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mant12 t1_j1hpx7h wrote

Wood stoves have always been common in Maine, might see more generators but the issue with those is cost. This has been a problem in Maine as long as I’ve been alive. Heavily wooded landscape does not bode well when there are high winds or lots of snow.


SadElkBoy t1_j1idg0q wrote

Yeah southeast Idaho doesn’t seem to have the same issues with widespread outages, but a big part of that is that the snake River plain doesn’t have a ton of trees


jdjvbtjbkgvb t1_j1jto2d wrote

Free idea for the people in charge: dig the power wires underground


fragnoli t1_j1juh75 wrote

They do, but it’s a lot of extra work to secure them properly. Lots of concrete and need special (more expensive) wire. Then something eventually happens, but they have no way to track down exactly where the issue is. It ends up being cheaper to run new poles and lines over the underground ones than to fix.


jdjvbtjbkgvb t1_j1jz3tb wrote

Sure, I quess it's more expensive to do it, until you count all the death and destruction you get with the cheap option.


pzerr t1_j1l9rjt wrote

Not really. Say it would cost a trillion dollars to bury them all. Put that money towards new hospitals and you would save factors more people.


jdjvbtjbkgvb t1_j1laf9k wrote

Until the hospitals run out of power... What kind of comparison is that?


pzerr t1_j1lbb26 wrote

Hospitals have generators. Nearly every one of them.


jdjvbtjbkgvb t1_j1lbt33 wrote

Yes I agree you need hospitals. You also need reliable power infrastrucrure. You can put part of it underground, some parts overground, make back-up lines. Reliable power infra is possible to achieve. And you do not have to give up your hospitals.Yet you do not seem to want changes to the infrastructure? I am at a loss.

I am quessing that 1) the infrastructure is actually privatized 2) even the hospitals you speak of are privatized. And in that case, sure, you can just calmly count the dollars and say stuff like that. Hospitals have generators...


pzerr t1_j1mhjs3 wrote

Anything is possible to change with enough money and labor. What industries do you take that labor from that doesn't hurt us in other ways?