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jens-2420 t1_j1u6mxj wrote

Book, Talkshows, movie coming ….


tdgros t1_j1uai60 wrote

Just in case, there was a Netflix series about him, played by Tahar Rahim, a few years ago...


Emma_1356 t1_j1uc0ct wrote

It appears that Nepal has a different approach to murderers. How will French prosecutors handle the matter?


Khyaute t1_j1uoq8w wrote

He was in for 19 of the 20 years he was supposed to do. Mind you, he was convicted of two murders in Nepal. Nepal deported him because they didn’t want him dying in their prison.


RubberPny t1_j1xa71u wrote

$20 says he will make a guest appearance at FIFA.


AsunasPersonalAsst t1_j1u9elc wrote

Inb4 he gets killed outside of prison because someone was waiting for him to get out.


idotattoooo t1_j1uf3hm wrote

I won’t say I hope he gets curb stomped but I wouldn’t be mad if he did.


MikeN1978 t1_j1wjlgo wrote

3 strikes law in California saw repeat, non violent offenders do life in jail and this pos kills 20+ and doesn’t die in jail. Craziness. Life should be for the violent, unredeemable and this dude should absolutely take his last breath behind bars.


Utgard003 t1_j1ujjtt wrote

Yeah, sure. "The Serpent". Give new ones a reason.


Al_Jazzera t1_j1xc4sy wrote

All of his victims didn't get released from death for humanitarian reasons. At a certain point its not about rehabilitation but storing a toxic substance. May he not live comfortably.


PoliticalHierarchy77 t1_j1udskn wrote

A must watch series and read the book too. I cannot imagine how cruel one can be


quantilian t1_j1ykmbs wrote

Send him to Ukraine, i bet he would like some ruzzian meat


WolfThick t1_j20d2iv wrote

I wonder how soon before he falls out of a window.


[deleted] t1_j1uo7mn wrote



ryan30z t1_j1us639 wrote does say that in the article.

But as is customary for Reddit, you didn't read the article.


Predictive t1_j1u8yvc wrote

The Rolling Stones song - Sympathy for the Devil - includes this guy; "And I laid traps for troubadours Who get killed before they reach Bombay"


tetoffens t1_j1uhf16 wrote

Isn't that about the Thuggees?


Predictive t1_j1ujr9p wrote

I stand corrected. Sobhraj didn't start killing on the Hippie Trail until the mid '70's and this song was produced in '68.


Couthster t1_j1uhbzd wrote

Was always curious about that line. Thanks.


tetoffens t1_j1uih7f wrote

The song came out in the 60s. He started murdering in the 70s. Unless the Stones time traveled, remain curious. He was a small time non-notable non-famous burglar at the time of the song coming out.


designer_of_drugs t1_j1ujqoe wrote

Keith Richards mixed his Dad’s ashes in with some coke and did lines. I’m not ruling out time travel.


Couthster t1_j1uito6 wrote

I don’t know if I can count Mick out on that one but fair play. Thanks, Chief.


penguinman77 t1_j1u8bhl wrote

This is the type of bullshit injustice that turns people conservative. Thinking that "this is the world liberals want!".

Once you intentionally kill enough people, I never want to see you again. I may not know what the cutoff should be, but I do know it's way less than this guy killed.

We are not reforming a serial killer. That photo of the plane passenger horrified next to him is unacceptable. This is not an exclusively conservative thought.


tetoffens t1_j1ui3fr wrote

Well, if you vote conservative because Nepal released a killer from prison, that's weird. Most of the world isn't Nepal. I'd go so far as to say that almost all of it isn't Nepal. I'm not sure why this should move the needle on who you vote for unless you live in Nepal. Biden didn't release him. Macron didn't. (Insert the leader of your country here) didn't release him.

France had to take him back because of laws about making someone stateless.


penguinman77 t1_j1uieds wrote

You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't use reason to get into. I'm just telling you that fence sitters legitimately turn conservative over stories like this.


matthewtheninja t1_j1umzoc wrote

If this is what turns a “fence sitter” into a conservative, they were already a fucking moron.


penguinman77 t1_j1uqlqx wrote

Yeah. It's the demographic democrats think they need to win over instead of going more left.


Fenecable t1_j1uvcy2 wrote

You’re just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. What in the fuck are you even on about?


penguinman77 t1_j1uwazs wrote

If this story gets fox news coverage, it will be shown in the exact way I'm talking about. THEY are throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks yes.


Fenecable t1_j1uxpfd wrote

I don’t understand the point of your comment. They’d find a way to fit anything into their narrative. That’s what propagandists do.


Hoju22 t1_j1vfnzo wrote

Don't worry, they don't understand the point of their comment either.


Caspi7 t1_j1xb4jw wrote

>You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't use reason to get into.



Smarterthanthat t1_j1uaa5p wrote

As a rabid liberal, I feel this is an absurdity, also. No one wants this monster moving in next to them.


penguinman77 t1_j1uai10 wrote

That's what I'm saying. I think the butthurt conservatives will downvote me to hell. But basically they will use cases like this to say we should be more tough on crime. And they will say we need the death penalty.

The truth is that we all basically agree that this type of scum should never be on the streets.


woosh_yourecool t1_j1uye2v wrote

Sounds like you are just itching to be conservative, it’s okay you are adult and can make your own decisions not based on one headline


penguinman77 t1_j1uypx4 wrote

It's maddening that people think I left this comment AS a conservative.