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SharpieBass t1_j0veykt wrote

He wants a private jail cell/room in a Bahamas prison. LOL.


The-loon t1_j0w2cpx wrote

His parents have said they want to speak to the jail manager about this immediately.



RandomChurn t1_j0w1b2d wrote

Last week his Stanford law-professor parents requested he be served vegan meals and be given his ADD meds 🙄


OregonIT t1_j0w4fq0 wrote

okay, I mean....that actually kinda seems reasonable if he is religiously vegan, and the meds bit for sure nothing wrong with giving a mental disability like adhd proper medication, you would not deny a limping person a crutch/cane.


RandomChurn t1_j0w58di wrote

In a US prison, possibly. In one of the world's most notorious jails? Beyond unlikely


bad13wolf t1_j0wfhaj wrote

You would be surprised, or not. It typically takes a really long time for your prescribed meds to be approved so you can take them while in jail. Not sure about the prison process but I know plenty who it either took like a month or didn't happen at all. Medical wings in jails are stretched so thin because of opoid addiction that they keep detoxing patients in separate units until they're either bailed out or "done" detoxing and moved. And no, you don't get any help for that either.


tjkrtjkr t1_j0wcpl7 wrote

Just curious why someone would need ADHD meds in jail at all?

Edit: I have ADHD and take medicine for it daily. Why would someone in prison need to focus intently on anything? Keep downvoting clowns, sbf should be treated like every other prisoner no Adderall.


jade09060102 t1_j0wdo11 wrote

ADD can be associated with impulsive behaviors. That’s not something compatible with prison


tjkrtjkr t1_j0welx6 wrote

I have ADHD, and am medicated for it daily. Why does someone in jail need to focus, or limit "impulsive" behaviors?

Edit: Bring on the downvotes, I could care less. I hope this fraud sweats through his withdrawals.


jade09060102 t1_j0wfpyb wrote

I’m also medicated for ADHD. Even on days when I’m not working, I take my meds. They help me with curbing binge eating behaviours, over talking in social situations, fidgeting etc. overall improve my day to day life significantly. I think the effect of ADHD medication differ quite a bit from person to person.

When SBF eventually serve his sentence (which he will :P), he will be expected to work in prison. If he’s truly diagnosed with ADHD, medication will help him perform his prison duty.


tjkrtjkr t1_j0wh1m8 wrote

I agree, effects do differ from person to person. When you go to prison/jail though, you give up your right to these helpful medications. Why should sbf be treated differently than any other prisoner there?

Edit: Yet again, prisons don't allow stimulant medications, period. When he goes to prison, he most certainly will not be treated any differently than other prisoners, and he won't have stimulants.


epcd t1_j0xgroo wrote

According to the current medications guidance document for federal prison inmates, Federal Bureau of Prisons Health Services: National Formulary, Part I (16 May 2019), adult ADHD medications—atomoxetine (Strattera®), methylphenidate (Ritalin®), amphetamine/dextroamphetamine (Adderall®/Dexedrine®)—can be prescribed and administered.

Since ADHD drugs are classified as controlled substances, inmates cannot personally possess or self-administer these types of medications. Instead, “a single dose of medication is administered [to the inmate] at Pill Line by a qualified employee, and that dose is consumed in the presence of the employee.”


tjkrtjkr t1_j0xkyn9 wrote

Stimulants being the last option in their strategy, I stand corrected. Read the link I posted and you'll see they're a last resort due to abuse potential.


epcd t1_j0xqxex wrote

I was aware of this, per the BOPHS Nat’l Formulary. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing a BOP link specific for ADHD treatments and medications (and may none of us, clad in unfashionable orange, ever have to queue up in a penal pill line).


tjkrtjkr t1_j0xs5tn wrote

Thank you for sharing your link as well, and agreed!


jade09060102 t1_j0wlo6m wrote

If that’s prison policy then idk. Never been to prison…


tjkrtjkr t1_j0wnkg2 wrote

Neither have I. ADHD can be treated with medications/therapies other than stimulants. While they do help, they're not a cure-all. Not sure why people are insisting he NEEDS his Adderall.


