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Algur t1_j0im881 wrote

>no red states should get any funding at all because why would a state that does nothing get more money to not do shit?

You said red states “do nothing”. That’s objectively false. Try to avoid moving the goalposts in the future.


AllAmericanSeaweed t1_j0iqxlh wrote

Texas contributes the most to the GDP for red states at 8.66%(based on your link), but is still something close to 40% less than what California does.

Except if you look at what areas in Texas contribute the most to their overall GDP, it's still the Blue Cities that contribute the most to that 8.66%.

If we wanna talk about moving goal posts, let's talk about how even in red states, blue cities produce and contribute more to society and the national gdp. Or we could talk about how interesting it is that red cities in red states are still Objectively worse off than blue cities in red states.

Edit: Additionally. The bottom states for GDP are almost all Red states. So yes objectively Red states do nothing.


BoyTitan t1_j0irpdg wrote

You can't say anything not demonizing republicans on Reddit news.