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Izzo t1_iz0eby4 wrote

A cash giveaway with no oversight? Who could have seen this massive fraud coming?


Prophet_Tehenhauin t1_iz0eocl wrote

'But it says on your card: "OVERSIGHT. No cash give aways" '

"Oh, that's a typo. It's suppose to read 'Oversight? NO! Cash Give Aways!"


meatierologee t1_iz0jdza wrote

I distinctly remember in early 2020 reddit saying it was more important to get the money out there than to qualify the recipients...


popquizmf t1_iz1bied wrote

It's difficult to say if anything on Reddit is organic or not. We know it's a manipulated platform, but to what degree...? Who knows, exactly.


finalremix t1_iz1lvze wrote

>We know it's a manipulated platform, but to what degree...?

When you can instantly take a -~50 point hit just for calling out a tshirt bot in a niche sub, the answer is "to an extreme degree, almost certainly."


PlayfulParamedic2626 t1_iz1ffxk wrote

We should’ve had a system already in place to distribute money to needy Americans in an emergency like every other western country.

But no


2cats4ever t1_iz0l2qd wrote

I assume this in addition to the American citizens who stole millions, including our very own members of Congress?


AggressiveSkywriting t1_iz12cgp wrote

But don't you dare forgive any student loans! That's wealth redistribution!


BruceRee33 t1_iz1ki3i wrote

I honestly don't get why some people are genuinely butt-hurt about the principle of student loan forgiveness. Would the same people believe so strongly in paying back their own debts if given a chance to get out from under it? I've always believed that it's better to wish well for people when a blessing comes their way, not sit there and cry about how it didn't happen to me lol


AggressiveSkywriting t1_iz1o2ne wrote

I think a lot of it boils down to a few things (these are viewpoints I've run across several times):

  • People not understanding just how predatory the rates are on student loans compared to, say, your mortgage or car payment. This leads to false comparisons and low hanging fruit talking points. My car payment was never going to balloon up into something insane. My home loan is linked to a tangible asset used literally every moment of my life for the next X years and I was fully aware of the "end price" I'd be paying when I signed the mortgage.

  • People who did not attend college who have felt or experienced being looked down on by the college educated. This is either them seeing people who have more privileged lives than themselves getting even MORE help OR this is them sticking it too the college grads (because we are cruel beings).

  • People who took out loans for college and were able to pay them off or recently paid them off lashing out in envy. "I had to sacrifice and do this, why not them? Their life should be as difficult as mine was."

  • People who don't get how taxes or govt budgets work and think they will see a line item on their tax bill that says "-Free Money for Pink Haired Girl With Art Degree"

Most of them don't realize that the loan forgiveness (and also reworking a broken tuition system) will benefit the economy itself, and thus themselves as well. They don't see that there are people who have it just as bad as them with this debt who are being crushed by it and can never discharge it. They just view them as competitors.


BruceRee33 t1_iz1yrwf wrote

Thank you for that reply, those are all very reasonable and great points.


Deathblo t1_iz23jsm wrote

If they payback student loans they better give all us poor fucks that had to work out of highschool a chance to go for free because that is some bullshit.


AggressiveSkywriting t1_iz2bc90 wrote

My state offers free 2 year college and it's a backward-ass state. 20 states so far have similar programs.

And remember something here: almost nobody who is getting forgiveness is getting "free college." Some of us have been paying on these loans for a LONG time. Some will still have 10-15 years more to pay on them even after 10k is taken off.

Plenty of people who went to college were "poor fucks" who had to work out highschool. My wife is one of those people. Plenty of people out there who took out loans but never finished college and are busting their asses working "poor fuck" jobs while ALSO having massive debt from the student loans that never amounted to any degree.

It's not quite the "free ride" you think it is.


Cfp0001-Iceman t1_iz3vi8s wrote

> People who did not attend college who have felt or experienced being looked down on by the college educated. This is either them seeing people who have more privileged lives than themselves getting even MORE help

This is it largely for me. I mean, I 100% get why it's a good thing, but once again it is just help for people who may not have actually needed it when there are solutions that still would have helped them and benefited the rest of us who never got that far.

So, sure, 100% forgive their loans, forgive all of it and give them their money back they already paid.