TheShadowKick t1_j0z011m wrote

Not sure why you're so opposed to someone getting their medication.


tjkrtjkr t1_j0zk3xb wrote

Not sure why people are acting like Adderall is comparable to Insulin. Ask an average person if they're given their Adderall while in jail.


TheShadowKick t1_j12arh8 wrote

> Ask an average person if they're given their Adderall while in jail.

If it's prescribed by a doctor then the answer should absolutely be yes.


tjkrtjkr t1_j12beqb wrote

You fail to realize the risk factors with prescribing a Schedule 2 medication in a correctional setting.


TheShadowKick t1_j12cu11 wrote

People should have access to their medications. That's just a basic moral requirement.


tjkrtjkr t1_j12e584 wrote

Yet again, it's a scheduled medication with high abuse potential. If you feel so strongly about it, go petition the BOP for that category of medications to be used as front line treatments.

Edit: To add to this, he was using multiple medications that are questionable together while FTX was defrauding it's investors. I'd love to know from the many commenters about how this helped his "impulsivity" in the slightest. Seriously insane thought process.


abfanhunter t1_j0wlxih wrote

Reddit is a joke half the time.


tjkrtjkr t1_j0wnnbi wrote

Agreed. I'll stand by my point though, who cares about fake internet points.


2SP00KY4ME t1_j0yiifq wrote

Focus intently? More like function. Sounds like you're damn lucky with your ADHD, some of us don't get to live like you.


tjkrtjkr t1_j0zl27w wrote

Does someone literally need Adderall to live? Will they die without it? Again, not sure why people insist on this guy having Adderall in jail.


2SP00KY4ME t1_j11uroc wrote

Is "literally will die without it" your standard for medical care? Jesus christ, I'm glad you're not in charge of anyone. While you're at it you should be arguing that imprisoned diabetics should have their insulin cut to just above survival level.


tjkrtjkr t1_j12b0k7 wrote

You're talking about a controlled substance, in a jail where an average person won't get that treatment. But go ahead, keep making it seem like ADHD is some life threatening condition where he needs his Adderall. God forbid he gets prescribed a medication that's not a stimulant, y'all would have a hissy fit.


2SP00KY4ME t1_j1adykv wrote

>God forbid he gets prescribed a medication that's not a stimulant

Lmao where did that even come from, you're just inserting opinions now. I also like how you continued to insist I claimed it's life threatening specifically after I told you that shouldn't be the bar. Read much?


tjkrtjkr t1_j1bkz5f wrote

The way you talked about his prescription and needing it, yeah. He's prescribed Adderall a controlled medication, and yet y'all are saying he deserves to have it. Also, we were specifically talking about his prescription to Adderall, unless you've changed your tune on that. Nah bro, he lost that right when he defrauded all those investors.


PointOfFingers t1_j0w4m1a wrote

I feel like he should be permanently off his ADD meds so he never has enough focus to start up another Ponzi scheme.


HappierShibe t1_j0wxjn3 wrote

He wasn't just on prescribed meds, it sounds like he was on a truly wild cocktail of nueros, including several that are known to cause irrational risk seeking behavior, and dramatically increased susceptibility to gambling addiction.


valiantthorsintern t1_j0x8ql8 wrote

If his meds are lit, you must acquit!


beipphine t1_j0xhepi wrote

You joke, but Intoxication is a defense that is available. The defendant can claim that his compromised mental state prevented him from forming the necessary mens rea. The lawyers could argue that he did not have the specific intent to commit the crimes he has been accused of because he lacked the state of mind necessary.


IANAL and this is not legal advice.


mtarascio t1_j0y1bmi wrote

Not sure why you're being downvoted. It is a legitimate defence.

Unfortunately the cocktail he ended up on was likely shopped around or just acquired illegally in the first place.


