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John_Denvers_Head t1_j1b5jpi wrote

I knew people from that congregation about 40 years ago and at first I thought they're probably not there anymore but I realized the JWs grow roots and never leave their home congregation. I hope they start naming elders.


SRod1706 t1_j1dmfn2 wrote

I have a family member the grew up as JW. She was raped by a member of the church, but because she did not have a witness, she was kicked out. They have a rule where a man and woman cannot be alone together, even in a office or car etc. Since she didn't have a witness, she broke that rule. Since she didn't have a witness it was considered to have never happened and her saying it did was her spreading lies against church members.

Since they kinda force you to not socialize with anyone, even family outside of the cult, she basically lost all her friends and family that she had any contact with growing up.


gleaming-the-cubicle t1_j1b8o5z wrote

Religious organizations and covering up sex abuse: Name a more iconic duo


FuzzyKittenIsFuzzy t1_j1cagi2 wrote

JW congregations are particularly dangerous because they have a policy not to pursue he-said-she-said allegations and they have a separate policy not to report anything to the state ever. There could be ten different child victims of a rapist who all come forward individually, and it wouldn't matter unless one of them can produce a witness. The church will not do a single thing about it unless there's a witness (or the rapist confesses). And even if there's a witness, they will not share any information with CPS, police, etc.


FenixdeGoma t1_j1ck8a7 wrote

A witness you say? How about a... Jehovahs witness? Boom loophole. Throw away the keys boys


bk15dcx t1_j1b98pd wrote

Predators insert themselves into positions to prey on the weak and vulnerable.

Religion, for many, is a means to an end.


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Peelboy t1_j1b7cip wrote

Yes, and not just religion but people in general, pedos need to be burned.


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signal_two_noise t1_j1bdpc4 wrote

When the image of your church is more important than addressing abuses committed, something is terribly wrong.


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roominating237 t1_j1cqgb3 wrote

I wish the U.S. would take away the tax exempt provision for churches, at least the mega-churches.


Deranged40 t1_j1b4kc2 wrote

Just religions doing "religious" things....


Pixelated_ t1_j1d76ak wrote

His Elders compared his addiction to child rape as being the same thing as alcoholism. 🤬WTF!

I was raised in the JW cult and they destroyed my life. They are evil incarnate and MUST be exposed.


16-Bit-Wizard t1_j1d8i24 wrote

“…it was common knowledge, that these things would be handled within the congregation, because the punishment that God gave was worse than the punishment that men gave you." That’s some cult energy right there