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jkazama2 t1_j1fusl8 wrote

I was in this. Most terrifying moment if my life and am lucky to walk away with a neck sprain


steja89 t1_j1ggbn0 wrote

My pregnant sister in law didn't make it. Julie Roth. We just got the news. Im in Columbus, snowed in, can't do anything. I thank God more were not lost. Happy to hear you made it out.


ErnaJoe t1_j1gm83t wrote

I’m so sorry. Holding them in my heart tonight.


jkazama2 t1_j1gslx5 wrote

I... Don't even know what to say, I am so so sorry this happened to your family 😞


kirschbag t1_j1hrbao wrote

What a terrible situation, I’m so sorry for your loss.


mother_of_baggins t1_j1fxz9n wrote

Glad you’re (mostly) okay. In this cold it would be scary enough even just having an engine stall; I couldn’t imagine.


jkazama2 t1_j1g5epc wrote

Thanks man. I was going 40 and bring careful and there were no cars in front of me till all of the cars were in front of me including a semi truck. Slammed into the car in front of me and got hit from behind. The airbags didn't go off since it was slow enough I guess but honestly no idea why they didn't


CSI_Tech_Dept t1_j1gaxu6 wrote

Events like that is terrifying to me. It is basically being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You could do everything correctly. Drive safe speed, and even stop on time without accident, but then somebody behind can hit you and you still could end up with injury or even dead.


jkazama2 t1_j1ge2gt wrote

100% I'm counting my blessings for sure tonight


nilogram t1_j1gtmti wrote

Happy you’re ok damn that’s crazy


impy695 t1_j1hyfce wrote

I'm 35 and have never gotten into an accident because I always expect other cars to act in unexpected ways as it (hopefully) allows you to avoid collisions that wouldn't be your fault. That goes all out the window in storms like this. It doesn't matter how careful you are, or how much you pay attention, there is no planning for how fast things can turn sideways and all the ways it can happen.


Fine_With_It_All t1_j1iuxtv wrote

I’m glad you’re a careful driver but you haven’t gotten into an accident because you’ve been lucky. No asshat has run a red light or stop sign with you in the intersection or rear ended you cause they were on their phone …. The list goes on . Count your blessings and stay vigilant though


impy695 t1_j1jpjv7 wrote

It's part luck and part checking intersections before entering them to see if a car is going to stop or not. Getting hit by a car running a stop sign or red light isn't your fault, but it is usually avoidable.


JanitorKarl t1_j1gduun wrote

Glad things weren't worse for you. This storm has been exceptionally bad. Wind, cold, and blowing snow are a deadly mix.


BeastDynastyGamerz t1_j1idvf4 wrote

Airbags should go off no matter how slow you’re going as long as there is enough force to set the sensors off. I’m guessing if you got a hurt neck those sensors should triggered


GoochMasterFlash t1_j1ih6lm wrote

Not true necessarily. Ive hit a deer straight on at 50mph and they didnt go off. Ive also been rear ended by people and had them not go off.

There is a minimum severity needed to make it go off because getting blasted by an airbag sucks and fucks your face up. Im glad it didnt go off when I hit the deer for example, as I would have gotten blasted in the face to protect me from nothing. I assume its not just about force of impact but about how fast the vehicle stops


jkazama2 t1_j1inomv wrote

Yeah I think when it senses enough of an impact force and if the steering column starts to move, then it'll pop off. But yea I've had one go off at 10 mph when I hit a fence, which was surprising


jkazama2 t1_j1g597l wrote

Thanks man. It was terrifying with the cold after the wave of hit after hit it car. Was going 40 with no cars in front of me till all of the cars and trucks broken under an underpass. Barely had time to slow down


HUMOROUSSSS t1_j1g6el2 wrote

How long did ya have to wait in that mess post crash?


jkazama2 t1_j1g6qmn wrote

Emergency services were there within about 20-30 minutes. I had to wait probably another 20-30 before they were able to take me in an emergency services truck to their service stop. The scary thing after three initial crash was my back window was blown out and my window was stuck down and it got cold really fast. Luckily they had blankets they were handing out on the road and I was able to stay slightly warmer. They were of course attending to the more serious injuries near the back but they all did a fantastic job of getting us out of there


Apollo-o t1_j1hbdyq wrote

We are still on the scene, I’ll pass your words off to the crews. We are glad you got out.