But for the love of god, don't fucking stop there. Don't forget those who couldn't afford to even go into more debt. Don't stop at loan forgiveness or otherwise I can understand why people think it's bullshit and all you look down on us for not liking it can go fuck yourselves.

We cant even get a $15 minimum wage and people want their college debt forgiven. Let's not even talk about how much more money a college grad makes over a high school grad. Pretty sure the majority of people making minimum wage didn't get a college degree or did while getting their degree. It's tough listening to this fight when we didn't even win the last one.


AggressiveSkywriting t1_iz4n05c wrote

> But for the love of god, don't fucking stop there.

Totally agree here. One of the problems is that the wealthy try to draw a stark class line between college workers and non college workers despite the salary difference being a lot closer than they are to the wealthy class. They pit the two groups against each other constantly in every media outlet with "Business" or "Money" in the name so we fight and never work towards bettering the workers together.

I have to pay a lot more in taxes now than I did when I was a struggling waiter for ten years, but I'm not gonna bitch about paying my due. I remember what it was like to stare at $80 in my bank account and decided which bill to pay first and which can slide. I want public services funded to help people. I want schools funded. If someone get to the point where they can let bills sit on autopay and not worry and they actively work against any govt benefits for those making less than them, well they can piss off.

What I am gonna bitch about are the wealthy fucks who do everything they can to pay less effective tax than the rest of us while also trying to dismantle said public services.


Crazy-Inspection-778 t1_iz2jtjd wrote

Those people would be paying for that blessing though, either through taxes or inflation. You don't understand how that might piss off someone who couldn't afford to go college or borrowed/paid back their loans responsibly?

Obviously the higher education system sucks and needs an overhaul. But the median balance is only around $20k. With 3+ years of no interest that should be more than manageable for most, if they actually prioritized it. Now I do support relief for those that fucked up royally and are drowning in 200k of loans for an art degree and a 40k income. They need a way out while our idiot government fixes this mess. But it should be based on DTI ratio- if you owe 30k and are an engineer making 90k, suck it up buttercup. We have a severe personal accountability crisis in this culture and this would exacerbate it even further.

College educated workers make more as a whole so you're basically asking poorer people to pay off a loan they didn't sign for so that someone else can have a higher income on the cheap.

I'm against blanket forgiveness because it would be a continuation of poorly thought out policies that got us here in the first place.

If the problem is fixed for future students first I’ll consider changing my stance. For now it appears to be nothing more than a carrot for political leverage.


[deleted] t1_iz0crpi wrote



bandit69 t1_iz0m7f1 wrote

A lot of large businesses and corporations got their "fair" share too.


evrien t1_iz0ljyy wrote

Only millions? Pfft let Wall Street show you how pro gamers do it


Foreign_Quality_9623 t1_iz0cw71 wrote

Well, that's the history we have had with the Chinese: what we don't just give to them, they steal. What did we expect?! This what criminal, bully governments do! Russians, North Korea, China ... many others. Now, understand please, I am NOT touting isolationism, but dealing with this sordid lot has risk we must mitigate. We can't 'war' with everybody we don't 'like,' but we can't allow bullies to push us around & steal us blind either!


DeNoodle t1_iz13v9a wrote

Reddit 2020: They need to do it!

Reddit 2022: They shouldn't have done it.


nullv t1_iz19e2z wrote

It's possible to both be in favor of covid relief and oversight of covid relief funds.


DeNoodle t1_iz1e76t wrote

I agree, and I think that's where most of us land, but there was a general sentiment in 2020 that proper due-diligence would get in the way of getting the money out in time to make a difference. There was always an assumption that there would be some amount of grift, but now with the realization that the grift was worse than expected, the general sentiment seems to be that it wasn't the wisest course of action.


Inner_University_848 t1_iz2kojs wrote

My wife (gross salary: 0$) and me looking at our 0$ grand total of Covid stimulus while scammers in Porsches that claimed multiple the Covid benefits of multiple businesses and/or people are doing donuts in parking lots around the city. Scamerica, land of the greed.


tikaani t1_iz2dqvz wrote

?$millions? homes were literally built by maxed out ppp loans given to farmers in my area. the fk out of here with $millions


willit1016 t1_iz6qbqh wrote

of course its china..... fuck em


International_Bat_87 t1_iz0j4ps wrote

Why give to Chinese government but not pay student loans?


[deleted] t1_iz1yycf wrote

Under the name "Hunter"