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Wild_Dingleberries t1_izdkxmu wrote

B-52 as well, both around 70 years now

B-52 in service that long, not production like the C-130.


PicardTangoAlpha t1_izdlgpz wrote

B-52 is in operation longer, but the last one rolled off the assembly line long long ago.


Wild_Dingleberries t1_izdlz1w wrote

You are right. Me being half awake mistook production for service. Good catch


RubberPny t1_izesodn wrote

Yup. 1962 was the last one, though they have been upgraded numerous times over since then. New engines, electronics, weapons, etc.


newarkian t1_ize5c49 wrote

B-52 pilots are younger than the planes they fly