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CincyStout t1_j1x84sb wrote

The article says he was responding to reports of a vehicle in a ditch. Imagine just stopping to help somebody out as part of your job, just to be killed.

I don't care what your opinions on cops are, but as a society we just don't value human life. It's tragic.


DSF_frusty t1_j1xldg9 wrote

Very sad, two days after Christmas too.

Imagine not being a year on the job, your family's probably a little worried, tells you to be safe as you go to work around the holiday season, and their worst fear comes true.


Cityofthevikingdead OP t1_j1xllel wrote

And you're probably a relatively new immigrant, I'm basing this of his name and limited info available currently.


FunnyBeaverX t1_j1zrac1 wrote

And then.. in truly fucked up authoritarian freak out fascism fashion they ordered the entire province in to lockdown with a reactionary emergency broadcast to all mobile phones just to remind everyone that while this is sad, they are still cops and wouldn't give a fuck if this happened to you.. specially if you're a "lib".


guntycankles t1_j2145b1 wrote

I received that text.

"Police request that members of the general public shelter in place..." Not an order for the entire province to lockdown.

Shelter: verb protect or shield from something harmful.

Who's the one freaking out?


ajisawesome8 t1_j1wlwh9 wrote

You down with OPP (Yeah you know me), who's down with OPP (All the homies)!


thisismadeofwood t1_j1xcs81 wrote

You missed the obvious: sounds like the shooter wasn’t down with opp!