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skilledwarman t1_j1vbh93 wrote

Having heat and power at home doesn't matter if you get stuck on the side of the highway


FunkyMonkss t1_j1vjhiw wrote

A higher percentage of people in NY were without heat and power than Texas though


holyerthanthou t1_j1w8tqa wrote

NY has hurricane force winds and over 40” of snow mixed with sub zero temps

And it was back up for most within a day despite this.

In Texas it got chilly


DapprDanMan t1_j1vhqhk wrote

Yeah at least in Buffalo we are safe in our homes, so long as our heat held out. Weren’t people literally freezing to death in their living rooms in Texas?

but sure enjoy that Texan Independence


Grouchy_Occasion2292 t1_j1vk0qy wrote

Or your homeless. But then again just proves our infrastructure doesn't work not systematically. We have so many homeless people because we don't help people stay at homes.