode and we're all just getting to witness it publicly while he's hyper focused on making twitter on making twitter more profitable,

My other theory is he's completely sane and just using all this media coverage as free marketing to drive up the twitters web traffic. Time will tell but now I'm leaning towards Elon being a Howard Hughes crazy genius.


muskratboy t1_j0radqr wrote

Plus the guy doesn’t say “shoot at” Elon twice, it says “put both in him” so “and miss twice” doesn’t make any sense. If they put two in him, they didn’t miss. You gotta coordinate your stupid nonsense with the other assholes, Elon.


jennathedickins t1_j0rm9p0 wrote

It's not incest from the point of biology is what I'm getting at. I'm not trying to negate how disturbing the situation is in any way whatsoever. The whole thing is super fucked up. Like you said - he raised her. She has no memories before he was her father. In my opinion the only way he could look at her in a sexual/romantic way is if he developed those feelings of her very early on. It's horrifying.


WonderWall_E t1_j0rnlif wrote

The takeaway here is that Maye Musk is a fucking moron.

A right winger made a thought (if you can call it that) exercise about a left winger posing a threat, and she reported it. I'm beginning to think that every member of the Musk family is trash.


Aspirin_Dispenser t1_j0rupyl wrote

I see what you’re saying, but anytime you have to use the words “technically” and “incest” in the same sentence, I think we can all agree that what’s being described shouldn’t be happening. Biologically, it’s not incest, but morally, it’s definitely incest.

As a side note, how fucking weird is it that “not technically incest” is the most popular porn category on the planet? The Venn diagram of people who think step-sex is wrong and people who jerk off to it must have a lot of overlap.


BossOfTheGame t1_j0rxtw5 wrote

They're offended at their own idea of what a liberal is.

But to be fair, I may be projecting my own idea of what I think a conservative is. I don't think you'll see much of a difference when you compare the viewpoints as whole entities; at the risk of a platitude - there are outrageous and frankly unintelligent people on both sides, but what gives me confidence that I'm closer to the truth is that I will shine this critical light on my own viewpoint and that I'm actually trying to be fair in the first place.


jennathedickins t1_j0rzp7f wrote

That's literally exactly what I said in both my comments, though. So I absolutely agree with you. I also think that's how she probably justifies her fucked up situation in her mind. She was clearly groomed as someone else mentioned and I wouldn't be at all surprised if in her mind she's convinced herself it's somehow ok and that she's not a victim in a super fucked up situation bc it's "not technically incest."

I can also add that I was sexually abused as a young child by my bio father and in my experience speaking with people who were abused as young kids or groomed to be abused at an older age, survivors usually have to come to terms with many different aspects of their situation and the ways they've been impacted or beliefs they held onto to cope. And one of those aspects is who abused us. Abuse is abuse, yet there's an added complexity when it's a family member or trusted adult. And I have often seen those abused by a stepparent or adopted parent rely on the lack of biological connection as a survival/coping mechanism. Yet for people abused by biological family there's an added stigma, whether in our own minds or in society - or both. It's an extremely complex thing to work through and process.

The porn thing is seriously disturbing. Like how fucked up are most people? Obviously I come from a different experience than many people but I just don't get it.


Mordred19 t1_j0s8ju7 wrote

oh Larry Elder posted it? and he was just saying "this is what a left wing person would do"

just more circle jerking and putting words and actions on the people you hate. I hear this on right wing radio all time. it's typical lazy, cowardly, propaganda.


Exelbirth t1_j0s8ssb wrote

If anything, I would expect us progressives to be a bit more proficient at firearm usage due to a tendency to do things like listening to directions and reading and following instructions, and learning from past experience. I personally don't go out shooting targets on a weekly basis, but my accuracy stays fairly good, presumably from paying attention and actually caring about learning how to do it right.


Mordred19 t1_j0s8vtb wrote

yeah, Larry was a coward who couldn't use the meme correctly because he'd have to say he'd shoot X person himself.

instead of asking the opinions of actual left wing people, it's just more "ooooh the left is soooooo triggered right now. they HATE this guy. the left is going CRAAAAZY. the left is saying they hate america!!! blah blah blah blah blah etc"


chernobyl169 t1_j0sbs6e wrote

The difference is that there are hundreds of very loud, very prominent and very irritating self-proclaimed conservatives literally demonstrating the negative stereotype on the daily, yet there is rarely even a single individual that remotely resembles the caricature cast upon liberals.


Sunflower_After_Dark t1_j0sfjl6 wrote

Does momma Musk understand what a cluster fuck her son has made out of Twitter? She’s gonna have to get thicker skin and learn that the real world isn’t the neat little apartheid arrangement she’s used to.


BossOfTheGame t1_j0sx10i wrote

That feels true, but I wouldn't trust my gut on that without solid measurable evidence. I can design an experiment that would falsify my instinct. That's what it means to check your bias. Personally, I feel like not enough liberals (more generally, not enough people) do that.


BossOfTheGame t1_j0szptu wrote

Did you though? What was your method? Making observations? Did you make measurements? Did you make an effort to find your blind spots and search those as well?

You can say that you believe the anecdotal evidence you've observed is sufficient to come to a conclusion. But please, do not claim that you've designed an experiment. You (probably) haven't.

For what it's worth, I think you'd probably find that conservatives have more irrational protest behaviors than liberals, but then again, the trick is quantifying and measuring it.


pixelblue1 t1_j0t5ho0 wrote

I dont have a twitter account, yet Im getting all these updates like Im on twitter. How do I turn off notifications for the world?


spoollyger t1_j0toeg9 wrote

I don’t understand why people are happy with the idea of someone being shot and killed


Taniwha_NZ t1_j0tvrrt wrote

If he actually gave a shit about not being tracked, he'd rent a different private jet for every trip, like the billionaires who do care about that stuff.

He's just being a cunt, as usual.


Dr_Edge_ATX t1_j0uibbt wrote

Besides being awful in general why are the rich always so involved with each other's lives? Dude's 51 and his mommy still makes comments about him.


QuietudeOfHeart t1_j0vhl4j wrote

Don't you love it when they inflame themselves? lol fucking idiots.


bigalcapone22 t1_j11t258 wrote

Stalker was an employee of his Prolly overworked and underpaid 😉