HelpImOutside t1_j1gp5x2 wrote

Did you get out of your car pretty quickly or did you stay in it, to be "safe"? I've been told in that situation you definitely want to stay in your car, but it would be hard to sit there defenseless, waiting for a car to rear end you again.


jkazama2 t1_j1gsfhq wrote

It is almost always safer to stay in the car in this kind of accident. Especially with the cold, the only way to stay warm was to be in the car so that's what I did. My car was operable but after a bit it stopped working. Luckily had a blanket given by the EMS. This just taught me that I should always keep a blanket and possibly another set of clothes and some water in the car at all times. Just in case.


Chasingwawaterfalls OP t1_j1gbakx wrote

I’m so sorry. I know most of the rhetoric is “why would anyone be out in this?”

I remember working a job that made me come in weather be damned and the option of missing that paycheck or being fired honestly felt like it was worth the risk if it meant eating and being housed.

So glad you’re okay.


jkazama2 t1_j1hnqdz wrote

Honestly I just shouldn't have been on the road. It was fine right up until I got onto the turnpike. Bit of slow going but it was clear and people were making space. But even if you do everything right, it sometimes doesn't work out. Never going to try to test this again


420ipblood t1_j1in42g wrote

One mistake another person makes is all it takes.

And sometimes no one makes a mistake and it still goes to shit.


Xtasy0178 t1_j1h53td wrote

I hope you got your neck checked out ?


jkazama2 t1_j1hncca wrote

Absolutely. planning to once I'm able to get home


viktor72 t1_j1flzlc wrote

Our flight last night from Columbus to Denver was canceled. My SO, love him to bits, he was so sad he couldn’t see family he wanted to drive to Cincinnati and catch another flight today. Thank God for reality checks and no we didn’t leave the house and plus the flight was canceled too anyway. It sucks but it is what it is. We were all ready to go yesterday when we got the email about the cancellation.


lightbulbfragment t1_j1fm9zs wrote

Yep loads of flights cancelled yesterday and today, so more people will try to drive in this weather unfortunately.


HotSauceHigh t1_j1fijs4 wrote

Horrible start to a holiday weekend


Igoos99 t1_j1fcvxv wrote

Ok, I initially read that as 50 people died. 😳😳😳


Murderlol t1_j1g4s0l wrote

Across the whole U.S. that's probably accurate. Or will be when it's over.


Yevon t1_j1goh2k wrote

In 2021, 117 people died in car collisions per day on average for a total of 42,915 car related fatalities that year. I would be surprised if this storm lowered that daily number.


Fine_With_It_All t1_j1iv66g wrote

It’s staggering how unsafe many drivers are. The sad part, they kill thousands of people just going about their day


Gone213 t1_j1glsxx wrote

No one should be fucking traveling. They'll risk their lives to go visit relatives when you can celebrate the holidays at a later time. OHDOT and MDOT really fucked up by not closing the turnpike and I94 for today and maybe even tomorrow.


ProductsPlease t1_j1hdv6f wrote

Can ODOT shut down the turnpike? The Ohio Turnpike is privately owned/operated.


Gone213 t1_j1hqnte wrote

Apparently ODOT doesn't control the turnpike but a separate agency OTIC (ohio turnpike and infrastructure commission does).


Iwoulddiefcftbatk t1_j1hhn4i wrote

No, since it’s privately owned ODOT has no authority.


KarateKid917 t1_j1hpcsv wrote

Who the fuck privately owns a major turnpike?


2-wheels t1_j1i4q0h wrote

This is what Republican rule gets you. Privatize everything but regulate nothing. Oh, and stealing elections is good with many of them.


leo_aureus t1_j1ic3wu wrote

It is not privately owned that is Indians; Kasich considered it but rejected that notion in 2011


exotiah t1_j1fen32 wrote

Eventually people will learn not to drive in shit weather.


1Sluggo t1_j1fkn5k wrote

Hard to do if you work in healthcare.


[deleted] t1_j1fm8kr wrote

If you drive fast enough, you can arrive at the scene of an accident while on your way to work. It saves time!



xluckydayx t1_j1g080k wrote

Cool. Tell that to Congress to pass comprehensive worker protections for weather events.

As long as people have to go to work, people will die in bad weather.


traegeryyc t1_j1fiwkd wrote

Do you not understand how important MY plans are?


buttonjustify t1_j1fmg88 wrote

Reddit mfs don’t leave their houses. You understand people have JOBS and have to drive no matter what


Ares__ t1_j1fs6oq wrote

Also that conditions change over time and in different places like when driving. I can leave my house where it's fine and end up in whiteout conditions.


Gone213 t1_j1glxvl wrote

The counties were in a level 3 snow emergency so it was actually illegal for people to be driving on the roads unless it was an absolute emergency for them.