Aghast_Cornichon t1_j0zv5u5 wrote

Usually, unintentional intoxication. In my jdx we sentenced a guy to death for a multiple murder and arson that I am sure he really has no memory of because of the handle of vodka he drank first.

There may be a "Ritalin defense" attempt but it's exceptionally difficult to claim involuntary impairment over years of conspiratorial conduct.


[deleted] t1_j0xu0i9 wrote



2SP00KY4ME t1_j0yim7k wrote

Actually, Adderall does the opposite. Sounds like you're just talking out of your butt.


Aghast_Cornichon t1_j0zsjv6 wrote

What's the basis for that reporting ?

If from SBF himself, you should be prepared to be skeptical.


HappierShibe t1_j1512mp wrote

He regularly posted or streamed his workspace/desk, complete with scrips bottles and boxes, with text and dosing clearly legible. It also falls in line with what some of his coworkers and house mates said about him.
A degree of skepticism is definitely warranted, but all of it predates the shit hitting the fan.


Aghast_Cornichon t1_j15jefm wrote

Interesting, thanks !

Not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect is available as an affirmative defense in Federal criminal charges, but probably not in the inevitable civil lawsuits.

I would expect that this sort of argument would be most useful as a mitigating factor in the sentencing calculation.

Get ready for jurors to be dismissed because they have a lazy nephew who takes Ritalin.


Squirmingbaby t1_j0wj5bm wrote

Was he being given his add meds when he blew through several billion dollars of investor money?


LU90 t1_j0wsmh0 wrote

He had switched to cocaine during this time.


WebHead1287 t1_j0xgckk wrote

Same thing really


Letmeaddtothis t1_j0xzaai wrote

You are thinking of Meth-amphetamine that is a close relative to Amphetamine (ADD meds). Not the same though. Cocaine though a stimulant is a totally different chemically.


XLV-V2 t1_j0xathm wrote

Why shouldn't he? We give special accommodations to religious sects and those on medications. Fuck, being in prison in the US, you get better medical treatment alot of time compared to people outside of jail in the same economic standing.


RandomChurn t1_j0yjvt4 wrote

And probably he will get some sort of accommodation once he is extradited to the US -- which is why after four days in the Bahamian prison he did a 180 on contesting expedition.

My point was remarking upon the naïveté of his parents, thinking for one minute that he'd have a hope of getting those accommodations in one of the world's most notoriously awful prisons, or that he'd be allowed bail / home confinement in the Bahamas because they could not accommodate his needs


Squidimus t1_j0wae24 wrote

He already got one when he got moved to their medical wing. It's right there in the article.


Patruck9 t1_j0wtu73 wrote

He wants the Martha Stewart treatment.

He's gonna get the Madoff treatment.


Aghast_Cornichon t1_j0zra0o wrote

He wants the Epstein treatment (2008).

He's going to get the Epstein treatment (2019).


Lemons81 t1_j0ybobl wrote

His parents want to donate $150 million to the jail manager.


mtarascio t1_j0vg2nd wrote

The article doesn't give an example of any 'chaos'.


plunki t1_j0vm3uc wrote

Did you not read what suit he was wearing?!?! Chaos!!!!!


Fuckedby2FA t1_j0xdrvq wrote

No tie?! Open too button?! What is he trying to do?!


Eeeegah t1_j0vhg9b wrote

Does it even tell us if he ended the extradition fight? If so, I missed it.


[deleted] t1_j0vqxtd wrote



LiquidAether t1_j0xh819 wrote

> “Throughout my involvement with Sam, he has indicated an overwhelming desire to put the customers right and make the customers whole,” Mr. Roberts said.

"Just give me another billion dollars and I'll win it all back, I swear!"


mtarascio t1_j0vi6jt wrote

It says he plans to turn himself in but offers no details on the mechanism or timeline for that.


