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ADarwinAward t1_j0dndb1 wrote

BBC has an article without a paywall for those curious.

One interesting thing I noticed:

> [Biden] said some files would be kept under wraps until June 2023 to protect against possible "identifiable harm".


nochinzilch t1_j0dxgen wrote

I am really curious why a six month delay would make any difference??

Or does this mean they just aren't done redacting them?


ADarwinAward t1_j0dxqw6 wrote

I had the same question. 70% of the documents they’re releasing are fully unredacted. Maybe they need to change how some documents are redacted. It’s unclear


CreativeMischief t1_j0f67yi wrote

It won’t make a difference. It’s just a way of kicking it down the road. It’ll be delayed again


LionHeart911 t1_j0hjxra wrote

If I remember correctly these files were set to release twice under trump but got pushed back and once already prior to this release under biden but he pushed them back citing the same or similar things. Hopefully they don’t get delayed yet again next year. My guess is the government had more knowledge or involvement in it then they want the general public to know


Desdam0na t1_j0fxt4h wrote

It is possible that some classified investigative tools/methods are on the way to being replaced w/ something new.


eks91 t1_j0hb8cg wrote

Who still alive from that period that they are protecting?


FindingMoi t1_j0j3vc6 wrote

Secret Service Agent Clint Hill comes to mind. He was in the motorcade, and is still very much alive (just released a new book he wrote).

Not that it’s protecting him, but there are still people directly involved who are living.


Nf1nk t1_j0n187c wrote

Odds are some of their kids are involved in politics and finding out that it really was this guys dad who shot JFK would be bad for their career chances.

Or not.


Tchrspest t1_j0dunsb wrote

My money's still on "his head just did that."


JBredditaccount t1_j0eynow wrote

One of the top 5 comedy films I've ever watched.

In no particular order:

The Wrong Guy

Naked Gun

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Hot Fuzz

(not sure about a fifth)


yawetag12 t1_j0eziht wrote

>(not sure about a fifth)

Ladybugs, starring Rodney Dangerfield?


tarekd19 t1_j0j8efi wrote

I was literally just thinking of this movie an hour ago for no fucking reason all. Get out of my head.


Tchrspest t1_j0ez4l3 wrote

I gotta tell you, I've never heard of The Wrong Guy before today, and I've been a JFK truther for well over a decade now. This is wild.


Doove t1_j0gqvpj wrote

Rush Hour and Role Models would make my list.


BioDriver t1_j0ds4by wrote

Those two male models on the grassy knoll will be sleeping soundly.


BIG-BAD-BEETLEBORG t1_j0e733j wrote

But why male models?


BioDriver t1_j0e9v9f wrote

Think about it, BIG-BAD-BEETLEBORG. Male models are genetically constructed to become assassins. They’re in peak physical condition. They can gain entry to the most secure places in the world. And most important of all, models don’t think for themselves - they do as they’re told.


A-very-old-dog t1_j0ebrgl wrote

Anyone else read 11/22/63 by Stephen King? Such a good book. Broke my heart repeatedly.


allegate t1_j0eouv4 wrote

Watched the show. There were typical Stephen King-isms that I was familiar with as a Constant Reader so I was a little surprised to see them make the leap from the page.

The rushed ending, for example. Granted it was a television show but it looked and sounded like a two-parter at least and instead it was crammed inside of one.


keskeskes1066 t1_j0g7kfg wrote

I loved the guy buying the hamburger meat for his restaurant at 1963 prices.


maohaze t1_j0eezwi wrote

Awful book. Took me an entire year to suffer through it. And I love Stephen King.


A-very-old-dog t1_j0frw86 wrote

You know, something I've noticed about King, and people who like King, is that he is super hit or miss even to the people that like him. Don't know why you're being downvoted for sharing an honest opinion. If you tell me your favorite King book I'll read it if I haven't already.

I think a lot of what I liked about this one is the concept of time itself being obstinate and resistant to change, and that changing something big might cause the universe to come flying apart at the seams. In most time travel you find people trying not to change anything because even the smallest change might have unforeseen consequences for the future. In this one, time itself is the monster, and this faceless, unknowable monster hates change. It'll screw up your whole entire day if you screw around too much.

I also liked the approach to time travel taken, here. No mad doctors, no fancy science, just an inexplicably weird thing. How does it work? It just does. Why? Fuckall if I know.


petit_cochon t1_j0imprh wrote

Yeah, I agree. I read it and thought, "Okay, I guess this is fine for King fans. The premise is interesting." I re-read it when I was bored on a plane and thought it was unbelievably bad. King cannot write women, for one thing. The ending was terrible and vague. It is dragged and dragged in parts. He has this unique ability to take an interesting idea and just beat it to death. It's like he and JJ Abrams have some sort of mind meld.


