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penguinman77 t1_j1u8bhl wrote

This is the type of bullshit injustice that turns people conservative. Thinking that "this is the world liberals want!".

Once you intentionally kill enough people, I never want to see you again. I may not know what the cutoff should be, but I do know it's way less than this guy killed.

We are not reforming a serial killer. That photo of the plane passenger horrified next to him is unacceptable. This is not an exclusively conservative thought.


tetoffens t1_j1ui3fr wrote

Well, if you vote conservative because Nepal released a killer from prison, that's weird. Most of the world isn't Nepal. I'd go so far as to say that almost all of it isn't Nepal. I'm not sure why this should move the needle on who you vote for unless you live in Nepal. Biden didn't release him. Macron didn't. (Insert the leader of your country here) didn't release him.

France had to take him back because of laws about making someone stateless.


penguinman77 t1_j1uieds wrote

You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't use reason to get into. I'm just telling you that fence sitters legitimately turn conservative over stories like this.


matthewtheninja t1_j1umzoc wrote

If this is what turns a “fence sitter” into a conservative, they were already a fucking moron.


penguinman77 t1_j1uqlqx wrote

Yeah. It's the demographic democrats think they need to win over instead of going more left.


Fenecable t1_j1uvcy2 wrote

You’re just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. What in the fuck are you even on about?


penguinman77 t1_j1uwazs wrote

If this story gets fox news coverage, it will be shown in the exact way I'm talking about. THEY are throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks yes.


Fenecable t1_j1uxpfd wrote

I don’t understand the point of your comment. They’d find a way to fit anything into their narrative. That’s what propagandists do.


Hoju22 t1_j1vfnzo wrote

Don't worry, they don't understand the point of their comment either.


Caspi7 t1_j1xb4jw wrote

>You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't use reason to get into.



Smarterthanthat t1_j1uaa5p wrote

As a rabid liberal, I feel this is an absurdity, also. No one wants this monster moving in next to them.


penguinman77 t1_j1uai10 wrote

That's what I'm saying. I think the butthurt conservatives will downvote me to hell. But basically they will use cases like this to say we should be more tough on crime. And they will say we need the death penalty.

The truth is that we all basically agree that this type of scum should never be on the streets.


woosh_yourecool t1_j1uye2v wrote

Sounds like you are just itching to be conservative, it’s okay you are adult and can make your own decisions not based on one headline


penguinman77 t1_j1uypx4 wrote

It's maddening that people think I left this comment AS a conservative.