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mystateofconfusion t1_izd99q9 wrote

Last paragraph on the actual article posted, among many others.


Technoist t1_izdc9gv wrote

Thanks, but it says stopped, not cancelled. I read that as halted. The source they link to is behind a paywall. I haven’t seen an official statement about it.

Edit: here a link saying the information has been removed from the website but the “plans are unchanged” and it will come (1 year old however):


nickh4xdawg t1_izewdtf wrote

Craig confirmed it in an interview yesterday. Your link is a whole year old. It’s officially cancelled.


[deleted] OP t1_ize0xc9 wrote



nickh4xdawg t1_izewqaz wrote

You and him are both wrong that’s why he’s being downvoted. It was confirmed yesterday by Craig that it’s cancelled. here’s a source newer than a year ago.