Glen_The_Eskimo t1_j0embo9 wrote

I couldn't finish it.


All_cheeki_n0_breeki t1_j0fk2x4 wrote

Honestly same and I'm pretty fond of most of his work

The world building was cool but I feel like the overall story and plot and how tmit played out was meh at best


youngmindoldbody t1_j0drzy5 wrote

so, they still insist it wasn't suicide


htgrower t1_j0ewap0 wrote

I think Jackie was the second shooter.


008Zulu t1_j0ds176 wrote

But he said some files would be kept under wraps until June 2023 to protect against possible "identifiable harm".

If Oswald was the assassin, who can they possibly be protecting?


Snaz5 t1_j0duagh wrote

Occams razor, it’s probably what ends up turning up with a lot of law enforcement today; some people were probably aware of Oswald’s plan/tendencies prior to the assassination, but didn’t act on it, not out of maliciousness, but out of or laziness or due to being frozen in bureaucracy.


dinosaurs_quietly t1_j0dwdeq wrote

Incompetent police. Personal details about others in the motorcade. Suspects that ended up being innocent but look bad.


ironroad18 t1_j0egawx wrote

The incompetence has already been duly noted.

  • At the time, there were no extensive federal laws, policies, or training for protecting federal officials and their families.

  • The Secret Service was very small. Had limited authorities and training. At the time they, really depended on their agents having previous law enforcement or military experience. See interview by retired Special Agent Clint Hill, who worked on details for President Eisenhower's family, and President Kennedy.

  • Dallas police tried to treat the assassination like a run of the mill murder investigation, and fought federal agents over Kennedy's body. Worse, they were completely unprepared for handling a high-profile incident and failed to guard Oswald adequately.

  • The FBI dragged it's feet on all parts of the investigation, and its director spent more time trying to undermine other agencies, departments, and government officials instead of enforcing the law.


SlashThingy t1_j0fepn8 wrote

It's not so much incompetence as it is just thinking you'll never need those things. It's like the massacre at the 1974 Olympics: Germany didn't have a special forces police unit, and the German army isn't allowed to operate on German soil, so they couldn't do anything to prevent it. They just didn't think they'd ever need something like that.

Naivety is perhaps a better word.


Flimsy-Sprinkles7331 t1_j0iab4n wrote

Makes you wonder what we will think of ourselves 60 years from now. What aren't we adequately prepared for in today's world?


nochinzilch t1_j0dxju4 wrote

What difference is 6 months going to make?


KinderSpirit t1_j0e8gih wrote

The files released today were the ones that were going to be released "in 6 months" in 2015.


Peachy33 t1_j0e2ubj wrote

Possibly hoping some involved will croak by then.


aqua_zesty_man t1_j0fdxtu wrote

Nobody likes their intellectual property slipping irretrievably into the public domain. /s


SirHerald t1_j0dwzgw wrote

"These files have been hidden for half a century. We should keep them huge another 6 months to be safe."

I'm curious what is so bad to not be released now, but fine in June.


britishguitar t1_j0e3j3d wrote

I suspect it's to give more time for consideration and consultation, with the potential for a further extension.


SirHerald t1_j0e5rr4 wrote

Some little thing is keeping them from taking care of this and now they need to get it and take care of it.

Now they need an odd couple sent in a mission filled with hyjinks to solve it.


keskeskes1066 t1_j0g89i9 wrote

I think they'll send a police duo of a grizzled vet who is "too old for this shit", and a wise-cracking precocious rookie who is trying to date the chief's daughter.


mymar101 t1_j0ebw88 wrote

It's cold right now, they might turn into snowdocs.


neatgeek83 t1_j0e7c9f wrote

CIA wants to turn remaining documents into NFTS.


Osniffable t1_j0efsv8 wrote

I like the theory put forward by the crazy loner in the movie The Wrong Guy. I believe he called his theory the "no gunman theory," and believed Kennedy's head "just did that."


atomboyd t1_j0fd93b wrote

My money is still on super hungover and incompetent junior secret service agent accidentally finished the job Oswald started.


DarkMorph18 t1_j0e8uyp wrote

I think it was just Oswald but the government actually enjoys conspiracy theories to help with counter intelligence. I bet a few spies had to be hidden and the more we wait the more the government wins!


julianriv t1_j0hlyij wrote

This. Remember this is Biden making the decision. What do Trump supporters love more than a good government cover up conspiracy theory? They will get so tied up with this they will forget about everything else. Even forget that Kennedy was a Democrat and they are supposed to hate democrats.


Blenderx06 t1_j0eclg1 wrote

What's Chandler Bing doing there?


surfmoss t1_j0ehpm1 wrote

remind me in a week when you got the sauce