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mtarascio t1_j0vg2nd wrote

The article doesn't give an example of any 'chaos'.


plunki t1_j0vm3uc wrote

Did you not read what suit he was wearing?!?! Chaos!!!!!


Fuckedby2FA t1_j0xdrvq wrote

No tie?! Open too button?! What is he trying to do?!


Eeeegah t1_j0vhg9b wrote

Does it even tell us if he ended the extradition fight? If so, I missed it.


[deleted] t1_j0vqxtd wrote



LiquidAether t1_j0xh819 wrote

> “Throughout my involvement with Sam, he has indicated an overwhelming desire to put the customers right and make the customers whole,” Mr. Roberts said.

"Just give me another billion dollars and I'll win it all back, I swear!"


mtarascio t1_j0vi6jt wrote

It says he plans to turn himself in but offers no details on the mechanism or timeline for that.


My_G_Alt t1_j0wrxd7 wrote

Shows his hair in the thumbnail right there


QuintoBlanco t1_j0yck7z wrote

>He had been expected to waive his right to an extradition hearing on Monday morning, but in court demanded to see a copy of his federal indictment
>“I did not request him to be here this morning,” the attorney said. Franklyn Williams KC, the Bahamian prosecutor, said that he “understood that [Bankman-Fried] intended to waive extradition,

That would be chaos. Chaos: a state of utter confusion and/or disorder.

It is very unusual that it is unclear why somebody is in court and even more unusual that it is unclear who requested a court hearing.