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meekaANDmochi t1_j2e8er2 wrote

Why are you so focused on something that literally doesn’t happen?


lightninggod3 t1_j2e8q58 wrote

Why are you so focused on the idea of letting a doctor who kills a healthy fetus at 8 months go without being charged? Thanks.


meekaANDmochi t1_j2e8wom wrote

It’s a stupid argument because it’s not a thing based in reality! It does not happen! You’re worked up over something that is not real. Go ahead, try to find ONE instance of a doctor performing an abortion on a healthy fetus at 8 months in Arizona. YOU CANT BECAUSE ITS NOT REAL.


lightninggod3 t1_j2e9bjo wrote

You're the one getting worked up... Not real? It is something that could happen and if that happened I would want the doctor to be charged. The post says, "Abortion doctors can’t be charged under Arizona". I would want such a doctor charged if they kill a healthy fetus at 8 months. Thanks


meekaANDmochi t1_j2e9r41 wrote

Try reading beyond the headline and maybe your pea brain will be able to comprehend.


lightninggod3 t1_j2e9wxz wrote

The headline is wrong is my entire point. Maybe your small brain will comprehend that


meekaANDmochi t1_j2eambo wrote

Yeah I’m sure 😂 that’s why your original comment I replied to said nothing about the headline and then you continued to double down on why an abortion at 8 months is wrong.


lightninggod3 t1_j2eb4jg wrote

Okay... And? The post says, "Abortion doctors can’t be charged under Arizona law". The post is wrong precisely due to the fact that said "abortion doctors" can be charged in a case where a healthy fetus is killed after the 15-week point


meekaANDmochi t1_j2ebzl7 wrote

The “post” is more than a headline. There’s an entire article attached to it. If you read the article as intended instead of hyperfocusing on the title, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Regardless, you never mentioned the article once before being called out on not reading it. You’ve been fighting about 8 month abortions this entire time.


CmdrShepard831 t1_j2fblkh wrote

God I am just sitting here wondering what this guy is like in real life. It's like you're talking to a door or a lamp except both of those things have practical benefits.


soldforaspaceship t1_j2ea3eo wrote

Absolutely. I'm completely OK with deciding that in a hypothetical case that has never happened we can hold the doctor accountable. Feel better?