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silashoulder t1_j01t76s wrote

That’s another antisemitic dogwhistle, mi amigo. Yes, there were paid contractors involved in the architecture, but those paid contractors used slave labor to build. Denying the use of slave labor is erasure.

You’d be hard-pressed to find any monuments that don’t include a history of someone getting screwed out of a lot of money. See also: Gutzon Borglum’s Mount Rushmore.


Isthisworking2000 t1_j0451kr wrote

No, they didn’t. There were entire communities of respected craftsman and tradesman. Archaeologists have definitive proof that they were not slaves. Try googling it, there is a LOT of easily accessible documentation.


christhomasburns t1_j02qdc0 wrote

It is erasure, it's definitely not antisemitic. No one beyond a very few extreme religious types believes that the Hebrews were actually enslaved in Egypt.


silashoulder t1_j02rjro wrote

I was trying to emphasize that the dogwhistle is the antisemitic part. Hence the separation between the two sentences. The notion that “They got paid, quit complaining” is common rhetoric in hateful circles.

See also: The “40 Acres and a Mule” rhetoric that racists often use to shut down discussion of reparations for black Americans.

Racism is a hell of a drug, apparently.


Isthisworking2000 t1_j045lz9 wrote

They didn’t just get paid. They had amenities the general public didn’t have. They even got sick days. The only “evidence” that slaves built the pyramids is the same document that says the world flooded for a boat carrying two of every animal and the world is 6000 years old.


Isthisworking2000 t1_j045axr wrote

I don’t know if they were enslaved, though if were using my the same text that spawns creationism, I’d hardly hold my breath. That said, the pyramids were not built by slaves.