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S_K_Y t1_j1yz8zw wrote

The whole story is tragic. I work in a liquor store here in Cali. After so many incidents of just general issues at 11pm we decided to close at 10pm and it was rectified. Being in a liquor store ALONE at 3am is just asking for this to happen and on the opposite side of the spectrum as a thief, you DO NOT want to hit a liquor store. We are armed and will shoot you. Terrible idea.

RIP Craig Cope


jofizzm t1_j20gwm4 wrote

...and you want this job my guy?

Edit: no judgement here of any kind. I've collected that $40 check from the labor ready kiosk more than once.

Life is short, don't get shot over someone else's stuff.


preprandial_joint t1_j20o473 wrote

People don't always work jobs they want.


jofizzm t1_j20oxvw wrote

Absolutely, I've worked my share if shit jobs. Just none that expected me to defend someone else's property with a gun.


S_K_Y t1_j21ah8g wrote

Yeah, the family that owns it I actually owe my life to. They helped fund a surgery I needed or else I was gonna die. I respect them and will do what I can for them.


jofizzm t1_j21f7po wrote

Rodger Rodger. Stay safe and happy holidays!


S_K_Y t1_j21tkp2 wrote

You too, stay safe as well.


TheFan88 t1_j1yvwxd wrote

Sounds like the heart issues brought on by the incident eventually got him. Sad end for a guy trying to protect his business from thugs. RIP.


[deleted] t1_j1zx4s0 wrote



Protean_Protein t1_j20bln5 wrote

80 year olds who aren’t suffering from chronic, debilitating, progressive diseases are typically in surprisingly good shape. For people like that, it’s really more the back half of 80 where any random stress or trauma or infection might hasten things.


Th3truthhurts t1_j1yvvds wrote

Wow! Read the story of how he handled an armed robber (Now disarmed). I vote that as the new greeting all armed robbers should get.


goodbyekitty83 t1_j24qr6i wrote

Nothing is worth your life, just give me what they want. This is really fucking stupid. There's a good solution to all this and it's not shoot back


Th3truthhurts t1_j254dsy wrote

They came in armed and ready so yeah I think they got what they were gonna give. And I totally agree with you on material item is worth a life but who is to say that after you give them what they want that they won’t take your life too.


goodbyekitty83 t1_j25cz20 wrote

And like why even stay at your damn business. Anyway? Just stay the fuck home and not risk yourself or anybody else. So stupid!


2020willyb2020 t1_j262xv8 wrote

Problem is…there is a high probability that today’s criminals will shoot you anyways, regardless if you put up a fight or not. they don’t need a reason


goodbyekitty83 t1_j26gor4 wrote

Where are you getting on information? And why was the guy even there to begin with? She'll just left


KateSommer t1_j1zuo5n wrote

I love a late night soda or coffee but I am so timid going into these stores late at night because of robberies. I still go, but it is not worth the profit for the owners in my opinion.


Blenderx06 t1_j2130mg wrote

The liquor stores have got drive thrus in my area. Seems like a good idea.


Pernyx98 t1_j20sk9p wrote

Unfortunate, he did a great deed that day. Fuck criminals.


goodbyekitty83 t1_j24qutw wrote

Fuck them and tell you that you have to risk your own life in order to protect goods that are insured


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International_Bat_87 t1_j2054it wrote

Like right after the incident the man had a heart attack this was awhile ago and the owner is now passing but it wasn’t years ago. I live a couple cities over all of our news pages were showing the video and if you look it up it’s an awesome video that’ll deter any thief.