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Kurshuk t1_j1hac5b wrote

You're taking about a populace that decimated toilet paper at the slightest bump in the road. If something really breaks they're not making it.


Soronir t1_j1ibdn5 wrote

Technically anyone that stockpiled enough toilet paper and hand sanitizer had something to burn for warmth.


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burningcpuwastaken t1_j1himw9 wrote

You're probably being downvoted because your comment is about as useless as someone from the US criticizing European states for not having air conditioning as standard.


Kurshuk t1_j1hb4n4 wrote

Well? It is the Internet. It's easy to be loud and wrong. Sometimes I think it's good because it gives people space to practice social engineering but that attitude afield tends to make some issues. You can keep pretending you're right on the internet, but when you're shitting yourself because the water seemed clean the only person you're trying to convince is yourself.


Emotional-Hunt-5000 t1_j1hbnas wrote

I wanted to yell and say OUR WATER IS CLEAN! But I don't live to far from flint michigan so I'll just go away now


Kurshuk t1_j1hcdz8 wrote

Nah, not suggesting municipal water is unsafe, the pretty vast majority is pretty good. Just saying people who live in the internet tend to do poorly doing things like backpacking. I've watched people just go rub raw water from the stream in their eyes and cup their hands to drink a bunch. Watched a lot of people with a high standard of living suffer doing outdoors stuff over the years.


sonic_tower t1_j1hbyu2 wrote

American here.

You would think all the "preppers" would be ready for a snow storm. But they were too busy buying guns and researching bunker mansions online.

You can't shoot your way out of cold weather. A real prepper would have traded their guns for blankets, firewood, and potatoes.


mOdQuArK t1_j1jwxd4 wrote

> A real prepper would have traded their guns for blankets, firewood, and potatoes.

And lots of hard liquor - better than gold in an apocalyptic situation :-)


thetasigma_1355 t1_j1hue40 wrote

If you live in rural Maine where outages could be days? Sure.

But the large large majority of people do not need a second source of heat. Why should a hundred million people spend money on secondary sources of heat they won’t need?

There are way more people who need primary sources of AC for heatwaves than need a secondary source of heat.


ParticularRiver8064 t1_j1iz87z wrote

Lighting a fire inside an unventilated house is extremely dangerous. A lot of houses and especially apartments just aren’t built for that, and it is too expensive to retrofit them. A lot of deaths due to power outages are due to people lighting fires inside to keep warm.


MortimerDongle t1_j1igokd wrote

Fireplaces (wood or gas) are already pretty common in the northeast. It's usually not enough to make an entire house comfortable, but it can keep your pipes from freezing.


autotelica t1_j1i2cep wrote

I do not have a fireplace, a heating oil tank, or a propane heater for my house. And thank goodness for that, because these things would all be wasted on me. My power hasn't gone out for longer than 15 minutes in the 7 years I have lived here.

If my power went out right now, I would just pull out my old kerosene heater and go get some kerosene. And crack a window.


CuttingTheMustard t1_j1i4pqb wrote

For what it’s worth - don’t expect anyone to have kerosene in stock if that happens. Normally sold out the day before a big freeze.


autotelica t1_j1i53ux wrote

I guess in that case I would find a hotel or Air BnB.