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UncannyTarotSpread t1_j0roldp wrote

Jeez, even alligators getting evicted now, economy is fucked.


CosmicAstroBastard t1_j0ru9vb wrote

Can’t have shit in Detroit


Aleashed t1_j0s7tg5 wrote

Was playing the terrible GB RocoCop games earlier. They are all set in Detroit. These were made in the 90s...

Apparently the film is set in crime-ridden 2043 Detroit. We’ll be there in two decades. I don’t think I saw it in English and the dub probably changed/ignored the city’s name. Interesting enough, it was filmed in crime-ridden Dallas.

Where do you rather die on your morning walk? 2043 Crime-ridden Detroit or 2023 Crime-ridden Dallas?