LittleKittyLove t1_j1ftnok wrote

Oh shit, jobs! I haven’t heard of those before.

Thank you educating me.


buttonjustify t1_j1fwyl4 wrote

yep no problem. now go get one.


[deleted] t1_j1gce0u wrote



auribus t1_j1gj9nh wrote

At least four people are dead. And highway road salt is only effective above 15°, where local temperatures have been subzero and windchill as low as -30°. Have some empathy, idiot.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j1fo69g wrote

Plus, it's a sport utility vehicle, obviously it's meant for this weather!


Ranger_Hardass t1_j1gfka6 wrote

I grew up in a community next the Ohio turnpike. Unfortunately, there's one or two of these pile ups every winter. People often freely exceed the 70 mph speed limit since there's no cops, only the occasional trooper watching for hazardous driving.


auribus t1_j1go2yb wrote

It's not that common. There hasn't even been snow around Christmas in that area for a few years.


Ranger_Hardass t1_j1gougb wrote

I didn't say it was specific to Christmas. Northern Ohio doesn't start to get into the snowy part of winter until January-February. Most years there isn't much if any snow on the ground at Christmas. I just said that at least one bad pile up happens every winter on the Turnpike.


auribus t1_j1gp9rb wrote

I've lived in the area for most of my life and this is out of the norm. The turnpike is the "safe" route.


Ranger_Hardass t1_j1gqyd1 wrote

You're entitled to your opinion. I avoid the turnpike during winter weather events since I feel unsafe on a major shipping/travel route where other drivers usually speed excessively and where they assume they can drive like it's a sunny day in August. I couldn't recommend going on the turnpike during any type of bad weather.


emohipster t1_j1hfut4 wrote

Sounds like you're trying to take away my freedom, nice try commie.


Hatsee t1_j1gq8el wrote

There are rarely any problems driving in shit weather.

The problems are almost always related to stopping.


Okioter t1_j1g2dcy wrote

No they will not, people are incapable of holding to safety standards on the road in winter. I had to plow into a minivan full of disabled puppies just to get on the highway. Seriously though, people just don't weight the consequences of driving in winter enough.


synapticrelease t1_j1fl1cd wrote

I mean if you just drive for the weather conditions, you wouldn't be going a speed that's fatal.


BraverXIII t1_j1fmatu wrote

Doesn't really matter when people around you are going fatal speeds.


synapticrelease t1_j1fqlqv wrote

Please reread my comment.


ProductsPlease t1_j1he3hm wrote

Please...reread theirs? You'll die if someone going 120 hits you regardless of how slow you're moving.


synapticrelease t1_j1iglf3 wrote

Yes and if everybody drives for the weather, they wouldn't be going 120.


TabascosDad t1_j1fsxdl wrote

Poor people, such a shitty way to start the holiday weekend, not to mention everyone else who wanted to use that road having a terrible detour.

I was on that section of road coming home last December, I remember it was crazy foggy so I was only comfortable going about 40, and people were flying past me like I was standing still. Be safe out there, everyone!


igottagetoutofthis t1_j1f90rq wrote

Is there a winter storm or something?


OrpheusV t1_j1fbuk7 wrote

Combined with some gnarly ice, yeah. It's nuts all over most of the U.S. currently.


beatlefloydzeppelin t1_j1fqfei wrote

A beekeeper on tiktok told me there wasn't a storm.


fattymcelbows t1_j1fq8x1 wrote

I was supposed to be at a wedding in Chicago yesterday and drive home on I-90/80 today. Feeling like I dodged a bullet right now.


onairmastering t1_j1frluq wrote

Yep, this means Xmas all alone for me.


nimin2 t1_j1mzrue wrote

You're not alone in that at least. Lonely Christmas all around


AdFickle677 t1_j1get37 wrote

This is the coldest air I can remember in a long time.


AssociationNo8376 t1_j1gfzu0 wrote

I drove 50 miles today in Michigan, I have no fucking idea why i did that.


wetmouthed t1_j1fshmd wrote

Oh my god that is the most devastating crash I have ever seen. It's horrific that 2 people have died, it honestly looks like it could have been many more.


zer1223 t1_j1ftkwp wrote

Oh my god in THIS weather? Absolutely awful


HankHillIsTheBest t1_j1hpsiw wrote

Thank god there are no “only in Ohio” comments


wutthefvckjushapen t1_j1gw1ow wrote

Can't get the video to play but I got to watch the same ad twice, so that's something.


