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AriaoftheNight t1_j1km6ig wrote

Nothing says confidence like hiding your statistics that are already massively underreported.


Crizbibble t1_j1ky902 wrote

Excess death count for 2022 and 2023 will give the picture of what happened


tdring22 t1_j1lf3gw wrote

It's the Florida strategy all over again...


whiskers256 t1_j1lmao0 wrote

It's the entire Democratic party's strategy for the entire nation as well


Odd-Employment2517 t1_j1qqs1z wrote

Hows that red puddle feel lol, must still hurt with every economic advantage and the GOP still had the worst midterm gains in 100 years


whiskers256 t1_j1lp5me wrote

I love all the people who identify as Democrats and think that means the party is somehow required to not be mercenary-minded politicians who have been happy to shred them and their children, and the marginalized minorities, against a failed and debunked mass infection and DISMANTLING OF TESTING INFRASTRUCTURE policy


TheThirdJudgement t1_j1latl1 wrote

Depends when and why, if your tests are suddenly not good enough or misleading for example. It was the case at some point for France, the gov stopped temporarily to provide the stats.

Of course China isn't in that case.


NPVT t1_j1khwad wrote

Sort of DeSantis like


jmike3543 t1_j1kst3c wrote

No just China like. They have been lying about their case numbers from the beginning. They claimed some 8000 people died in the first wave where equally industrialized nations saw 15% mortality rated early on


tikstar t1_j1l6x7o wrote

Damn if they're lying about 30mm daily infections I wonder what the real number is!


whiskers256 t1_j1lm90m wrote

and Biden-like


rocketpack99 t1_j1madfk wrote

Some people just have the Fox News coaxial cable hooked up intravenously. Tucker straight to the brain.


whiskers256 t1_j1mb6b0 wrote

Yes, those losers are the equals to those who've unmasked and decided to follow politics, instead of science. In both moral depravity and capacity for denial lol


rocketpack99 t1_j1meetd wrote

You do you!

backs away slowly...


whiskers256 t1_j1mffea wrote

Is that the same way Biden backed away from his plans to end the pandemic?

Makes fun of science-deniers while moving tests from actual data collection to unreportable self-tests slowly...


not_the_fox t1_j1kq1rp wrote

As if it mattered. They estimate millions being infected a day but were only reporting 5 or so deaths with overflowing crematoriums. You can just do some back of the napkin math, double it, and call it a day. More accurate than anything coming out of China.


mekatzer t1_j1kt35g wrote

Numbers can’t go up if you don’t have numbers


leontes t1_j1khrud wrote

Not at all concerning


JCShroyer t1_j1kn9zn wrote

Ah, the good ‘ol DJT method.


whiskers256 t1_j1lmc0k wrote

Same as his sucessor's method


Odd-Employment2517 t1_j1qstiu wrote

I bet you uniromically voted for DJT even though it was his admin that oversaw the lockdowns and restrictions of freedoms. Somehow Biden is worse though ey even though he dialed everything back and gave us our freedoms back


mypostisbad t1_j1mgsmd wrote

Stopping yourself lying is the first step towards telling the truth.


trelium06 t1_j1kz9kt wrote

Misinformation as a tool is meant to obfuscate the truth.

They know no one believes them, but it doesn’t matter because the terrible truth will be forever unknown. Over time, their narrative will be what’s written down in their books and then it becomes true with no one willing to counter it.


Learntolistentome t1_j1lm1vw wrote

I know this sounds rude, but if China has a demographics problem, won’t Covid help to lower the average age?


devilishycleverchap t1_j1lxpd7 wrote

Yes, people in china are referring to the new policy as the "One grandparent policy"


johnjohn4011 t1_j1lo0sh wrote

The numbers have all been sent to reeducation camps in order to show them the errors of their ways.


Manic-Finch781 t1_j1ndpvo wrote

Taking a page from the Trump playbook


TheFan88 t1_j1yxm4v wrote

China Govt : 2023 the year of let ‘Er rip


breadexpert69 t1_j1ndf20 wrote

I mean…. I dont know other countries that still do


tdring22 t1_j1lf79u wrote

This probably means the west will unsurprisingly need another booster