My_G_Alt t1_j0wrxd7 wrote

Shows his hair in the thumbnail right there


QuintoBlanco t1_j0yck7z wrote

>He had been expected to waive his right to an extradition hearing on Monday morning, but in court demanded to see a copy of his federal indictment
>“I did not request him to be here this morning,” the attorney said. Franklyn Williams KC, the Bahamian prosecutor, said that he “understood that [Bankman-Fried] intended to waive extradition,

That would be chaos. Chaos: a state of utter confusion and/or disorder.

It is very unusual that it is unclear why somebody is in court and even more unusual that it is unclear who requested a court hearing.


wander9077 OP t1_j0vdhuq wrote

"FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is heading back to Bahamas jail.

He had been expected to waive his right to an extradition hearing on Monday morning, but in court demanded to see a copy of his federal indictment, with his defense attorney expressing “shock” at the proceedings.

Bankman-Fried, dressed in a blue suit and white button down, was visibly shaking, and his defense attorney told the court that he was “shocked” that Bankman-Fried was in court."

"Medical care in particular is spotty at the Bahamian prison, the report said. The former billionaire was transported from one of his several multi-million dollar penthouse homes to the prison last week — though Bankman-Fried was entitled to his own room in the medical wing, Bloomberg reported."


BoldestKobold t1_j0vvqng wrote

> "Medical care in particular is spotty at the Bahamian prison, the report said. The former billionaire was transported from one of his several multi-million dollar penthouse homes to the prison last week — though Bankman-Fried was entitled to his own room in the medical wing, Bloomberg reported."

I'm always impressed how many white collar criminals immediately seem to develop medical conditions that demand special treatment the instant they are facing consequences for their actions. Meanwhile poor defendants die on jailhouse floors after being left paralyzed for days.


celtic1888 t1_j0vxza0 wrote

We’ll see him pushing himself in a walker soon enough

Too bad he can’t get pregnant for jury sympathy like Holmes did


KennanFan t1_j0ymmhx wrote

While he was still free, he should have tried walking around town in a bath robe while muttering nonsense to himself like a Mafia boss who knows he's about to be indicted.


dopef123 t1_j0w2a6d wrote

Well if you watch interviews with SBF he is shaking in all of them and pictures of his desk had prescriptions on them.

I do believe he has some anxiety, depression, ADD issues. But obviously those aren’t serious medical conditions that are going to kill you overnight


milkandbutta t1_j0wavq5 wrote

>those aren't serious medical conditions

They can be and are for many millions of people. At the same time,

>that are going to kill you overnight

this is simultaneously accurate. We don't need to diminish the significance of mental health issues writ large to accurately describe the immediate potential lethality if left untreated or under-treated in the short term.


dopef123 t1_j0wj5sj wrote

They’re serious but also probably issues basically every prisoner has. So I’m not sure how he plans to get any preferential treatment with them


milkandbutta t1_j0wmp2k wrote

Certainly, and I'm not taking issue with that aspect. Mostly at the language choice that minimizes the significance of mental health issues, intentional or otherwise


dopef123 t1_j0xskog wrote

I have depression and anxiety and they definitely ruined my life haha. So I think maybe I just didn't write things out clearly.

Although I've seemed to have gotten over both mostly finally. Took like 20 years though


theoriginalstarwars t1_j0w1zrt wrote

He wasn't in the hospital before jail. He doesn't deserve a private room in the prison hospital wing.


vasion123 t1_j0w600t wrote

If he was taking drugs, prescription or otherwise and now he can't get access to them he could be going through some heavy withdrawals.


Mugsyjones t1_j0vi6o4 wrote

Shaking in court? I think that’s called withdrawal 🤷🏻‍♂️


heliogt2 t1_j0x9jpb wrote

From twitter


TheCatapult t1_j0y5n9l wrote

Or the bizarre 10-nerd toxic “work” environment sex pile he was involved in at the penthouse.


BruceRee33 t1_j0w0uc4 wrote

Not that I feel sorry for this guy at all, but I'm now even more numb to any complaints (even valid ones) he has about conditions when you read shit like this, he "was transported from one of his several multimillion dollar penthouses to the prison last week." Welcome to the real world dickhead lol.


brookdacook t1_j0y9gqm wrote

Lol at worse he's going to club fed. prison for the rich. Ain't no way with that money they will throw him in a regular jail. So consequence sure. Not the same consequences wed have tho.


jnrdingo t1_j0yjasw wrote

He's pissed off a lot of people richer than him.

