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ChairmaamMeow t1_iyy8fjv wrote

My childhood. RIP, he seemed like such a kind person.


Minifig81 t1_iyyb51m wrote

I met Bob in Minnesota during an American/National Puppeteers Festival one year and he was one of the kindest most gentle souls I've ever met. I'm going to miss him.


Imaginary_Medium t1_iz0s5h7 wrote

And he sang beautifully. I remember that most for some reason. I watched the show even when I was really a little too old for it, since I kind of had to raise myself. His kindness and love of music were inspiring. RIP.


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grizzdoog t1_iz3zr42 wrote

I couldn’t agree more. Bob seemed like such a nice person.


tuxedo_jack t1_iz5hoha wrote

Let's be honest.

We grew up with them, and no matter how shitty the people in our lives were, we always had these individuals as beacons of how we should act.

Now that we have the chance to be like them, we should - not just because they're aging, retiring, and dying, but because it's the right thing to do.