Polarbearseven t1_j1h8ibo wrote

“And the Turnpike's slick, the Snow's as thick as thieves…thank God for the man who put the white lines on the highway”


JesseB342 t1_j1hs4s0 wrote

Not surprising this happened in Sandusky. They’re literally on the shore of Lake Erie so you’ve got the lake effect weather to deal with. That makes things bad on a normal day. You add that on top of blizzard conditions and it’s a recipe for disaster.


penguished t1_j1i2u5w wrote

I'd stay far the fuck away from any busy US highways in a storm. They get easily overcrowded to begin with, and as you can see one semi crashes in front, what the hell are the next 49 people going to do? Probably this.


downvoting_zac t1_j1q95kj wrote

Another typical day in Ohio, unfortunately


Narf234 t1_j1j3z7v wrote

Anyone going to mention that it was a HUMAN DRIVER? People would be loosing their minds if it happened with auto pilot.


indrek91 t1_j1h9aid wrote

Why dont people just drive slower...


[deleted] t1_j1fxzcx wrote



RooMagoo t1_j1gae6h wrote

Northern Ohio is a big hub with the great lakes, 80/90 and 75 all intersecting. Do you realize the supply chain shit show that would happen if trucking in Northern Ohio shut down every time there was bad weather? Oh yeah, and those truckers can just not get paid I guess. Not to mention the people travelling that drove into the storm. Not a lot of places to stop off the highway in BFE Erie county, Ohio, and trust me, the roads off the highway there are way worse.


CPargermer t1_j1g3652 wrote

It snows in the north. People can often still drive just fine in it. I'd say people should reconsider if they really need drive during those conditions, but I don't think it's right to assume there is no reason at all.

What if someone is at work and needs to get home? What if someone works in healthcare where lives rely on them getting to work? Or any other critical industry energy, heating, plumbing, electrician, etc.?

Just fuck everyone else because there is a slim chance something bad might happen?


Taysir385 t1_j1gckey wrote

> There's nowhere you have to be that's more important than your life

The thing is, some of these people are driving because it is literally a matter of life and death. So while yes, there should be less people on the road, the solution is to get the government to ensure a better social safety net and worker protections for unsafe travel conditions, not to armchair quarterback the person driving to work because if he doesn't his two kids won't eat.


messylettuce t1_j1gbodd wrote

Can states that get iced roads more than twice a year start mandating studded tires November to May? These pileups and all the thousands of small slidey crashes just get dumber every fricken year.


RainingRabbits t1_j1gcvn6 wrote

Studded tires damage the road if you don't have snowpack to drive on and are illegal in some states because of this. Plus, the best tires in the world can't help you if you if you can't see the stopped vehicles in front of you.


ProductsPlease t1_j1he8mc wrote

Tell me you've never driven in the snow without telling me you've never driven in the snow.


Desner_ t1_j1ioz49 wrote

Those tires wreck roads and will often cause slow leaks (speaking from experience). I’ve been driving for decades in small cars with regular winter tires, even all-season tires back when they were still legal, I never got into a car crash. A jacked-up truck with monstruous tires < driving safely, every single time.

Studded tires would have done fuck-all in this car pileup.


messylettuce t1_j1iva9h wrote

Um, have gone five winters each on two sets of studded Nokian Hakkas and never had any leaks. You likely simply suffered installer error or faulty rims, but possibly got lucky and bought the shittiest studded tires on the market that year.

Diminished lifespan of public road surfaces is hugely exaggerated by “common knowledge” mythos from the 50s when paving tech was still in its infancy and would be hugely dwarfed by the damage inflicted by fully loaded tractor trailers/lorries and the loose pebbles that’re always on the roads. See:Vermont

Driving slow as a bicycle just to be a cheapskate on road-surface appropriate car tires is just incredibly dumb at best.

Every pileup starts with one homicidally negligent egotistical asshat who thinks that since the odds are low of dying, they’re free to “be practical” and have the tennis shoes of tires on their >3,500lbs vehicle on known & proven low-traction surfaces.

800 Americans die every year because of this idiocy.

Congratulations on not having killed anyone with your car yet.


Desner_ t1_j1j4ikw wrote

Fair enough for slow leaks.

The point is that this one asshat would have caused the pile-up even if they did have studded tires installed. I’m not saying they’re completely useless, rather that their efficiency will never compensate for people’s stupidity. Pile-ups would happen even if they were mandatory.


messylettuce t1_j1j6aro wrote

What a silly rhetoric to state as fact, someone with the sense to put climate-appropriate tires on their two ton lump going too fast for visibility and traction and then spinning themself out.


Desner_ t1_j1j9jgs wrote

… are you saying this doesn’t happen? Please.