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SuperSatanGod t1_j0k90in wrote

"slams, blasts" news media titles always make me laugh as if this were WWE


Tiddy-sprinkles-2310 t1_j0k7od6 wrote

Why is the president of Mexico publicly supporting someone who while president was attempting to “dissolve the country’s congress?” What am I missing?


Luka77GOATic OP t1_j0k7y0a wrote

TLDR: Mexico, Argentina, Colombia have backed Pedro Castillo as the legitimate president of Peru.


Tiddy-sprinkles-2310 t1_j0kx3xm wrote

But why? That sounds like a dictator trying to remove a huge part of their government…


pmmichalowski t1_j0l5rfm wrote

The argument is that it is actually vice-presidential and congress coup with president only taking actions to stop it and failing. This narrative is not completely absurd.

In the end it should go to elections, but that is risky for all sides and might end up in gridlock again :(


Tiddy-sprinkles-2310 t1_j0l5uug wrote

How is it a coup exactly? Is what congress and the VP doing illegal based on their established laws?


Trout-Population t1_j0lfn8t wrote

Peru's constitution makes it extremely easy for Congress to remove a President. While they did not break any laws in impeaching him, Castillo's supporters are arguing that they impeached him on unjust grounds and in doing so Congress essentially committed a coup.


Drwho2010 t1_j0npz0u wrote

Its important to point out the constitution isn't some old tried and true document there. It was implemented by Fujimori to give him and his cabinet the most power possible. This is a guy that ran off to japan after his war crimes got too heavy. His son did some shady shit to help the president of peru avoid impeachment in 2017 in exchange to pardon his father. His daughter tried to regain power in the latest election and lost to Castillo. A bunch of that Congress is like a family crime syndicate loyal to Fujimori.


pmmichalowski t1_j0l6pgq wrote

I don't think it is, but congres was trying to remove president multiple times. In the end it is more about legitimacy than law itself. Congress and vice president seized power without proving democratic mandate (doesn't mean that they don't actually have it).

If we use USA as example, congress can legally ignore results of presidential election and choose president themselves. It would be legal but not legitimate.

Again I don't think that is the case, but I'm not in any way certain that this isn't a case.


breadexpert69 t1_j0k9qvu wrote

Basically political favor. He is trying to save someone that is politically aligned with himself. Because it benefits AMLO if Peru is governed illegally by an extreme left president like himself.


90swasbest t1_j0kz5yh wrote

"...Gave Canada the business, told Brazil to go fuck itself, and asked Tobago 'who the fuck even are you?' in blistering hemisphere wide diatribe"


seattle_lib t1_j0k8k6o wrote

these fucking succ-ass LatAm nations should have nothing absolutely nothing to say about this situation.

i don't approve of the impeachment of Castillo but it was nonetheless done through a crystal clear and unambiguous constitutional mechanism. this is not a coup, it's 100% the sovereign concern of the nation of Perú.

AMLO's smug bullshit about not getting involved in the affairs of another country, which is just i guess an unsubtle jab at the US, while in the very same sentence doing exactly that.... it's so maddening.

Fuck you AMLO, i hate you more than Maduro. Perú is right to pull their ambassador.


Shradow t1_j0kgbe7 wrote

Slams and blasts, oh my.


CAllD2B t1_j0kdbtp wrote

Most useless headline ever


FoolInTheDesert t1_j0lb04z wrote

For the last 16 years, which country has the longest ongoing civil conflict and has been the worlds most dangerous country for journalists and civilians? Ukraine you say? Nope. Syria? Nope. It's Mexico!

Mexico has been going through a protracted and somewhat obfuscated civil war for 16 years now. It's wild. The military coup is incoming and inevitable. Things are going to get very interesting when AMLO decides to stay in office. Will the US intercede?


SwiftCEO t1_j0kf9rc wrote

He's afraid he'll be the next one out


Trout-Population t1_j0lfxn7 wrote

Unlikely, not only because AMLO is quite popular, but because he's spent the last four years erroding Mexico's relatively new and increasingly fragile democratic checks on his office.


Bwembo t1_j0kjfjy wrote

A "slam" and a "blast" in the same headline. Impressive!


Han_Yerry t1_j0l9cxf wrote

And what's the people of Peru's stance on their President?


johnn48 t1_j0lvzrf wrote

I’m glad he was able to get rid of the Cartel’s and have time now to concentrate on Foreign Affairs. I’m sure he’ll have more time now to get involved in other endeavors.