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commoncollector t1_j2e6m2g wrote

Abortions are not performed at 8 months unless the fetus is already dead or it will die shortly after birth, or it may kill the mother. Please go get educated on the subject before talking nonsense.


lightninggod3 t1_j2e763n wrote

Please understand I meant in the terms where 8 month abortion would NOT be allowed by the state and a doctor performs the abortion anyway. Please go get educated on reading before talking nonsense. Thanks.


ritzmachine t1_j2eov5h wrote

Why are you so obsessed with a scenario that has never happened and never would? You need to educate yourself about the development of the human fetus, and how pregnancy is handled at different stages. No medical professional is going to remove an 8 month fetus unless the mother's life is in danger, or it's being born early. In that case they would keep the new born baby in the hospital until they are sure it's healthy.

Your "What if?" is nonsense, because it would never happen and you can't seem to comprehend why.


lightninggod3 t1_j2ep0q4 wrote

I'm obsessed? Lmao what. Go touch grass


ritzmachine t1_j2es5z4 wrote

Yes, you are. You have replied in the double digits arguing with people over this, while completely ignoring how illogical everyone is telling you it is. You're obsessed because you can't let this nonsense scenario go. You're so stuck on some "8 month abortion" which has never happened.

And when showed that it doesn't make any sense, you reply the way you just did to me. "touch grass". Alright. You're still obsessed and wrong.