I wouldn't be surprised if we have a report in 18 months time that his asshole is now the size of a 3 inch downpipe


brookdacook t1_j0ykc50 wrote

eh, true, be intresting if money to see if the money he offers is more enticing then the money other people offer to fuck him.


jnrdingo t1_j0ykf86 wrote

He has no money.

What ever he has is being liquidated under bankruptcy.


bekilledoff t1_j0ve0sv wrote

is there some significance to his suit? I don't understand why it's mentioned at all


LaddyPup t1_j0ves06 wrote

Probably because he normally dresses like a student on laundry day. Lol.


bekilledoff t1_j0vfq7j wrote

ah ok. i have not followed the story, just a name in headlines lately


goodDayM t1_j0vky0o wrote

This is typically how Sam Bankman-Fried usually dresses:


TheFan88 t1_j0w0hr7 wrote

Who would trust their savings to that? That’s my question.


HiderDK t1_j0w46ch wrote

If you wanna invest in a small tech-startup in their seed round. Yeh maybe the founder being an upper-geek that doesn't care about appearance but rather just want to code 16 hours a day on the project isn't a bad thing (at least preferably over all talk fancy-ass dressers).

But at some scale it indicates unprofessionalism and unreliability.


pomaj46809 t1_j0zmh2s wrote

I remember a consultant giving a lecture about consulting and he said one of the things that become important is to dress to meet expectations.

If you're a creative consultant, dress creatively. If you're a business consultant, dress for business.

It's part of his act, he dresses casually to signal that he doesn't care about the traditional way of doing things. He dresses poorly because people expect it of the tech nerd.

He's dressed up in court because he's not stupid and isn't going to piss off the court.


wingfan1469 t1_j0womlq wrote

>Bankman-Fried faces life in federal prison, without the possibility of supervised release, if convicted on just one of eight offenses that prosecutors have charged him with.
His sentence could be reduced by mitigating factors. Trial lawyers and former prosecutors say that, in practice, many white-collar defendants are given lesser sentences than what the guidelines dictate. So, even in large fraud cases, you can see life sentences drastically reduced.

Maybe a deterrent for future ”large fraud cases” would be to abolish this practice.


Pousinette t1_j0wczfs wrote

Looks like he was visibly shaking in court. Shit just got real for him.


Mugsyjones t1_j0wy0a0 wrote

Apparently the dildo of consequences has not yet arrived.


Carmine-Raguzza t1_j0y0tlk wrote

I’m so going to use that next time someone fails to their job and gets fired


TheGrandExquisitor t1_j0x66qb wrote

For someone who has parents who are both law professors, this guy seems to be getting super shitty legal advice.


dusktreader t1_j0y4qgu wrote

I think it isn't the advice he's getting... it's the advice he isn't taking.


joecool42069 t1_j0wxcf1 wrote

He did his crimes in Bahamas. He can stay in their prison. In fact, let's start a go fund me for the Bahamas government to keep him.


butter00pecan t1_j0xrq1s wrote

I think he's shaking because life got real for him all of a sudden, his disingenuous "aw shucks I messed up and I'm sooo sorry and it wasn't my fault anyway" isn't working for him now as it probably did with his parents during his childhood, and he's had a brief taste of what life in a regular prison outside of the US might be like for him. Extradition is the best thing that could happen to him at this point.


[deleted] t1_j0w6ijn wrote

Have you seen his gf?

Check out the kinda puss you can buy with 32 billion.


[deleted] t1_j0w9f1v wrote



[deleted] t1_j0wg0qi wrote

What brains? She was running a Ponzi scheme and then flipped to work for the feds.


Mephzice t1_j0wg557 wrote

Based on interviews not very brains either, lost ton of money and admits to being garbage at math